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Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend (TIPS+Description)
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Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Sweet things to do for your girlfriend
Sweet things to do for your girlfriend

Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Your girlfriend should mean so much to you and to show her how much you care, doing sweet things for her whenever you can is really recommended. These sweet things to do for your girlfriend should not be for her birthday or any other events that are important, they should just be “because”. The following list of sweet things to do for your girlfriend are guaranteed to make her smile.


1. Do the chores – without being asked!


All the mundane jobs like doing the dishes and ironing, often seem to be left to the woman if she doesn’t ask her man to help out with them. Well why not surprise her by telling her to put her feet up and doing the chores unprompted, perhaps you already do some chores – but choose something that you usually leave to her. She is guaranteed to appreciate this sweet gesture.


2. Leave cute post-it notes around your home

sweet things to say for your girlfriend

If she is always complaining that you are never romantic, then why not surprise her by leaving cute post-it notes around your home (or her home if you don’t like together quite yet.) These can be anything from “You make me smile :)”, “Hi beautiful”, “I love you to the moon and back” and much more. Just use your imagination and she is sure to love it.


3. Bring her home flowers


It’s rather cliche but woman absolutely adore flowers and if you bring her flowers for absolutely no reason at all, you are going to win a place in her good books. You can substitute flowers for chocolates if you think that your girlfriend would prefer these.


4. Tell her she looks beautiful

sweet things for your girlfriend

This is one of the easiest sweet things to do for your girlfriend. When she gets ready for the day, look her up and down, smile and say “You look so beautiful”. This works best if she is just in her every-day clothes with little makeup. It will be unexpected and will guarantee to leave her smiling all day long.


5. Plan a date


We are talking the whole deal from booking a babysitter (if you have kids), booking her favorite restaurant and taking care of any other details that are necessary. If you are feeling bold, leave what outfit you want her to wear on the bed with a note saying “Be ready at 7pm and wear this dress, it looks amazing on you.” Women love guys who can take charge so this little detail is guaranteed to give her heart flutters.


6. Change her desktop wallpaper to a cute collage

sweet things to make for your girlfriend

While she is at work, design a wallpaper that is a collage packed full of pictures of the both of you. Set this as her desktop background and she will have the surprise of her life the next time she switches on her computer.


7. Run her a bath


Perhaps she has had a long day at work or you just want to make her feel good about herself. Run herself a nice warm both with her favorite bath products, finish this off by putting some candles around it and pouring her a chilled glass of wine. This gesture is one that all girls secretly want done for them without prompting.


8. Brag about her to your friends

sweet things to buy for your girlfriend

Guys usually tend to act really cool in front of their friends and don’t usually like to discuss girlfriends. However if she is a keeper and you know it, tell your friends how great she is and make sure that she overhears you. You probably tell her a million times a day how much you love her but if you tell your friends, she is much more likely to believe it.


9. Let her choose the movie


It might sound like something so simple but girls love a night in with their boyfriends, watching a cheesy rom-com and eating popcorn. So let her choose whatever movie she likes and pretend to be into it, even if you aren’t. You can take this a step further by letting her have the last handful of popcorn, top marks for being an awesome boyfriend!


10. Show her affection

sweet thing to do for your girlfriend

Physical affection is so important to women, so make sure that you do this regularly throughout the day to show your love. This can be anything from a random hug from behind, a kiss on the cheek, a neck nuzzle or gently play with her hair. These small gestures are things that are easy to forget to do once you have been in a relationship for a while but they are really important.


11. Give her a foot rub


When you are on the couch watching tv together, spontaneously grab her feet and start to give her a foot rub. This is a really sweet gesture and if you’ve got a good girl, she’ll do the same for you sometime.


12. Grab her hand

sweet romantic things to do for your girlfriend

Many girls love a bit of gentle PDA but they don’t always like to be the ones to initiate it. So when you are walking down the street with her, grab her hand and pull her into you closer. This is a sweet gesture that might not seem like much to you but she will remember it.


13. Send her a sweet text during the day


Randomly text her throughout the day that says something really romantic/a sweet inside joke that the both of you have. If she is having a crappy day, this is guaranteed to cheer her up and she’ll be counting down the hours until she sees you again.


14. Surprise her with a picnic

cute things to tell your girlfriend

If it’s warm outside and you can”t quite afford a table at a posh restaurant, a picnic is an even more romantic gesture. Pack all the foods that you know she likes and take her somewhere really picturesque where the two of you can enjoy each others company.




If your girlfriend has been going through a rough time recently or you just want to show her how much you love her, do this by looking at this list and seeing what is right for you as a couple. You can see that most of these things don’t cost a dime because it really is the small things that make all the difference when you are in a relationship. Now that you have read these sweet things to do for your girlfriend, you should never be short of ideas.

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