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Instant Highlighter: Social Bookamrking with a TinyUrl that shows individual yellow highlights

Author: RoohIt Team

Ever used a yellow highlighter? It's the most natural publishing tool that was missing on the Web until now.

To Try it:

  1. Upon clicking the highlighter button (e.g. on this page itself), visitor's mouse cursor changes to a pen and s/he can highlight any part of your website in color. Mouse over the highlight and post it to any Social Network or Social Bookmark site.

  2. Enables your users to quickly/easily share "highlighted pages" with their friends - bringing more of them back to your site.

    • On Facebook, MySpace, delicious, digg, and many more (all!)
    • directly Tweet Your Highlights
  3. All highlights are automatically saved and collected. View your own collection

EASY SHARE: helps visitors promote your site.

  • Share highlights with anyone
    • No special software needed
    • No signup needed
    • FREE
  • Makes sharing very effective since readers can immediately focus on the highlights while keeping the context and content intact.
  • Share using: E-Mail, Blogs, IM, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Forums, Comments. or any medium!
  • Puts a Micro-wrapper around the functionality of AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny etc. so that readers can easily draw attention to what they want to share on your page without having to go through the tedium of copying parts of a page, and pasting them into email with a link.
  • Automatically does it - all - for the user by simply using a highlighter pen that is familiar to everyone regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or geography!
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, delicious, digg, hi5, Technorati, Google, Yahoo, Bebo, BlackPlanet... over a 100+ such websites.


  • Automatically & instantly shortens URL (generates a MicroBookmark)
  • MicroBookmark goes directly to the highlighted portion on your page and can have a custom name such as

VIRAL LINKS TO YOUR SITE: A very viral way to get into all social networks.

  • Automatically & instantly posts a link to your site

    • on our Home Page,
    • our Collection of user generated Highlights,
    • that reader's blog and/or Social Networks, and
    • in a peer-to-peer mechanism on ALL Social Networks, and Blogging Platforms using the related "My Highlights" sidebar widget
  • The link to your site is posted with the implicit endorsement of

    • being selected by "a known person" (friend), and
    • as being "interesting" (relevant!)
  • Ensuring maximum visibility and credibility of your website.


  • Restores & Remembers Highlights: Everything a reader highlights is automatically restored & remembered (without asking anyone to signup)
  • MicroBookmarks: automatically makes a short url that goes directly to the highlights on your page
  • Email Highlighted Page: with embedded highlights or just a MicroBookmark url, to anyone!
  • Web Based: Anyone can see shared highlights (no special software needed, no download, no installation)
  • Auto Publish to own Blog, Web-Site...: enables readers to automatically post - anything they highlight on your page - to their blog, and to all Social Networks using a trusted peer-to-peer mechanism.
  • Post to Any other website : Easy Share links to your site, in 1-click, on all community, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks,& Social media sites
  • Contact list: is seamlessly imported, maintained, autoCompleted and autoPopulated.
  • My Collection: See all highlights together . categorize/tag them, rate them, share with others, annotate & much more.
  • Combine: select any subset of highlights and see them as one page with highlights & context intact.
  • FREE & No SignUp: Don't have to 'join' another service, and it's all free!
  • Intelligent AJAX: does all this, without visitors ever leaving your page




  • Commonly used in the offline world
  • Insofar missing in the online world!


  • Gets you insights on what your visitors are interested in: tells you inot just which pages but - which parts of each page are of interest to your audience.



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