You’re here, because  you want to make money on the Internet – also known as Gramma’s I-Net Money Machine. You have a product, you have services and you want to grow your business in an authentic way. You want to serve the right customers, create a positive impact on the world and enjoy a meaningful, fulling life outside your business.

Quite a daunting expectation you have developed there!

You’ve probably been working at this online concept for a while now, building your business, and feel like you’ve spent hours and hours doing what has resulted in no measurable results. You deserve better!

What you’re looking for is a great way to promote what you have and make a profit from selling.

You’ve most likely been down this road before, reading everything available to you about marketing your products and found nothing of any real value. Me too. That’s why I created this site, called Gramma’s I-Net Money Machine.

I’m a Gramma, helping raise my grandchildren with teenagers still at home. I don’t have time for hype, bull crap and all the web clutter that most people seem to find so fascinating to write. I want to get to the point, get the job done, and get on with my busy life, just like you.

You may find that you are spending countless hours doing, doing, doing without getting the results that you want and deserve. Business coaching is a business growth tool that is well worth your consideration. Let’s take a look at what it is and why it works.

A coach starts by getting to know and understand both you and your business. He or she will help you be very clear in defining what success looks like from your vantage point and then work with you to develop the vision, strategies, projects, goals, and timelines that-assuming you take action-will lead you to that success.

Business coaching is neither therapy nor pure consulting. The therapy model assumes that someone is broken and needs to be “fixed,” while a consultant may hand you a set of instructions that any generic business owner might follow. Coaching on the other hand is very personal and relationship-based. Your coach will likely use a blend of encouragement, persuasion, and inspiration to keep you in action while you begin creating the results that you want.

Coaching works well when you are open to partnering with someone trained in helping business owners be their best. Professional coaches are particularly skilled in listening, strategizing, supporting, and keeping you on track with your tasks, projects, goals, vision, and dreams. And they do this without judgment of you and (importantly) without having a personal stake in the outcome. In this sense, your coach does what a spouse, business partner, or best friend can often have trouble doing: he or she is a completely objective third party who is 100% on your side.

The title of this article suggests that business coaching makes sense “now.” What do we mean by that? As a business coach, I naturally am predisposed to advocating coaching as a practical and effective tool under most circumstances. And yet, there is something happening right now in the summer of 2011 that is in my opinion making coaching an even more compelling choice. Over the past month, I have been noticing that we are in a time of what I call congruent manifestation. That is simply a fancy way of saying that a lot of my coaching clients (and other people I know) are hearing “yes” over and over again. We seem to collectively be in a period of time during which it is easier to create the success that is possible when we are clear about what we want and take action aligned with that desire. From media deals to new jobs, to graduate school acceptance, to artists being awarded public grants, I am seeing people consistently hearing a big, resonant “yes!” to those outcomes that they are longing for and working towards.

So how about it? Are you ready to finally create the success that even now is out there waiting for you? It is my deep desire–whether you take advantage of what business coaching has to offer or not-that you will create a business and a life of deep fulfillment, service, and joy.

I’m not trying to sell you on anything, and I won’t ever attempt that line or concept, because quite honestly, the people that I want to work with are smart enough to know they want to work with me – without me selling them a thing. If that isn’t you, I don’t want to waste your time, or mine.

If it is you…

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