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What is the typical turnaround time for action approval ? It has been 3 days from my submission.

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1. This is not development question. 2. It may take way long to approve your actions sice this is done by humans, one my apps have pending status for actions over three months... – Juicy Scripter Jan 30 at 16:05
Try to imagine the hundreds and thousands of actions submitted to Facebook for authorizing... Be patient... the open graph actions are still "fresh" to the Facebook world... – Lix Jan 30 at 16:08
3 months ? that sounds like a bug, not a review timeline. at least some feedback would be useful inside the tool, waiting months to maybe see rejection note is going to unbearable, why push the open graph, if there is such a huge bottleneck – Ryan Price Feb 7 at 14:48
I guess I will ask a better question, Has anyone gotten open graph action approval, and roughly how long did it take ? thanks – Ryan Price Feb 7 at 14:51
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