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If you want to work from home and make more than $175,000 this year working just an hour a day from a home computer this may be the most important page you�ll ever read. All you need is an Internet connection and the information below...

�Wal-Mart Worker From New York Makes More Than The CEO...With One Website!�

... Discover How You Could Use His Website To Earn Thousands Of Dollars Today:

An Article by: Alexander Ford

What I�m about to share with you, is a very unusual story...


Because it�s about how an ex-Wal-Mart employee named Jeff Jackson who developed a simple website that earned him so much money he was able to retire from his job within 2 months. After a year, he moved out of his old home and into a bigger house. And in that same year, he bought his first Ferrari.

The website came about after Jeff was stacking shelves, working at his local Wal-Mart in Long Island, New York, USA. That little website is now responsible for...

$4.2 Million in Profit Every Single Year

As Jeff moved from aisle to aisle he soon realised that not one of the items sold in-store was actually owned by Wal-Mart. And, that�s when he got the idea to sell other peoples products online.

After 3 weeks of planning, Jeff decided to launch his new website.

You see companies like Wal-Mart, Target and most other large retailers are at a major disadvantage. They often have huge profit margins, but in order to maintain these high-levels of profit not only do they need to buy in bulk, but they need to maintain distribution lines, employ thousands of staff and rent premises. This problem is widespread amongst high-street retailers, all of which have massive overheads to pay. In fact the vast majority of America�s Fortune 500: especially those in the retail industry are now pressing to move ALL of their operations online.

This is simply because they can cut costs by up to 45% simply by delivering the product directly to the consumer.

Jeff knew he could take advantage of this. By developing a website which can run on any home computer and sell other peoples products for commissions of up to $90 - $225.

While earning comparatively smaller amounts then say Wal-Mart, Jeff could yield much higher returns. In fact, the website was designed in such a way that in most cases he was earning 400% profit on each and every transaction, and there were thousands of transactions a day.

Check Out Just One Revenue Stream From His Million Dollar Account...

Below is photographic evidence showing just one of Jeff�s revenue streams, and believe me, he has dozens. Each income stream is directly linked with the results from a different stream of revenue attached to the website.

Jeff thought long and hard about the type of site he wanted to create. He wanted the focus to be on simplicity and ease-of-use rather than a flash graphic design. This meant that anybody visiting the website would not be distracted by a lot of fancy gimmicks but immediately drawn into the order process and compelled to buy.

He insists that there�s a little-known formula that can be replicated, and he�s managed to prove it time and time again. By applying the same design and marketing methods he�s been able to emulate consistent profits across a number of different sites.

As soon as the website is activated it�s ready to take payments. Everything is so simple and automated that a child could do it. Jeff also uses a unique system that allows him to send unlimited traffic to his website at virtually no cost.

�It's the simplest website in the world," he said, "It sells other people's products. I don't do anything but get paid a commission from each sale I make for these companies. There�s nothing else like it.�

And if you thought that creating a website like this took an enormous amount of effort, skill and investment, think again!

�I had no computer or programming skills and virtually no money, but I was still able to get my website up and running within a day.� Jeff explained.

While Jeff openly admits that you don�t need any experience... and... you don�t need to know anything about the Internet, there are two distinct advantages to his methods. The first and most obvious is that the website itself is 100% turnkey, meaning that the entire setup process is as easy as clicking a few buttons. All he needs to do is activate the website and start earning money.

The second is that the design and layout conforms to a particular formula that is proven to generate consistent profits no matter what. The site will still make him money, even if he didn't want it to!

He goes on to suggest that the biggest problem with people looking to work from home is that they purchase every product they can find, in the hope of finding some �secret code�.

The difficulty is that all of these �opportunities� require you to learn complicated marketing concepts, while spending thousands of dollars on tools and services before making a penny.

After creating the first version of his website, Jeff spent $100 driving traffic to it. He wasn�t expecting anything major, but hoped he would maybe make 1 or 2 sales from the Google ads he had setup.

When he arrived home that evening, he turned on his computer and signed in to his account to discover he had made $435.00 during the time he had been at work.

Jeff Had Made a Remarkable 435% Profit

Different companies had paid him between 30% and 75% of the sale price just to have their products on his website. For example, if a product was sold for $300 on Jeff�s site, he got paid anywhere between $90 and $225 depending on the commission rate.

Jeff Jackson had worked out that if he could make just 3 sales a day at 75% of $300 he would make $675 a day, $4725 a week, $18,900 a month or $226,800 a year.

Something incredible had just happened... In the dark, damp surroundings of a 1 room apartment in the bad-part of town, Jeff had found the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally there was proof that it was possible for someone with absolutely no education or specialized training to successfully make money from the comfort of their own home.

Jeff realized the extent of what he�d achieved. He wasn�t a selfish man, but on the day he finally knew that he would never have to work again he swore to himself that he would never release his success formula to anyone. Not even his close friends or family. So on the 23rd October 2007 he swore an oath. He wouldn�t reveal his secrets until the time was right.

Over the next few weeks Jeff perfected the design of his site. As he made more money from his sales he began to spend more money on advertising. And, it wasn�t long before he was making $50,000 a month in clear profit. His website was making him thousands of dollars a day, every day, whether he decided to work or not.

