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I have been playing around again with the system of my ="2" style="background-color: rgb(0, 255, 0);" class="rooh_highlite">Custom Firm Ware 5.00 M33  and so far is running without problems I have been doing some research to upgrade my Themes on my PSP because I enjoy seeing my toys with new looks  with superb wallpapers and icons while playing around this Themes will change your menu position and your start-up screen and gameboot screen will also changed this is something that I’ve never imagined before on my toys , I picked the Themes that where only compatible with my CFW 5.00 M33 and picked the nice Themes that will run without problem please note that I did not created this PSP Themes and for all I know it will only run on Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 I have not tested this on the old version of CFW so please becarefull when using this themes check first your CFW version if you are running CFW 5.00 M33 or not.

To run the new Themes I download the CXMB Installer and then install it in my PSP after installing this the console will have the ability on reading those CXMB or the (.ctf) files.

Here are the steps you need to install this program in your PSP

  1. Extract the file anywhere on your PC.
  2. Connect
    your PSP

    your PC
    . Then open
    your PSP.
  3. Copy CXMB Installerfullcxmb folder (whole folder) from the extracted file into your MS Root.
  4. Open CXMB Installerfullsepluginsvsh.txt in the extracted file. Copy the line ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx and paste it on vsh.txt file found in seplugins folder in
    your PSP
    . If you are not seeing or don’t have seplugins folder, copy the folder from the extracted file into your MS Root.
  5. Copy the theme from CXMB InstallerfullPSPTHEMErandom.ctf into your PSPTHEME in
    your PSP
    . This will be the trial CXMB for you.
  6. I will post the download link for the Themes that you can use and I already use on my PSP.
  7. Disconnect
    your PSP

Click to continue reading “PSP Custom Themes for CFW 5.00 M33″


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