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Country Business Name Specialty Web Email
  Argentina   Acuario Plecos   Plecos, cichlids & killies   Web   Email
  Australia   Aquariums Alive   Tropical fish, gold fish, rare catfish, discus, tank maintenance and rental tanks for businesses   Web   Email
  Australia   Cairns Marine   Marine fish, coral and elasmobranchs, specialise in public aquarium animals   Web   Email
  Australia   Exotic Tropical Fish   Tropical fish, goldfish, cichlids   Web  
  Australia   Oceanpets   Marine fish, tank raised and wild caught exporter   Web   Email
  Austria   Aqualine-Terraline   Import, export, selling of rare fish   Web   Email
  Austria   Diskuszucht Wedlich   Discus breeder   Web   Email
  Austria   Tropical Aquaworld   Import, export of rare fish, Kordon and a.b.a.   Web   Email
  Bahrain   Al Forath Aquarium   Import and export   Web   Email
  Barbados   Exotic Tropicals Aquaculture   Freshwater & Marine Fish, Plants, Invertebrates, Reptiles & Amphibians.   Web   Email
  Bolivia   IUPA SRL   exportacion peces nativos de Bolivia   Web   Email
  Bolivia   Rare Fish Switzerland   Import and export of wild caught ornamental fish - Transshipping specialist - World wide shipping   Web   Email
  Brazil   Cia do Aqu�rio   Saltwater and freshwater fishes   Web   Email
  Brazil   Dagua Aquarios   Salt water and fresh water fish   Web   Email
  Brazil   Mar*a*Mar   Marine /Fresh /Live Rock   Web   Email
  Brazil   Projeto �guas Marinhas   Marine ornamental fish, amazon fish, plecos,discus, motoro rays, piranha and corydoras   Web   Email
  Brazil   Santarem Discus Lda   Wild discus, plecos, rays, corys, all wild fish from Amazon, expeditions   Web   Email
  Bulgaria   Koral K&K   Importer of Tropical fish, Plants, Marine fish, coral, Invertebrates, live rocks   Web   Email
  Cameroon   Gulf Aquatics Cameroon   West African   Web   Email
  Cameroon   Sud Aquatic Plants   Exporter of live tropical aquatic plants and fresh water aquarium fish   Web   Email
  Canada   April's Aquarium   Discus , small troupicals   Web   Email
  Canada   Aquaexoctictrading   Arowanas, flower horn, bettas   Web   Email
  Canada   Aqua-Life International   Freshwater Imports   Web   Email
  Canada   AroVillage Arowanas Canada   Asian Arowanas   Web   Email
  Canada   Arowana Canada   Import / wholesale / retail ornament fishes and fish foods   Web   Email
  Canada   BC Betta   Betta   Web   Email
  Canada   Canadian Aquatics   Plecos, rays, cichlids, shrimps   Web   Email
  Canada   Doug's Delta Guppies   Breeder of Show Guppies   Web   Email
  Canada   Dragonfish Canada   Asian Arowana Importer   Web   Email
  Canada   Ly Lim's Discus   ���   Web   Email
  Canada   Qu�bec Cichlid�s     Web   Email
  Canada   RiftZoneAquatics   African cichlids   Web   Email
  Canada   Shine Aquatics   Wholesale Premium Arowana Canada   Web   Email
  Canada   T.F.S.   Plecos, rays, asian and african wild caught species   Web   Email
  Canada   The AFISHionados   Cichlids, plecos   Web   Email
  Canada   The Fish Sempai   Importer and Breeder   Web   Email
  China   Aquaria Home   Goldfish   Web   Email
  China   Beijing New Rainbow Feed   Freeze dried and compound fish food   Web   Email
  China   Chinese-sunfish   Discus   Web   Email
  China   FuXiang Aquarium   Tropical fish, goldfish, koi   Web   Email
  China   Hangzhou Elite Aquarium Co.   Breeder and export of quality Chinese fancy goldfish   Web   Email
  China   Luos Goldfish Farm   Goldfish   Web   Email
  China   Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm   Goldfish, tropical fish, discus   Web   Email
  China   Suzhou Hitarget   Goldfish   Web   Email
  China   United Ocean Aquarium Import & Export Co.   Gold fish & Koi fish   Web   Email
  China   Yuen Fat Fisheries   goldfish, tropical fish, bee shrimp, hillstream loach, butterfly pleco, chinese fire newt   Web   Email
  China   YuHai Pte Co.   Goldfish Professional   Web   Email
  Colombia   Acuarios Amazonas De Colombia   Exporter of freshwater tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   Acuatics Ltda   Exporters of tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   Amazon Quality Fish   Plecos Arowanas and special fish from Colombia, Peru and Brazil   Web   Email
  Colombia   Amazonian Fish Export   fish wholesales: plecos, stingrays, cichlids   Web   Email
  Colombia   Aquamark Tropical Fish   Exporter of freshwater tropical fish from Colombia   Web   Email
  Colombia   Arawana World Tropical Fish Ltda   Exporter tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   Best Amazon Export Fish C.I. Ltda   Ornamental fish, catfish, Stingrays, Cichlids   Web   Email
  Colombia   C.I Fishcol Aquarium Co.   Ornamental freshwater tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   C.I. Stingray Aquarium Colombia Ltd   Stingrays, L-number, Altums from Colombian, Rio Negro, Orinoco Putumayo and Amazonas   Web   Email
  Colombia   Caribbean Exotic Fishes   Fresh water fishes   Web   Email
  Colombia   Fantasias Marinas   Exporter tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   GB Aquarium   Fresh water fish exporter   Web   Email
