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Date: 2010-11-28, 10:44PM PST

Girish Sharma
Contact at:

Professional Profile

An accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of development experience including 15 years of analysis and consulting. Possesses a natural aptitude for finding technical solutions and resolving technical issues. Highly trained with notable field experience in such areas as Mobile Applications Development (including iPhone, WinCE, and Palm), Lombardi products including Teamworks and Blueprint, and many others.. Experienced in a wide variety of business and system application areas, often with team lead responsibility. Has developed many end-to-end applications using Microsoft technologies (C#, VB, .NET, VC++, ASP, etc) and has worked extensively in Java and C/C++, and Objective C. Previously on faculty at Akron University for over 4 years teaching introductory and intermediate Java programming, HTML, and Visual Basic and has significant other teaching and mentoring experience. Highly dedicated consultant motivated to the success of each project. Prepared to work as team member or assume a leadership role. Learns new technologies readily, and thrives on technical challenges.
Platforms / Architectures
IBM PC / Windows IPhone / Cocoa Touch (multiple versions) Palm OS (multiple versions) Windows Mobile / WinCE
Mac (multiple versions) Linux / Apache / JBoss Wepsphere / Portal OOD / OOP
LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) Agile / Extreme Programming Model-View-Controller (MVC) Pattern SOAP Messaging for communications

Development Software Operating System
iPhone XCode Cocoa / Cocoa Touch IPhone / Cocoa Touch Mac OS X
iPhone Dashcode Lombardi Teamworks UNIX / Linux Web / Internet
Business Process Management (BPM) Visual C++ / C# / VB.NET Windows 3.0 – Vista + Mobile / Win CE MS-DOS (Many versions)
Sun Java JDK Objective-C Palm OS Several Embedded
Nunit / Nmock Eclipse / Netbeans Vax VMS Others
LAMP Others

Languages Database/File Formats
Objective-C / iPhone/Mac Java / J2EE / J2SE Oracle XML
Lombardi Teamworks AE Visual Basic .NET SYBASE FileNET
JavaScript C / C++ / C# / Obj-C Microsoft Access Palm PDB
Visual Basic (3 – 6) PHP Xbase / DBase SQL Server
ASP.NET Others Several proprietary Others

Applications Development
Medical and Auto Insurance Business Process Management ( BPM ) Financial / Banking
Medical records Satellite Tracking & Imaging Imaging / OCR / ICR
Encryption Satellite Communications System Software
Virus Protection Palm Organizer PC to Mainframe
End user application Time Management Image Enhancement
Process automation Compression Stock / Broker Trading

Management and Technical Lead Experience

- Significant training in management techniques including several leadership and management courses in the military and numerous other at various companies following the military.
- Architect and lead developer for a major software company working with both web and native app functionality specializing in iPhone development (new and conversion).
- Lead developer (BPMC) at several clients who were learning and implementing Lombardi Teamworks products using Java and C# for customization and integration.
- Technical Lead / Architect on several Enterprise (internal) iPhone development projects including website customization (interfacing to Visual Studio on the back end) and several custom iPhone native applications.
- Led a major project under urgent need in planning and developing a BPM solution to replace a current in-house application with a Lombardi Teamworks solution. Also trained in-house staff in the use of the Teamworks products and Lombardi procedures, as well as assisting in back end integration using C# web services.
- Received extensive internal consultant training (not available externally) for Lombardi Teamworks.
- Provided Architecture, Technical, and Team Lead experience to a major in-house initiative to replace and modernize company's primary earning, mission-critical software.
- Successfully led a high-profile project at a major insurance company that would allow complex outgoing correspondence to be generated and populated automatically, including populating internally and externally designed forms necessary to meet legal requirements.
- Co-architected a mobile application on an imbedded device platform to allow efficient collaboration between field and office personnel.
- Led a development group in learning Websphere Portal development including updating the necessary skills to support that development (java, Websphere Portlet Framework, etc)
- Managed approximately 10 consultants at a major client site for 1 year while continuously growing the account
- 5-year technical and project lead at a major rubber company in Akron, Oh on a 3 million dollar FileNet initiative. Responsibilities included system architecture and design, client liaison, problem resolution, personnel training, quality assurance, and development.
- Developed a Palm OS based mobile application to allow field agents to access Real Estate data while out of the office, thereby dramatically reducing service time to their clients.
- Senior technical manager for an Ohio based software development house. Responsibilities included project planning, system architecture, training scheduling, client liaison, and personnel interviewing.
- Chosen via a Navy-wide selection process to run a new technical facility that tested new technologies prior to sending them to the fleet. Responsibilities included project planning, system and network planning and design, data analysis, problem analysis, management and scheduling of a team of up to 12 people, training, cost analysis and reduction, and significant hands-on technical work. In one project that I led, I initiated a project to develop a software replacement for an aging hardware system that saved the department over 7 million dollars annually.
- Performed many short-term project lead and project management roles. Some of these were single-man efforts, and some with as many as 10 people.
Successfully served as technical lead and/or technical manager on several assignments listed below.
Technical / Architecture Experience
United Airlines
(Consultant / Project Lead – iPhone / Objective C / Cocoa Touch )
October 2009 – Present)

