About Maureen

Maureen Belle

About Maureen

It has always been difficult for me to tell my “herstory.”

I started communicating with nature, as early as I have memories. My conversations with animals, trees and even flies were the source of amusement for my family until I became a teen. Then there was great pressure NOT to talk about these things and be normal.

As a teen and young adult I kept my conversations private. I continued conversing and that included the seapeople, whales and dolphins, while I spent hours in the ocean, growing up in  Southern California.

For me, the veil between these worlds started to dissolve at 30.

As a single mom, I opened a weaving, yarn, fiber store and art gallery. I ran the store all day, taught classes at night and also had my own weaving products line. I was “super” woman.

During that year, I became terribly ill from the traditional building products that go into  western construction. I contracted chemical pneumonia and chronic fatigue followed. I was forced to close my thriving weaving/yarn store and gallery.

I took a year off to recover and during that time focused on opening the door to many forms of spirituality. I spent hours in meditation and in the woods around my home. I started honing my interspecies communication skills and no longer wanted to be “normal’.

Upon recovery, I returned to college to study architecture with a focus on green, safe, sustainable building design. While in college, I was introduced to feng shui through Tai Chi and Qui Gong.  This was just an extension of the telepathic conversations, to include built environments.

When I graduated, in 1990, with a professional degree in Interior Architecture from the School of Architecture, University of Oregon,  I opened my own design firm. The firm specialized in safer, greener, sustainable design and construction. I incorporated feng shui into my designs.

I went on to design round homes, for a pre-fab company, and distribute less toxic building products throughout the Hawaiian islands.  While in Hawaii I started working actively with Earth Trust and other environmental organizations on behalf of whales and dolphins, I developed great friendships  that continue today, with the Cetacean nation.

All during this, I continued to study with spiritual masters and teachers around the world.

In the early 90’s, I designed and created a 10 acre, green building school and center on Whidbey Island, Washington. The  six center buildings incorporated the re-use of materials, sustainable design, gray water systems and composting toilets. The grounds and gardens were organic and  there was rainwater storage.

I also taught feng shui and shamanic practices in a holistic blend of  universal communications with all beings including buildings.