  Colombia   JCF Caribe Fish   Export tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   Ocroma Tropical Fish   Exporter   Web   Email
  Colombia   Pezcolombia Ltda   Exporter tropical fish   Web   Email
  Colombia   Rainforest Aquarium   Tropical fish exports   Web   Email
  Colombia   Tropical Fish Quality Off Colombia   Worldwide exporter of tropical fish   Web   Email
  Congo   Phenaco Congo   Poissons Tropicaux   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Aquarium Macenauer   Wholesaler of Czech tank-raised species   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Happy Fish   Exporters of tropical fish, breeding   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Kolaja Vladislav Zverima   Importer and wholesaler and breeder in tropical fish   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Milan Ullman   Tropical freshwater fish   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Petra-Aqua   Tropical fish wholesale, aquatic plants, koi, cold water fish   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Tanganika and Malawi aquarium CZ   Tanganika and Malawi - export, import, wholesale   Web   Email
  Czech Rep   Tropic Centrum   Export of tank-raised tropical fish   Web   Email
  Fiji   Waterlife Exporters (Fiji) Ltd   Tropical fish, coral, live rock   Web   Email
  France   Aquamadern   Aquatic plants : Pogostemon, Hemianthus , Staurogine, Aponogeton, Anubias, Crypto. aponogetifolia   Web   Email
  France   Starlight-Aqua- France   Import tropical fish, discus.marine fish.   Web   Email
  Germany   Airfish-Cichlids   Lake Tanganyika wild and tank raised cichlids�   Web   Email
  Germany   Amazon Aquatics   South-american species, especially all variants of plecos   Web   Email
  Germany   Amazon Exotic Import   South American and West African rare fish import & export   Web   Email
  Germany   Amazon-Fisch   All fishes and rarity from South America   Web   Email
  Germany   Garnelen and More   Shrimps, crabs and much more. Red Bees, Black Bees, Yellow fire, Red fire   Web   Email
  Germany   Meeresaquaristik M�nchen   Marine Fish and Corals   Web   Email
  Germany   Mimbon Aquarium   Wholesale   Web   Email
  Germany   Tropical Live Import   Marine life import and export   Web   Email
  Ghana   Africa Aquatic Resources Global   Exporters of marine fish of Red sea,Kenya, Ghana,Gem tangs and soft polyps/live rocks   Web   Email
  Ghana   Eastern Atlantic Marine & Aquatic Resources Ltd   Ornamental fish export;marine/freshwater   Web   Email
  Guinea   Aquarium System Ltd   Exporters of tropical fish   Web   Email
  Hong Kong   Yat Cheung Discus   Discus Wholesale only   Web   Email
  India   Aqualine Exports   Exporters of all types of fresh water aquarium fishes and live plants   Web   Email
  India   Asian Exports   Wild tropical fish & Invertebrates   Web   Email
  India   Crystal Aquarist   Koi, gold and tropical fishes   Web   Email
  India   Fancy Aquarium   Exports wild caught fish, freshwater fish, wild tropical fish, invertebrates   Web   Email
  India   Mad Over Fish   Cichlids & marine   Web   Email
  India   Modern Pet Centre   OFI member, breeder & exporter of goldfish, koi, freshwater & wild tropical fish, invertebrates   Web   Email
  Indonesia   AirFish Indonesia   suspended due to complaints     Email
  Indonesia   AK Enterprise   Live tropical fish, frozen blood worm, frozen daphnia, frozen neckle worm exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Aquatic Indonesia   Freshwater Fish, Marine Fish, Coral, Invertebrates, Zeolit, Fish Meal   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Aristocratama Invertebrates   Explorer and Exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Exotic Fish   Exporter marine fish,coral and inverts   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Fish Park   Marine fish and invertebrares   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Life Tropical Marine Fish   Exporter of live marine fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Marine World   Ornamental Marine Fishes, Invertebrates and Corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Sea Parade   Exporter marine fishes, corals, inverts   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bali Seaworld   Exporter marine fish and coral specialist   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Bekael Eska Gemilang   Exporter Ornamental fishes and corals invertebrates   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Borneo Fish Farm   Live tropical fish export   Web   Email
