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S-E-X is NOT a Four Letter Word - 55 (Chicago North)

Date: 2009-12-04, 8:13PM CST

So why are so many women put off by a man of 55 still having a high sex drive and desiring a woman with a similar appetite?

I've always had a healthy libido and always have dated women who found that to be an attractive quality. I like sex, am very good at it, and have always dated women who were the same way. Where are they now?

I am tall, dark, good looking, still have all my hair and am in pretty good shape. I am humorous, well educated and well read, capable of hours of interesting conversation on most every subject. My preferences in movies tend towards dramas and in music towards the Beatles and Van Morrison (although my tastes are a lot more eclectic than just that).

I seek a woman who finds my high libido to be an asset, appreciates a talented lover, and thinks she is one as well. Someone who can keep up her end of a conversation, and can make me smile. Is that so much to ask?

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