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Box art of the first uncut English DVD released by Funimation Entertainment

One Piece is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Eiichiro Oda. Produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Konosuke Uda, Munehisa Sakai and Hiroaki Miyamoto, it began broadcasting on Fuji Television on October 20, 1999. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy, whose body gains the properties of rubber from accidentally eating a supernatural fruit, and his crew of diverse pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy's greatest ambition is to obtain the world's ultimate treasure, One Piece, and thereby become the next King of the Pirates.[1]

The series uses 34 different pieces of theme music: 16 opening themes and 18 closing themes. Several CDs that contain the theme music and other tracks have been released by Toei Animation. The first DVD compilation was released on February 21, 2001,[2] with individual volumes releasing monthly. The Singaporean company Odex released part of the series locally in English and Japanese in the form of dual audio Video CDs.[3]

In 2004, 4Kids Entertainment licensed the series for an English-language broadcast in North America. This dub was heavily edited for content, as well as length, reducing the first 143 episodes to 104.[4] One Piece made its U.S. premiere on September 18, 2004, on the Fox network's Fox Box programming block, and also began airing on the Cartoon Network's Toonami block in April 2005. In December 2006, 4Kids cancelled production due to financial reasons.[5] In April 2007, Funimation Entertainment acquired the license of One Piece from 4Kids and would use their in-house voice cast in preparation for the series' DVD releases.[6] The Funimation dubbed episodes aired from September 2007 until its cancellation in March 2008.[7] In Australia, Cartoon Network resumed airing new One Piece episodes in November 2008, starting with episode 170,[8] lasting until January 2009 following episode 195.[8] The first unedited, bilingual DVD box set, containing 13 episodes, was released on May 27, 2008.[9] Similarly sized sets followed with eighteen sets released as of October 30, 2012 (2012-10-30).[10][11] Funimation's uncut dub later resumed airing on Adult Swim's revised Toonami block from episode 207 onwards from May 18, 2013.[12] Manga Entertainment began releasing the series on DVD in the United Kingdom from May 27, 2013.[13]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (1999-2001)[edit]

No. 4Kids title
Original Japanese & Funimation titles[14]
Rank[n 2]
Original airdate (Japan) Original airdate (U.S.)
Orig./Funi. 4Kids
01 01 "I'm Gonna Be King of the Pirates!"
"I'm Luffy! The Man Who's Gonna Be King of the Pirates!"
"Ore wa Rufi! Kaizoku Ō ni Naru Otoko Da!" (俺はルフィ!海賊王になる男だ!) 
October 20, 1999[15] September 18, 2004[16]
02 02 "Roronoa Zolo: Pirate Hunter"
"Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!"
"Daikengō Arawaru! Kaizokugari Roronoa Zoro" (大剣豪現る!海賊狩りロロノア·ゾロ) 
November 17, 1999[17] September 25, 2004[18]
03 03 "An Unlikely Pair: The Pirate & The Pirate Hunter"
"Morgan versus Luffy! Who's the Mysterious Pretty Girl?"
"Mōgan tai Rufi! Nazo no Bishōjo wa Dare?" (モーガンVSルフィ!謎の美少女は誰?)