5 Shocking Retirement Facts

Wednesday, 11 Sep 2013 03:44 PM

By Christian Hill

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Despite the Dow hitting all-time highs, millions of Americans still have a dismal outlook when it comes to their own ability to retire.

Consider these five statistics:

  • 46% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. (Employment Benefit Research Institute)
  • 40% of baby boomers now plan to work until they die. (AARP)
  • 36% of Americans say they don’t contribute anything at all to their savings. [CNBC]
  • 87% of adults say they are not confident about having money for a comfortable retirement. (Lifehappens.org)
  • Expected retirement age is up to 67 from age 63. (Zero Hedge)
So why, in the great prosperous country of America, are so many faced with doomed retirement dreams?

Those who took the surveys pointed to the rising cost of living and day-to-day expenses as the reason they are worried about or unable to save enough for retirement. And many also noted that rising healthcare and long-term care costs will have a major impact on their ability to afford a comfortable retirement.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the once mighty dollar no longer goes as far as it once did, as a result of the loose monetary policies from the Federal Reserve.

“The biggest retirement mistake people make is they stick their money in a bank,” comments Aaron DeHoog, the financial publisher of Newsmax. “The reality is, inflation will destroy 50% of your savings every 22 years if you let it sit there. You have to put your money to work, safely.”

The problem is that current yields on safe investments, like CDs, bonds, and money markets, pay 85% less than what they did just six years ago.

The impact of President Barack Obama’s tax increases isn’t helping matters either.

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Fortunately, it’s not all bad news for those hoping to salvage their retirement portfolio and live out their golden years in comfort.

Sean Hyman, editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report, has spent the last two decades in the financial markets, and has helped rescue the retirement dreams of near-retirees before.

For example, Sean began working with a man a few years ago who was on the verge of retirement, but had only managed to save $40,000 as a nest egg.

Working directly with Sean, the man said he was able to boost his retirement account to $396,000 in a relatively short period of time. The ability to help his client achieve a comfortable retirement was especially rewarding for Sean, as the man he assisted was his own father, Randy Hyman.

Sean has put together a video presentation in which he shares the exact methods he used to quickly and safely build his father’s retirement nest egg, with the hopes that he can help millions of Americans who are in the same position his father was.

Editor’s Note: Click here to see how Sean turned a $40,000 account into $396,000.

“When I first heard Sean’s story of helping his father rebuild his retirement account in the nick of time, I knew it was a story I had to share with Newsmax readers,” said DeHoog, who helped Sean produce the video.

“I know we have many readers in the same position as Sean’s father, looking for someone they can trust to help them. That’s why I asked Sean to put together his presentation. It’s information that needs to be shared.”

The video also features another bonus for viewers: Sean reveals his favorite investment right now, one that he says will rally 80% in the next few weeks as investors recognize a “blunder” in one of the Obama administration’s policies.

Sean points out that this company is in an “unloved” sector at the moment, and that Wall Street isn’t giving it any credit for its dominant market position or extreme profit opportunities.

Sean explains that this company can be bought today for an absurdly low price, and investors who get in before Wall Street realizes its mistake stand to make huge profits.

Sean’s interview also contains two more investment picks that are part of his Ultimate Wealth Report portfolio, including ticker symbols and a full explanation of why Sean says investors need to consider adding these recommendations to their portfolio. And viewers will also discover how they can get three special reports from Sean that outline additional recommendations to add to their portfolios.

Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Newsmax is showing Sean Hyman’s video presentation revealing his #1 investment pick and how viewers can gain access to three of the Ultimate Wealth Report special reports. Go here to view it now.

Sean Hyman explains the facts of a healthy retirement in this video.


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