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Drumroll please, Announcing the Global Challenge 2011 Finalists

Posted by John McIntyre on June 20, 2011

When we kicked off the Global Challenge a couple of months ago we knew this would be a great challenge not only for the entrepreneurs applying but for us in the Startup Accelerator.   Meeting all these fantastic new companies and identifying the best startups that align with our key investment themes is tough because we have to say “no” to a lot of very good entrepreneurs.  We also took the challenge to build the Startup Accelerator into an international program so we reached out globally and we had a tremendous response with 2/3 of the applications coming from Europe, India, and Asia-Pacific.  The remaining 1/3 came from across North America.

Citrix is a very broad and deep technology company so to clarify our investment thesis we’ve divided our focus into five areas: Empower IT,,, Mobile Madness and Collaboration2.  These themes capture a world where companies struggle to manage their digital assets as the wave of consumer driven devices and services has overtaken their ability to maintain even a facade of information management.  On the flip side we consumers enjoy the bounty of thousands of applications available at our fingertips for nearly free. The software and data associated with all those apps are developed and stored anywhere while we interact through multiple channels that run the spectrum from real time chat to high definition interaction.  The future of collaboration will be squared with the added factor of social networks running in parallel to more efficiently connect us.  So, where will this lead us?

Follow these startups to find out. Below we have selected the dozen finalists that will compete for an investment from the Citrix Startup Accelerator for $100k-$400k.  While the investment enables a startup to focus on customer and solution development the bigger value is the close support we’ll give each of the companies in our program.  Regardless of where the companies call home or where their target market is, we’ll support them with mentoring, access to our technology, channel, and customer base.

Good luck to finalists and stay tuned as we announce the companies that win investment by mid-July.


Citrix Startup Accelerator Finalists

Empower IT






Handy Elephant-




Mobile Madness










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