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Volontariat: Amérique Latine, Équateur: Rescue centers avec Fundacion Chiriboga le 01.01.2013 - Solidarités Jeunesses
courrier 10 rue du 8 Mai 1945 - 75010 Paris - France téléphone
solidarites jeunesses - volontariat international
Solidarités Jeunesses

Rescue centers

Pays Type de chantier Début Fin Code
Équateur Environnement 01.01.2013 31.12.2013 ENVYYARFPECH

Pour vous inscrire, suivez ces étapes :

  1. Choisissez vos chantiers dans notre base de données de chantiers ou en parcourant notre brochure de chantiers.
  2. Téléchargez la fiche d’inscription en cliquant ici.
  3. Remplissez-la en inscrivant 1 à 6 chantiers (ou plus sur papier libre) par ordre de préférence,
  4. Renvoyez-la par courrier accompagnée du règlement des frais (comme indiqué en détail ici), par chèque à l’ordre de Solidarités Jeunesses, à l’adresse suivante :

    Solidarités Jeunesses
    10, rue du 8 Mai 1945
    75010 Paris
Partenaire : 
Fundacion Chiriboga
Age : 
de 18 à 99 ans
Participants : 
3 volontaires
Frais de participation : 
250 €
Action : 
Volontariat Long Terme
Description : 

Environmental and ecological work, taking care of animals.

Work starts: 

All year around, except the last 15 days of the year


Send your application with 2 months in advance.


Basic Spanish and foreigner languages For those who are studding Biology, or any kind of Environmental professions, we would like to offer them a placement in the Amazon region, we need active and dynamic people, with a good intuition sense, who are able to learn and know the hidden secrets of the Amazon region. We prefer students and lovers of the Biology sciences with knowledge of the forests, Reforestation, Zoology and Ethnology and similar sciences. The volunteers will make a work like interpreter in the area of touristic influences.

The major part of our passengers are English speaking and all of the groups which go out on a trip inside the forest always are in the company of two persons: 

the first-one is the local guide, a native person integrated to the community of Quichua San Carlos speaking Quichua and Spanish and the second one is a translator English Spanish (in this case the volunteer).Work begins at 8:30 am until 13:30 pm, two hours of recess; the program goes on from 15:30 pm until 19:00 pm.Additionally our company offers to all of our passengers the option of going out at night to observe caimans by canoe, or night walks around the camp for getting to know and listen to the nightlife and its rounds. This activity is voluntary but if one of them decides to realize such a trip the volunteer is obligated to realize it with one or more passengers. This activity has duration of nearly 45 minutes.We need volunteers who can stay with us for at least 4 weeks, who will volunteer as follows: the first week is a training for understanding, adapting and getting to know all and every place at which the activities for the tourists are realized, two weeks working like interpreters, the last week the volunteer in addition to his work like interpreter needs to show and teach all he/she learned to the new volunteer.The volunteers  obviously need to accept the discipline and orders given by the manager in charge, who has the last word to say or decide if the volunteer is accepted or not and if the volunteer can stay or not, of course  with a report with the explanation of his decision.

Accommodation and food: 

The volunteers will share a "cabaña” with other volunteers or workers, the house has 4 beds, bathroom and private shower, hot water,

The volunteers must have vaccinations for: 

yellow fever, malaria, anti-rabic, because the volunteers are responsible to feed the animals of its rescue center

Placement Fee: 

250, 00 Euros or 300, 00 US dollars per month!

Fee includes: 

Four weeks of lodging, breakfast lunch, dinner and administrative support at the Foundation’s office.

Fee does not include: 

Any kind of transportation, from Quito – Coca- Quito, bottled water, extra food and extra beverages, phone calls and internet access.Knowledge of Spanish language is necessary to communicate with the natives because although the community native language is Kichwa, Shuar, and Ashuar, they also understand Spanish. Volunteer placements are available all year round.

Type de chantier:
Recherche avancée
avec le soutien de :
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