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Signs Of True Love

Signs of true love

Signs Of True Love

Relationships can be tricky and you might be wondering how do you know if it’s love, just lust or something else entirely? There are some signs of true love that you can look out for and if several of these apply to your relationship right now, you can guarantee that you are with your soulmate. Even if you are in love, relationships need hard work from both sides so please keep this in mind. Please, enjoy reading the most important  Signs Of True Love.

1. You think about them all the time

When you are not with this person, you are still constantly thinking of them. Everything you see reminds you of them and you are always wondering what they are doing. While if you just LIKE a person you would think of them occasionally, if you love them – this is going to be even more heightened. Although thinking about them all the time is fine, this doesn’t mean that you need to be with each other 24/7. You should give each other space when you need it and this should help to make your love even stronger.

2. You can’t stay mad for long

signs of true love from a man
signs of true love from a man

Arguments are so common in relationships and they are often over really silly things that really do not matter in the grand scheme of things. When you are in love however, the arguments will not bother you because you simply can’t stand not being on the best terms with them. If even looking at them makes all your worries and insecurities disappear, you know that you are in it for the long haul.

3. Other people don’t catch your eye

When you are dating somebody casually, it’s easy to get to know other people and find other people attractive in your day-to-day life. However when you are falling in love, they will be the only person in the world to you. You will not want to get to know other girls/guys at the same time and you might not even notice attractive people as much as you used to.

4. It’s not all about the physical side of things

signs of true love from a woman
signs of true love from a woman

You are happy with this person when you are not even having sex or any kind of physical contact. Sitting together and watching a movie is just as fun for you because it is just being in their company that you enjoy the most. You can do the most boring thing you can imagine with them but somehow, it is still fun.

5. You make sacrifices for them

If you are usually quite selfish when it comes to being in a relationship but for this person you are sacrificing a lot – this could mean that you are falling deep. These sacrifices do not need to be big, perhaps you have just given up a day at the baseball with your friends to make plans with your girlfriend instead. Maybe you let HER decide what movie to watch, it’s the little things that count and when you put all these things together they definitely spell LOVE.

6. You can be yourself

true love signs
true love signs

When you like someone you constantly try to impress them but when you have fallen in love, you are naturally yourself because everything just feels right. This is definitely the right way to be around your partner because if you are both super comfortable around each other, it means that you are both truly content and in love.

7. You use “we” when talking about yourselves

If you are invited to a party, you say “we will be there.” If somebody asks you what you did at the weekend you answer, “we went on a road-trip.” Everybody knows who you mean because you come as a twosome and this is further proof that you are really in true love with this person.

8. You know everything about each other

how to know if youre in love
how to know if youre in love

Everything there is to know about that person, you do because you actually listen when they are speaking and want to find out more by the day. That scar above her eyebrow? Where she want on vacation when she was 9? You know it all and more. If you know more about the person in your life than you do about yourself, there’s definitely a big reason for it.

9. You can’t picture your life without them

You cannot even remember a time where they were NOT in your life, like all the years before them didn’t even exist. If this applies to your relationship and you could not imagine being without them in the future, you can guarantee it’s because cupid has shot his arrow into your heart!

10. You can’t keep your hands of them

Even though you enjoy spending time with them doing day-to-day things, you also get the urge to just pounce on them whenever you are alone. This is an awesome sign because it shows that you are really attracted to them. Some people would argue that it is impossible to be in love with somebody if you are not physically attracted to them. Make the most of this stage in the relationship, it’s an amazing one!

11. You feel proud when they achieve something

how to know when your in love
how to know when your in love

You should feel a certain sense of accomplishment when THEY accomplish something and you definitely feel proud. You spur them on to do the thing that they love in life and you do not hold them back from their dreams, whatever they may be. You just want them to be happy and they feel the same way for you, a sure fire sign of true love – the best kind of love.

12. They are your friend

In addition to being your lover, they are your friend. You feel like you can talk to them about anything – share your problems, your hopes and everything in between. Your true love will also be your best friend and it’s almost impossible to break a love like that.


Now that you know some of the signs of true love, you can make an informed decision as to whether what you have is the real deal or not. If you think that you are in love, don’t be scared – it’s an amazing thing and if you are with somebody who feels the same way, hopefully what you have will last for a lifetime. P.S We hope that article Signs Of True Love was useful for you and will help you to avoid mistakes.

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