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Top Get Paid To Take Surveys Companies For 2009

The universities and colleges continue to offer the highest per hour rate of return for time spent completing surveys. A list of those will follow soon. The companies below have paid me in checks, paypal or gift certificates worth several hundred dollars of easy money.
Never ever pay to take surveys. Stick with the proven. Any income under 600 usd need not be claimed.
These are my top producers for 2008 and 2009

Focus Forward Online

Hcd Surveys

Survey Savvy

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Deal sites that don’t pay

Be aware my friends of deal sites who claim to pay you for purchases made at sites by using their referral links. They link to deals posted at various sites and offer cash back on your purchases.

It has been my experience that these sites do not always pay you your cash back. Twice I had one particular deal and freebie site not only not pay me but refuse to assist me in my attempts to be paid.

They claim the websites I shopped at had no record of my purchases made via the deal sites referral links. In this business this is referred to as shaving. Shaving sales away from me when there is little doubt they (the deal site) were paid.

What you can do to fight this is not use them first of all. You will be giving up very little money in the first place unless you are making very large and frequent purchases.
What else you can do is become your own affiliate. Most all larger companies offer affiliate programs for webmasters and pay you a percentage of sales. Anyone can do this. You don’t need a website in some cases and if you do, the myspace type of site you probally already own is sufficient. Just look on their website for a link to join their affiliate program and your set.

Oh and if you complain a bit to much about being shaved, they ban you the same they do if you complain about ripoff freebies and deals that are posted when they know fully well they are scams.

Lastly on these same sites you will see the same persons posting deals or freebies. Others blindly believe these persons have good intentions where in fact they are paid shills.

You won’t find that here ever. I always disclose when I post a paid link or not. So instead of helping scammers fatten their wallets, keep more of your money to yourself instead.

I do pull rss feeds from some of these sites to pages here because some of the posts are worthwhile. Otherwise I will try to continue to educate and inform you as more ways to get freebies and save money without unneeded risks. Avoid the noid.

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Secrets to internet spammers-scammers and phishing

The amount of fake freebie offers is not going away.
Useing a fake email and giving out your real home address
is what many on other forums openly announce is ok by them.
oh really. drop me an email.
Most all of these offers are crap items and considering any
of less than $5.00 value probally won’t get posted here.
The number one secret to the best internet free junk and stuff
is to join every site of major products, services or companies you use.
There is alot more money in surveys and focus groups.
I see posts on other forums (I’m banned at most of them ;) ) )
claiming this or that company is a scam. The accusastions were
not paying as liked and problems with script errors.
Nothing that came close to scamming. I will update my best of survey
companies very soon.

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Speaking of spammers which anyone wanting to add my email to your list,
by all means help yourself.
and continue here
for my list.

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