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2013 Hiring Statistics
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2013 Hiring Statistics


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This slideshare contains the outlook and trends for 2013 hiring.

This slideshare contains the outlook and trends for 2013 hiring.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Hiringby the numbers401419605016172430
  • 2. If you Google “hiring statistics” you get a lot of hoopla aboutbad hire costs, hiring students from X university, and somefacts from 2001(seriously, try it). Since knowledge is power,we thought we would put together this guide of the mostimportant statistics out there for hiring managers everywhere.In this coffee table-worthy eBook, you will find statistics onhiring costs, percentages, and facts - all from the past yearbecause relevance is importance to us.If you like this guide, pay us a visit at;we’ll meet you there.- Team Hireology
  • 3. 26%of employersexpect tohirefull-timein2013
  • 4. 29% of all 2013hires will be salespositions
  • 5. 75% of demand for newemployees is to replacepeople who have left thecompany
  • 6. $130 billionis spent annuallyin the U.S. onhiring
  • 7. 53% of organizations do notconduct credit backgroundchecks on any of their jobcandidates
  • 8. 80% of hiring managers havehired a job candidate whosecredit report containedinformation that reflectednegatively on their financialsituation
  • 9. $35 is the average priceof a background check
  • 10. 82% do not use a personalitytests in the hiring or employeepromotion process
  • 11. 71%indicatethatpersonalitytests can predictjob-related behavior ororganizational fit
  • 12. 56% of organizations arecurrently using socialmedia as a tool to recruitpotential job candidates
  • 13. Bad hires cost somecompanies as much as$50,000
  • 14. 69% of employers reportthat their companieshave been affected by abad hire this year
  • 15. 27.5% of hires are attributedto referrals. Referrals are the#1 source of external hires
  • 16. 43% made a bad hiringdecision because theyneeded to fill the jobquickly
  • 17. 31% of companieswill increase their HRtechnology spendingin 2013
  • 18. powered by:’s award-winning Selection Management System helpscompanies organize their hiring process and leverage data to makebetter hiring decisions. For more information, please visit
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