His simple idea allowed him to offer other companies' products for sale, 24 hours a day... 7 days a week. It was always working in the background... always standing by, ready to make money, while he enjoyed the finer things in life.

He Was Living The American Dream!

Sometimes too excited to sleep, he would stay awake most of the night just refreshing his bank account as it continued to grow. His Internet business had finally allowed him the opportunity to buy everything he�d always wanted;

Although Jeff is now able to enjoy these luxuries, he did insist that I note some of the website�s more practical benefits in this article, so here they are:

Create an automatic income online!
Jeff's system is set up to automatically send people who need specific products, to your site where they can buy them.

Pay off your bills and get out of debt!
It's easy to pay your mortgage repayments, car repayments, home expenses, living costs, medical bills, etc, when you've got more than enough money in the bank to cover your costs!

Enjoy more of the good things in life!
Trust me. Life becomes a lot more fun when you've got hundreds of thousands in the bank. You can buy designer clothes, eat in fancy restaurants, spoil your kids a little, surprise your spouse with gifts, buy new cars, and begin to experience some of the finer things in life that only money can buy!

Take exotic vacations!
Whether you want to ski on the French Alps, sunbathe on the Costa Del Sol, explore the pyramids of Egypt, bathe in the warm waters of Fiji, scuba-dive the barrier reef, or take a family vacation to Disney Land.

Buy your dream home!
Jeff told me there's nothing like house hunting for your dream home when you know you can afford it. He's got 7-bedrooms, a living area for a maid, a pool-table in a play-room, an outside pool, a Jacuzzi, a playground, basketball court, and a beautiful garden. Imagine having all this, and more!

Work from home!
Why keep working at your "day" job when you're making more money with this opportunity? Once this happens, do what Jeff did - hand in your notice and kiss the rat race goodbye!

Enjoy extra time and more freedom!
When you're making income from a 24/7 website, guess what? You have lots more free time on your hands! You'll have more time to spend with your family and friends.

Plus, much, much, more!

Jeff told me that the majority of his success comes as a direct result of the simplicity of his business model. He doesn�t attempt to create his own product, where he has to worry about inventory and shipping. The key is to be a great middleman, he says.

Below is a screenshot of Jeff�s bank account after using his website for just 9 days:

Now as explained above, Jeff was confident that he could duplicate his success at any given time. However, the question remained whether other people could use his techniques with the same impressive results. So in late 2008 he made just 50 of his websites readily available for public purchase.

Now due to the previous success of his setup, a chance to own one of Jeff�s websites was never going to be a �cheap date�.

In fact one of Jeff�s sites was sold for no less than...

$32,000 USD

And each person who managed to lay their hands on one of these sites was invited to Jeff�s home for a week to �pick his brain� and learn more about his marketing strategies. Some clients have said that this hands-on personal training is worth the cost of the website alone.

However, Jeff did go on to tell me something very interesting. Stay with me on this because I�m about to tell you how anybody can benefit from these advanced websites without shelling $32,000!

You see Jeff understands that not many people have this sort of money to �risk� on buying a website; even if it does have a proven track record. And so he thought for days about how he could prove just how effective his approach to working from home really was.

What he came up with was mind blowing... He was going to give away FREE versions of his sites. And no, you didn�t misread that. He wants to give the websites away for free! And so far since the release of his free version 4 months ago, each new member has made an...

Average $342.43 Profit, Usually Within 24 Hours Of Their Site Being Activated!

Now here�s where it gets more interesting...

Because when Jeff was telling me about his website offer, I was expecting there to be some kind of catch. Maybe a setup-fee, or even a design charge of...

$3,000, $4,000 or More?

He went on to tell me that he was offering the website, all of his training material and access to his success program at just a token fee of $49.95. And better yet this token fee of $49.95 would allow members to keep their websites and training material for life. This includes the monthly updates that Jeff adds in order to stay up-to-date with changes on the Internet.

Why Would He Do That?

Because Jeff told me:

�To give away something so valuable for so little, will really get some heads turning, it�s the best kind of advertising available... I already have enough money to last me two lifetimes. So... why not prove that my methods are foolproof? I want to show the world that any person, of any age, race, gender or background can make money from home.�

�And I�ve priced the offer at $49.95 simply to ensure that those who join are serious about investing their time and effort into making this opportunity a success. After all, I have my reputation to think about. How would it make me look if people failed using my watertight system?�

And just to make sure that everyone is given the best possible chance of success, he�s jam-packed this offer with thousands of dollars worth of bonus training material. This includes secret audio interviews with some of the world�s leading online entrepreneurs. Step-by-step guides on how to make money from the word �go�, as well as thousands of additional ebooks with full resell rights.

In the short time that this offer has been available to the general public it�s already been featured in numerous leading news sources and publications including Business Week and Entrepreneur Magazine.

In fact, Jeff tells me that the top 4.8% of his members actually end up working personally with him or a member of his success team. Why would they pay more when they already have everything they need in front of them?