- Design, developm and implement tracking app for flight crews to track information concerning schedules, departure and destination location details, security information, etc..
Software Supplier to Banking Industry
(Consultant / Project Lead – iPhone / C# / Web developer)
April 2009 – October 2009)

- Assisted client in planning development direction to move current products to iPhone platform.
- Designed and architected several solution options in order to provide maximum benefit to the business.
- Developed both Application and Web App solutions to solve the business problem at hand.
- Identified several ways of dramatically reducing development time while still providing full problem resolution.
- Trained on-hand personnel in iPhone and OS X development technologies and industry standards for these platforms in order to allow them to continue to support the products I developed on-site.
- Documented processes necessary to allow client to continue development other mobile products as the need arises.
- Set up standards and practices for future iPhone support as well as for development using Apple technologies as this client had no experience in this area.
- Developed training materials for formal classes in several different iPhone development technologies in order to assist the organization in preparing its own personnel to move into iPhone / OS X development.
Cross-Tier Insurance Company
(Consultant - iPhone / BPM ( Lombardi ) / Java Developer)
(November 2008 – April 2009)

- Designed and developed several iPhone apps to support project in process – technologies included Objective C, X-Code, Dash-Code, and the current version of Apple's SDK for iPhone.
- Senior Developer on a team to replace major mission-critical, legacy software solution with a Lombardi TeamWorks BPM solution using web services written in Java and C# for integration with local client data.
- Developed several small, iPhone specific web site front ends to previously existing sites.
- Developed several iPhone applications in Objective C using MVC, Cocoa Touch, the iPhone SDK, and X-Code.
- Served as technical advisor to existing team for general BPM and TeamWorks specific details.
- Developed custom Java tools that integrate with TeamWorks to simplify and accelerate development
- Worked as BPM Consultant and TeamWorks knowledge expert to provide technical assistance to other developers during development cycle and to advise new directions for standards of development and quality control
Initiated policies and procedures to insure fall back options in case of catastrophic failures, code loss, data loss, etc.
- Determined and implemented a solution for compatibility issues between TeamWorks development environment and Windows Vista-Only PCs using Sun's virtualization software.
- Taught Apple iPhone development using Objective C, Xcode and the iPhone SDK
- Updated skills in Windows mobile development
Business Process Management Company (Lombardi Software)
(Business Process Management Consultant / BMPC)
(May 2008 – November 2008)
- Worked as a BPMC for Lombardi Software, maker of the well-known Lombardi Teamworks and Lombardi BluePrint product lines. Received extensive internal training as well as significant field experience at several major clients.
- Assisted or developed web services integration points in C# for most clients.
- Led a client in-house team on a major initiative to replace a Workflow solution with a BPM based one.
- Trained client developers in the use of Lombardi products and procedures, and the implementation of .NET web services integration points.
- Designed and developed both major and minor BPM solutions.
- Attended numerous seminars and industry awareness events concerning the current and future state of BPM technologies.
Financial Services Company
(Senior Developer / Architect / Mentor)
(Jan 2008 – Apr 2008)
- Technical Lead on a team working on a major financial services trading and trade tracking application written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
- Updated existing project plan to use modern development methods and object oriented techniques.
- Introduced Agile development methodologies (including Test Driven Development)
- Introduced several development enhancement tools including NUnit, Rhino Mocks, Type Mocks, etc.
- Provided training and mentoring in modern development methodologies including Object Oriented Development,, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Inversion of Control (IoC), Dependency Injection (DI), Interface Decoupling, etc.
- Assisted in the enhancement of an existing trade tracking aplication code base to use some of the above mentioned techniques including adding in missing unit tests and preparing the code base to be moved forward using Test Driven Development methodologies.
Subscription-Based Automotive Software Services Provider
Senior Developer / Architect / Technical Team Lead
(Oct 2007 – Dec 2007)

- Worked with Business, Management, and in-house Technical Leads to gather requirements for a major project to replace critical software with updated, .NET equivalent.
- Worked with in-house technical leads and architects to complete system-wide architecture for same project
- Led four other developers in planning, prototyping, and beginning implementation of end-user facing UI as well as in day-to-day administrative details
- Provided technical advice during planning phases in areas from industry-standard OO practices and techniques to details of Microsoft's AJAX implementation.
- Developed ASP.NET pages (in C#) that were the front-end of a full-scale, web based, AJAX enabled application.

