Other contributors have said "How do you get Blingo on Moshi Monsters?" is the same question as "How do you get Blingo the moshling on Moshi Monsters?"

How do you get Blingo the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

103 **Blingo the Flashy Fox [Secrets] Ultra Rare: Hip Hop Hibiscus, any seed, any seed

To attract Blingo, you need to enter a secret code when logging in, which can be found on the last page when you purchase the "Buster's Lost Moshlings" book.
Please be aware this secret code is UNIQUE and can only be used once.

If you redeem a code successfully, check out your garden seed bag and plant the Hip Hop Hibiscus seed with 2 others to attract the moshling. When Blingo comes, click on
him and press keep, then go back to your house and check him out.

MoshiOffer.com released a code for Blingo:
However, the code may expire.
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