Traveling is one of Rohit’s passions. Growing up in India he traveled extensively even as a child. Since then he has traveled all over the world for pleasure. In the summer of 1991 he traveled the length of the entire East Coast of the USA for 2 months – living out of his car, camping out in the wild, sleeping in parking lots, on the beach… 10 years later he spent another 2 months traveling through India, and the same year yet another 2 months in Africa -  with nothing but a pack on his back & a desire to see the world in his heart – with no itinerary & no plan! Similar trips include one of 6 weeks to Eastern Europe, a month in Scandinavia, shy of a month in Guatemala, shade under a month in Brazil, etc.

His favored mode of travel is solo with a backpack and no itinerary – to go where his heart & his travels take him… to explore the world. He likes to spend as much time, or as little time in any given place as it appeals to him. He loves people & culture: meeting, eating & getting to know the locals is the most enjoyable part of these experiences! Just over the last 2 years, he has spent about 8 months traveling, over the years he has traveled in:


  1. Hong Kong
  2. India
  3. Nepal
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Singapore


  1. Egypt
  2. Kenya
  3. Rwanda
  4. Tanzania
  5. Uganda


  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  4. Croatia
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Denmark
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Greece
  11. Holland
  12. Hungary
  13. Italy (& The Vatican)
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Norway
  16. Poland
  17. Serbia & Montenegro
  18. Slovakia
  19. Slovenia
  20. Sweden
  21. Switzerland
  22. U.K.

North America

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. U.S.A.

Central America

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Guatemala
  3. Honduras

South America

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Paraguay

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