  Indonesia   C.V. Colisa Aquaria   Tropical freshwater fish exporters   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV Tropical Aquatic   Live tropical fish & aquatic plant   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Aqua First Bali   Marine fish, ivertebrates, coral   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Garfishindo Tropical   exporter of tropical freshwater and brackish fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Maju Aquarium   Tropical Fish, Beetles, Water Plants, Blood Worm   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Prime Discus   Discus   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Tropical Aquarium   Freshwater, aquatic plants, marine fish and corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Tropis Fish Aquarium   Indonesia live tropical fish exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   CV. Vivaria Marine   Exporter of marine coral, fish and invertebrates   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Discus Maniac   Discus fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Fantasy Aquatic   Import-export tropical fishes   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Far East Plant   Aquarium plants   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Gold Seahorse   Exotic tropical marine fish, invertebrate, coral exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Golden Marine Life   Marine fish & corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Harlequin Aquatics   Tropical Fish Exporter and Importer   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Hifi Marindo   Exporter, breeder & collector of live tropical fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Indo Aquatica   suspended due to complaints     Email
  Indonesia   Indo Marine Centre   Live tropical marine fish, coral & invertebrates exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Indo Tropika Agung Lestari   Exporter of live tropical fish and aquatic plants.   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Indoexoticfish   Tropical fish, invertebrates, coral, culture coral exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Indopisces Exotica   Live tropical freshwater & marine fish and corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Indo-Star Aquarium   breeding farm of freshwater tropical fishes and also collector marine fishes   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Java Marindo   Tropical marine fishes, invertebrates, corals, cultured corals & liverocks. CITES available.   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Jumbo Tropical Fish   Export freshwater ornamental fish, Discus, Native Invertebrates (Shrimp, Clam, Snail, Crab)   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Katulistiwa Reef   Export tropical marine fishes, invertebrates, corals, cultured corals & liverocks. CITES available.   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Leon betta Farm   Betta and Guppy   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Leopard Aquatic   Indonesian wild caught fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Live Tropical Fish   Exporter of Ornamental Fishes, Corals & Aquatic Plants   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Marine Fish Export   Tropical marine fish, invertebrates & corals exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Marinelife Trading   Marine life trading   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Marlin Aquarindo   Export and Import Tropical fish and exotic animals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PD. Jaya Aquarium   Export - import fish freshwater   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PD. Natura Indonesia   Export tropical fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Princes Aquarium   Indonesian live tropical ornamental fish exporter, For rare special fish.   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT Sumatera Budidaya Marine     Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT Tropikal Aqua World   Export Marine Fish and coral   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT. Banyu Biru Sentosa   Live corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Pt. Diyo Enggal Makmur   Exporter of exotic ornamental fish, culture coral, invertebrates and artificial liverRock   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT. Intinental Pri   Ornamental fish & Invert   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT. Jupiter Aquarium Indonesia   Wild caught & exotic breeder specialist   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT. Trisentosa Intrabuana Niaga   CITES Hard coral, soft coral, inverts exporter   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT.Gunawahana Ulam Tirta   Exporter-Importer of live tropical fish and live caught specialist   Web   Email
  Indonesia   PT.Samaru Bali   Export fresh tropical fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Pura Baruna Lestari   Coral and Giant Clam   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Putra Pelangi Samudra   Corals & Marine Fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Sea World Centre   Marine fish, invertebrates, anemones   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Seamate Trading   Tropical fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Segitiga Bali   Exporter of ornamental marine fish   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Sumber Samudra Jaya   Export live fish marine from Bali.   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Surya Marine Center   Marine fish, inverts & corals   Web   Email
  Indonesia   Tropical Aqua Zone   Marine fish, corals & inverts   Web   Email
  Indonesia   TropicIndo   Tropical Freshwater Fish, Turtle & Tortoise   Web