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Dustbin Beaver

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Dustbin Beaver

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Dustbin Beaver






Moptop Tweenybop




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Dustbin Beaver the MopTop TweenyBop is the 4th of the Secrets set of moshlings. His name was first released in the moshling zoo. He can only be obtained by subscribing to the Moshi Monsters magazine. After subscribing, your code will arrive via email. Each code is different, and can only be used once.


Living in a dustbin is pretty weird but this hair-obsessed heart-throb would be mobbed if he left the safety of his rubbishy pad. Not by screaming fans (or 'Beleavers') but by neighbours sick of Dustbin's high pitched warbling.


He was released as a mystery moshling. He can only be caught using a Trashy Tulip seed which can is obtained with a code you get by subscribing to Moshi Magazine and can only be used once.

Rarity NoteEdit

Although his rarity is shown as Common, it pays to get it. To users, it is considered an ultra rare moshling.


Trashy Tulip and any other two plants


Moptop Tweenybops


Licking bowls and blunt scissors


Garbage day and homework


  • He originaly had blonde hair but it turned brown because of all the dirt that gained up
  • Although his number is an Ultra Rare, he is Common.
  • He looks different in his poster. He has blonde hair and stays in his trash can.
  • He is parody of singer, Justin Bieber.
  • He is based of a Beaver (an animal).
  • He bares resemblence to Zack Binspin, another one of the species known as Moptop Tweenybops.
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