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    Remains of 274 US troops dumped in landfill: report

    The US Air Force dumped the cremated, partial remains of at least 274 troops in a landfill before halting the secretive practice in 2008, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

    The procedure was never formally authorized or disclosed to senior Pentagon officials, who conducted a review of the cremation policies of Dover Air Base -- the main point of entry for US war dead -- in 2008, the Post said.

    Nor was the dumping ever disclosed to the families of the fallen troops, who had authorized the military to dispose of the remains in a respectful and dignified manner, the Post said, citing Air Force officials.

    The newspaper quoted officials as saying that a precise count of the remains disposed of at a Virginia landfill would require searching through the records of 6,300 troops whose remains have passed through Dover since 2001.

    An additional group of 1,762 remains -- which could not undergo DNA testing because they were badly damaged or burned -- were also disposed of in this manner, the Post said, citing the Air Force.

    Defense officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Last month investigators said they had found "gross mismanagement" at the US Air Force mortuary, with body parts lost and remains mishandled.

    After allegations from whistle-blowers, an Air Force probe found that two "portions of the remains" of fallen troops had been lost and uncovered other problems at the morgue.

    New procedures have been put in place at the mortuary and the commander at the morgue, a colonel, together with two civilian officials were disciplined over the episode but not sacked.

    The Dover affair echoes a scandal that erupted last year at Arlington National Cemetery, the country's hallowed ground for war dead. Investigators there uncovered cases of misidentified remains and mismanagement.

    Following an Army probe, the conduct at Arlington is now the subject of a criminal investigation.


    • Jstatrp2theZoo  •  Fayetteville, United States  •  9 hours ago
      And you know what will become of this "NOTHING" the people will #$%$ and moan the go back to dancing with the stars and monday night football.
    • Alien Jesus 10 hours ago
      Disposable Heroes... how about the next time the government wants to have a war we send our "representatives" to go fight it out. That'd put an end to these silly wars real fast.
    • Lina 9 hours ago
      I'm not in support of many wars, but to treat those who gave their lives like piece of trash is darn disrespectful!

      Someone should hang for this.
    • Doc 9 hours ago
      The us government is not afraid of the people... Herein lies the fk-ing problem!
    • Togan  •  New York, United States  •  10 hours ago
      More crimes that have gone unnoticed in the public eye. We hail our troops in public, but then throw them like garbage when no one is watching. Shame on you Air Force.
    • C and N  •  Makati City, Philippines  •  10 hours ago
      The directors need to prosecuted in criminal court for this!
    • Fencer  •  Budapest, Hungary  •  8 hours ago
      Every soldier who dies in service deserves a dignified burial, a separate burial plot, and a headstone!
    • Pete 6 hours ago
      When I came home from Viet Nam people actually threw pop bottles at us, now our own military people do this. What a disgrace.
    • WesleyM  •  Eugene, United States  •  9 hours ago
      This breaks my heart
    • Manny  •  Seoul, South Korea  •  8 hours ago
      Fu@#@ up and move up, this pig soon will become general of the Air force I was reprimanded with an article 15 for dumping my C-rations down the toilet fined 200.00 dollars a month for three monts and 20 days extra duty. I wonder what is the penalty for dumping human remains in a land fill. Death by firing squad or a slap on the wrist and a promotion.
      Lets demand a full report on all the 274 remains from the Air force, our soldiers deserve better. We can't let the Air force or the goverment sweep this one under the carpet.
    • Tavern1  •  Livonia, United States  •  10 hours ago
      Never ceases to amaze me how low this US govt will go. Wasted wars to an inconvenience to dispose of bodies in a humane manner. But once again nobody in Washington knows a thing. #$%$
    • Josh  •  Milwaukee, United States  •  10 hours ago
      This is an outrage! What's more- that colonel and the others in charge should be sacked!
    • NoWay  •  Greensboro, United States  •  9 hours ago
      How high up the chain of Command does this go? What else are they hiding?
    • t 10 hours ago
      Disgusting. These people deserved a proper burial. This is utterly unacceptable.
    • seadog  •  Pensacola, United States  •  9 hours ago
      this is absolutely disgusting and a disgrace. and some body needs to go to jail for it
    • the Brat 6 hours ago
      This is a grand example of gross disrespect committed by soldiers against soldiers. This took a lot of soldiers and civilians over the years to happen and hide. Where was their common decency and respect for these brothers in arms?
    • Wilson  •  Shenyang, China  •  10 hours ago
      It's time to take our country back, American's.
    • OPPS  •  Tokyo, Japan  •  10 hours ago
      How Sad & Sick to read this article, these men and women made the ultimate sacrifice only to DUMPED in landfill.

      America can do better one would think!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Not only an investigation but a criminal one should be done and the guilty should be punished and DUMPED.
    • Steve 6 hours ago
      The officers in charge will keep their pay grade and retirement. They should loose both! Dishonorable discharge and jail time is appropriate as well. I am a vet and this is a national disgrace!
    • Mark Edward Brown 9 hours ago
      This is a shame, an outrage and disgraceful
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