We are pleased to be able to guide as many people as we can through the many benefits of Being Your Own Boss (BYOB) and making money online. Here is a path, in steps for you to take here on this site to get going. There is everything available at this site to allow you to make money, build financial independence (and Freedom) and to have an amazing lifestyle without being owned by a Clock, A Boss, or Anyone Else. Want to make that extra income for buying a new car, a new home, to become debt free? We are here to guide you through it.

NEW VISITORS START HERE: (This will navigate you through getting started, and in getting your online business up, running, and if you are following us exactly, you’ll be into profits)

We will start with getting you trained in posting links . This will be the links of offers of advertisers (Companies whose products and services we are sharing with new clients for them) to take and post for potential Clients. While we use the word link, they are actually tracking urls that allow the Advertiser (through Agencies we call Affiliate Networks) to know and pay according to the agreed action. There are a few ways this is done, and it is important to understand them. The main terms for payment include:

  • 1. CPA (Cost Per Action) which is typically a Cost (Commission) Per Sale, or when a Credit Card transaction has taken place.
  • 2. CPL (Cost Per Lead) which his typically a Cost (Commission) Per Lead, or when a Prospect has completed an entry form in accordance with the Agreement for Payment as set forth by the Advertiser.
  • 3. CPC (Cost Per Click) which his typically Cost (Commission) Per Click, or when a Unique Visitor (Person) clicks on your Tracking Link. This is a guaranteed commission per click. Though restricted to proven affiliates, look to be granted access to these upon proving your abilities to generate Actions, Leads and Sales to offers.

To get started, Please go to “Posting Links Success Guide”, “Utilizing Affiliate Networks” and “Link Posting Organization Tools” in that order.

  1. 1. “Posting Links Success Guide” – you want to read this at least 2 times before going through it and doing the steps.
  2. 2. “Utilizing Affiliate Networks” – you want to read this at least 2 times before going through it and doing the steps.
  3. 3. "Link Posting Organization Tools” – you will want to use these to Organize and Set-Up your Posting Links, Titles, Descriptions, etc.

Then, utilize our friendly and attentive Customer Support to:

· Walk you through the latest offers that are pulling well online “today”

· Help you in any way you are stumped, or confused (we get it – and we are great at getting you going!)

· To share your success!!! (We love to hear from our Members in their Success Stories being created daily!)

· To gain assistance in increasing your Success.

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