Taking Risks Bravely

Taking risks in this day and age is more often than not frowned upon. Now, as then, we live in a world where safety and security is of primary importance, where daring to dream big and boldly is seen as courting the skirts of failure. Here in this kind of setting it is indeed very easy to get lost, to give up, to lose sight of your ideals. For some, it's almost as if the universe in its entirety conspires to keep them within the trappings of their comfort zones. But what about the gems in your new ideas? What of the billion after billion of dreams which, once followed, could shake the very foundations of this world? It's a shame that this same society which prides itself in innovation and invention, also in the same breath pulls other "dreamers" down.

In spite of, and in response to this I believe that we need to start Taking Risks Bravely. Here, I will be outlining 5 basic steps you can follow in order to smash your comfort zones, to chase after your dreams, and to achieve success. Although I strongly suggest following these steps, by all means don't be limited just to these five. There are dozens of motivation programs and advice you can find online which could hopefully provide more answers for you. But anyway, without much further ado. Let's begin.

1. "Break the Chains that Shackle Your Talents"

This borrowed line from Jose Rizal's Ala Juventud Filipina, is one that all current, and would-be risk takers should keep to heart. Each and every one of us is faced with constraints which chain us to our comfort zones. As mentioned previously, it causes us to doubt ourselves, our talents and our confidence. With this being said, we at Finding-My-Passion dare you to make a conscious effort to step outside your bounds and break your barriers. Write down the many things which you think limit you from achieving your goals, and create creative yet careful plans of beating each and every one of those nitty knots.

It doesn't have to be completely elaborate. It could come in the form of a single statement like "Nothing less" or "Impossible is Nothing." Simply put, be aware of these constraints and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Daring to risk entails bravely battling the limits that this society (and your own mind) set upon you.

2. Immerse yourself with experience

One of the most important things that people normally forget to think about is the necessity of experiencing novelty, of being immersed in the sheer dullness of the normality of everything before breaking out. This form of experience teaches us to be disturbed, to be moved to do something with our lives. For how can we shake the world coming from an unblemished point of reference? What else can move us to dream? What else can move us to risk bravely? Other than a glaring missing-ness this world carries with it.

On this same note, you should also strive to explore new things, to constantly immerse yourself with new experiences. Who knows, you just might stumble into that one thing that'll send your life into a 180degree turn, or make some awesome realization about whatever. Point is, do not be afraid to walk on the road less travelled. Break out of your shell, and explore unchartered regions.

3. Pump Yourself Up

Taking risks involves a whole lot of mental toughness and fortitude. Unfortunately though, this state of mind does not come naturally for most people.This is no joke. Many people in the past (and until today) floundered in the pursuit of their dreams because they lacked in motivation and tenacity. Despite this, there are however plenty of ways by which one can find motivation. A quick check online will give you millions of motivational techniques for personal growth as well as motivation programs to follow. While I leave these sights to discuss their techniques further, I strongly urge you to find creative ways of motivating yourself to take braver risks.

These programs, in so much as their effectiveness is relative with respect to an individual's own preferences/tastes/situation, will hopefully make you realize the tremendous potential that you carry within yourself. Thus, I believe that motivation is the key element in unlocking this aforementioned strength.

4. Use History to Inspire You

I don't know about you, but one of the things that pump me up the most to take adventurous risks is history. I love reading up on the stories of these great people in the past (and the not so distant past, as in the case of Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook fame). Reading up on their lives, we can trace their paths clearly: In the face of overwhelming (and defying) odds, these people dug deep, found their courage and bravely took the risk hitting it big time, and making their names and stories immortal.

These stories show you the tremendous power of the human spirit. I dare you to use them and their experiences to be inspired to carve your own paths, to make your own dents in history. As a great movie eloquently puts it: "We're here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?"

5.  Take BRAVER and BOLDER risks.

Apart from the line Carpe Diem, there is another latin word that sticks out for me in the discussion of #5: the concept of MAGIS. Magis in latin means "More." This means not being contented with the trappings of complacency. It means pushing yourself forward, driving your passion and intensity onwards, and doing MORE everyday. Just think about it. Despite the macro-developments this society is and has been experiencing, how many people actually think about driving the world forward? How many people take the time to think about their lives and decide to do MORE? Just think about it, will you be a part of 99.9% of the world who are more than willing to just SETTLE, or will you be that uncanny 0.1%? MAGIS

Finally, a word of advice: please don't be limited by the 5 tips I have listed here. There are tons of other resources online which you could use to maximize your potential and find your passions. Personally though, I'd suggest buying books on these. You can usually find them in the self-help/psychology portions of your neighborhood bookstore. I hope these tips gave you somewhat of an idea on the things you could do to start taking risks bravely. Ciao!