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Info and Pictures of Moshling Blingo on Moshi Monsters | Moshi Monsters Cheats

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    In moshi monsters forum is now became a byword out of new moshling #103 Blingo. This news quickly spread, so many requests to me to display the Blingo Pictures. I had one image but I’ll give detail info about him.

    Info and Pictures of Moshling Blingo on Moshi Monsters
    Name Blingo
    Number 103
    RaritySuper Ultra Rare



    Slick and funky, Flashy Foxes never take off their shades. But that’s not because it’s sunny up in Hipsta Hills,it’s because the bling they collect is totally dazzling! When theese hip little moshlings aren’t listening to the lastest 49 Pence tunes on their boomboxes, they enjoy hangin’ in Horrods and making up silly rhymes in their strange, lightning fast launguage.


    LIKES: Sharp beard trimmers and chocolate coins.

    DISLIKES: Heavy Metal and anything made of silver.

    HABITAT: Most flashy foxes live up in the Hipsta Hills overlooking Ker-Ching Canyon, but sometimes you’ll find a few cruising along Jive Drive.


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