Because they know they�re going to make their money back tenfold. And while owners of these specially designed websites can make in excess of 400% profit, the website owners that spend time with the success team will walk away with no less than 1000% profits � day in, day out.

There is one more stipulation to this opportunity. Members are asked to report to Jeff on a weekly basis to let him know exactly how much money they have managed to accrue over the past 7 days.

This data is then used to aid the constant development of the website and the products that are sold.

What you have read so far is an overview of what I believe, and obviously others believe, is the most amazing, exciting and definitely one of the most profitable methods of working from home to make money online.

When I first started writing this web article, my intention was to simply cover the story of a man who went from nothing to everything in less than a year. But after hearing about Jeff�s website offer I thought it was such a great deal I asked to offer the chance to join, straight from this web page.

Jeff did however specify that there would be a strict limit on the amount of people I can personally allow to join his Exclusive VIP Members Club. He said that there were just 86 places left.

If you cast your eyes to the next line you will see a countdown showing the amount of places still left for this opportunity.

At the time of writing I do not know the current amount, although it if does say 0. Please email me with your contact details and I�ll be sure to add you to the waiting list.

Although let me make clear:

This Offer Is NOT For Everyone

In fact, Jeff refuses to let most people sign-up.


Because some people can�t cope with any type of loss whatsoever, and, even though the website makes an average of $342.43 a day in profit, it�s impossible to account for all market conditions. Some days people won�t be looking to buy, and when they don�t you may make a small loss.

A lot of people think that they will never lose money, and if you�re told any different... You�re being lied to. If you operate and advertise a website on a continuing basis, it is 100% certain you will experience a bad day now and again.

So, if you�re the kind of person who is not emotionally stable enough to handle a loss. Then you are not allowed to take advantage of this opportunity.

On the other hand, if you have the required courage and ambition coursing through your veins or you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of unique opportunities with proven track records. Then this offer is exactly what you�re looking for.

Another thing to remember is, when you get your website it�s impossible to lose a cent more than your initial investment.

OK, so let�s get down to the �nitty-gritty�. I already informed you that limited time opportunity costs a token amount of $49.95, and that the membership is valid for the lifetime of the offer (years & years). This is also a one-off payment, and you will never be re-billed.

Will Jeff�s website really help you? Will his methods really generate you an average of $342.43 a day, every single day? Here�s how you can find out without risking a single penny...

...Try Jeff�s Million Dollar Website Absolutely RISK FREE for 60 Days!

You Will Have Lost Nothing!

Have you ever heard of anything like that before? I must admit that even from a neutral point of view it makes a pleasant change when someone actually stands up and says they�ll be accountable for their actions.

How many people have a stock broker who will guarantee he will make you money... or... he will refund your investment? Is there an attorney who will guarantee he will win your case... or... he will refund your money? Jeff is thoroughly willing to make such a statement... and... more than willing to back it up.

In summary...

From what I have described above; you have an 60 Day period where you may try Jeff's website. Within those 60 days, one email to "info[@]" and he will refund your joining fee (including credit card processing fees).

Furthermore, even if you decide you'd like a refund. Jeff will happily let you keep your website and all of his step-by-step training material.

That way, whatever the outcome of this...

...You Will Profit!

If I�m wrong about all of this, you�ve lost only a couple of minutes of your time. But what if I�m right?

And just to let you know Jeff�s company offices are now located at 200 Broad Hollow Road Melville, NY 11747. That�s just down the road from the Hilton hotel and he insists that if you have any questions to contact his email address at "info[@]"

If you�d like to stop by Jeff�s office, you can drive straight into Long Island, New York. His office (pictured, left) is the building on the right hand corner. Jeff invites all of his website users to pop by anytime they are in the area. Monday to Friday, and between the hours of 9 � 5.

Take advantage of the limited-time introductory offer while you can.

If at ANY time within the next 60 days, for ANY reason at all, you aren�t happy with "My Profit Site" simply e-mail me and I�ll refund every cent of your purchase.

No questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is my success and if I can�t fulfill your satisfaction I don�t want your money.

Jeff Jackson

Try Jeff Jackson's program without risk...

7 Places left on Jeff Jackson's

A one time investment of 49.95.

There is a limit on the number of MyProfitSite members Jeff Jackson can accept. If the remaining 7 places are gone at the time of your order -- We will email you if a space becomes available.

This is risk free...

P.S: Just think - if you owned one of Jeff�s websites for the past 3 months you would have an average $30,819 in clear profit sitting in your bank account.

P.S.#2: Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave this page empty handed. You can at least take advantage of Jeff's 100% Risk Free Offer... If you're not earning a substantial income within 60 Days, simply email Jeff (you don't even need an excuse) just tell him you weren't satisfied and your entire membership fee will be instantly returned!

P.S.#3: As I've explained Jeff offers an 60 Day money back guarantee. But that's just where it gets interesting because... After you cancel, if you wish, Jeff will still allow you to keep your website for another 6 months - AT NO COST TO YOU. Why would he do something silly like that?

Because he has absolute faith that you'll make so much in gains from his service that you'll call back and ask to re-join. That's the best test-drive imaginable - you can keep the car even if you decide not to buy it.

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