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The Court of Chancery during the reign of George I. Painting by Benjamin Ferrers

The Court of Chancery was a court of equity in England and Wales that followed a set of loose rules to avoid the slow pace of change and possible harshness (or "inequity") of the common law. The Chancery had jurisdiction over all matters of equity, including trusts, land law, the administration of the estates of lunatics and the guardianship of infants. Its initial role was somewhat different, however; as an extension of the Lord Chancellor's role as Keeper of the King's Conscience, the Court was an administrative body primarily concerned with conscientious law. Thus the Court of Chancery had a far greater remit than the common law courts, whose decisions it had the jurisdiction to overrule for much of its existence, and was far more flexible. Until the 19th century, the Court of Chancery could apply a far wider range of remedies than the common law courts, such as specific performance and injunctions, and also had some power to grant damages in special circumstances. With the shift of the Exchequer of Pleas towards a common law court, the Chancery was the only equitable body in the English legal system. (more...)

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Illinois Central No. 790 on display at Steamtown, USA

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March 28: Teachers' Day in the Czech Republic; Serfs Emancipation Day in Tibet

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Space Shuttle Atlantis launch video

The Space Shuttle Atlantis launches to begin the STS-132 mission in May 2010. STS-132 was initially scheduled to be the final flight of Atlantis, but it later flew on STS-135—the last mission of the Space Shuttle program—in July 2011.

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