Progressive Insurance
Senior Developer / Technical Lead
(Dec 2003 – Oct 2007)

- During the last 7 months, worked with Objective C for OS X development on Apple hardware
- Worked as developer and co-architect on a mobile project to allow field inspectors to wirelessly transfer on-site photographs to the main office for management approval in order to reduce the need for multiple trips onsite.
- Led C# / .Net / XML project to automate outbound correspondence (external and internal forms as well as custom letters) by integrating with many enterprise-level applications.
- Trained and mentored my team in areas from algorithms to Agile techniques.
- Designed and built C#.Net utility software to simplify development and testing of MQ Series Queues accessed via proprietary Queue Management software – this software later became the basis for several other in-house utilities.
- Developed several C# reporting systems to gather data on request or on schedule and deploy web-based reports
- Developed both client and server (Web Services) based pieces of a major insurance tracking system including parts for tracking the details of a claim and generating and tracking repair cost estimates.
- Attended numerous classes including estimating, problem solving, Agile development, .Net, and many others.
Friendly Advanced Software Technology (FAST)
Consultant to Outside Companies
(Aug 2003 – Dec 2003)

- Assisted client in setting up and configuring an IBM Websphere Portal and in preparing to begin development of Java based Websphere Portlets to run under this portal.
- Provided training and mentoring for a group of developers to bring their Java and networking skills up to date in order to do development on the new Portal.
- Designed and implemented the Java framework and several early screens for a significant inventory tracking system running under the new Portal.
Ciber, Inc
(Mar 2002 – May 2003)

- Worked on many projects at a major manufacturing client as well as acted as primary liaison between up to 7 consultants and the home office. The liaison work included client meetings concerning status, performance, job satisfaction, etc as well as administrative functions related to Ciber. The technical work included replacement of an outdated system that had been designed in-house and had no on-hand expertise and little documentation. -Technologies used include Java, JAI, J2EE, UML, Visual Studio.NET and VB.NET. Also worked on a major redesign of the clients web interface using HTML, C/C++ (including Pro-C), CSS, DreamWeaver, HomeSite, and JavaScript running Websphere under Solaris.Received an award for client excellence based on work for this client.
Worked on in-house technology advancement project intended for nationwide demonstration. Technologies used included Sun JDK, Eclipse/WSAD, Java SWING and AWT, Microsoft COM, Microsoft Visual C++, FileNET, and UML.
- Performed multiple functions at a major government client, including design and architecture analysis, program and system design, technology research & recommendation, user interface design and development, security implementation and others. Primary technologies used were Java, FileNET, Websphere and VB.NET. Tools used were Eclipse / WSAD, Visual Age for Java, and Visual Cafe.
- After hours during this project, I completed a Microsoft certified course in Visual Studio.NET, the .NET Framework, and VB.NET to update my Visual Basic skills to .NET technology.

Contract Consulting / Project Lead / Software Development
(May 2001 – March 2002)

- Performed client-need contract consulting through various contracting companies, and on a private contract basis. - Contracts have included client liaison work, Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6, HTML, Java and JSP development, Web Application Design and Architecture, Database Design (DB2, Oracle, MySql, SQL Server, etc), and Technical Project Lead. Additional technologies used were Websphere, J2EE (servlets, JSP, and EJB), MySql, and Solaris.
New Channel Technologies
Senior Technical Manager / Training Coordinator
(Jan 2001 – May 2001)

-Brought in to lead the client's conversion from Cold Fusion to Java.
- Analyzed problems and developed the system architectures to provide a resolution for the client, and a clear development direction for my team using J2SE, J2ME, MVC, UML, and Agile methods.
- Analyzed and learned new technologies in order to keep the company up to date in modern technical methods and techniques. Researched product lines for these new technologies in order to make efficient use of them as the need arose. Technologies included wireless, Blue Tooth, UML, and XML.
- Formed business alliances with outside companies in order to generate additional incoming business.
- Organized and headed in-house training efforts to keep the skill set of our technical people up to date.
- Ran a small project for a client that would allow easy web display and updating of real estate data (including interactive photos of houses for sale). Project primarily used LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySql / PHP).
- Presented demonstrations of our service offerings and technical capabilities to potential clients in a pre-sales role.
- Designed architecture and worked on development of a Visual Basic project (using VB 6) that would allow an on-site auto insurance estimator to track estimates, notes, and damage details of a vehicle that had been involved in an accident. At the end of the day, all of the estimators would connect to a central system which would take their data from that day and update the primary database, as well as send new requirements to the estimators laptop. Technologies used were Visual Basic 6, ODBC, UML, and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).
Conley – Canitano & Associates, Inc.
Consultant to Outside Companies
(May 2000 – Jan 2001)

- Worked as part of a team to develop a major client website which required the use of many tools, including Java, VB Script, C/C++, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, and NetObjects Fusion.
- Led an in-house team in development of a replacement for the existing time management system while training to the in house staff on several technologies including Java, Java Servelets (J2EE), Java Beans. Technologies used on the project but not used for training included DB2, Rational Rose (and UML), HTML, and JDBC/ODBC, Websphere Application Server, and Apache.
- Developed a database engine that used HTTP tunneling to access a server side JDBC database from a client applet.
- Developed a completely configurable ASP / VB Script shopping cart system that allowed hierarchical display from a database and images for each product.

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