How to tweet from Google Wave?

Google Wave bot called Tweety AKA Twitbot or Twave.

Steps/ Instructions:

1. To add this Twitter bot, go to your contacts in the bottom left corner of Google Wave, click the "+" button and add:

Step ONE: Add as contact

2. To twit from Google Wave, create a new Wave, click the "+" button on top of it and add Tweety the Twitbot participant to your wave.

Step TWO: add Tweety the Twitbot participant to your wave

3. Toggle settings to allow pop-ups from Google Wave, a new window should now pop-up to allow you to authenticate to Twitter.

Step THREE: Allow pop-ups from Google Wave for authentication to Twitter

With the above THREE (3) easy steps, you can now start posting to Twitter from Google Wave. Happy Ombak-ing and do leave a comment if you any feedback! Thanks ^^

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