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This website has been created for the purpose of bringing awareness and being a constant reminder of the importance of winning souls.  .WS (Dot WS) websites are being used all over the world by churches, ministries, businesses and individuals to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see souls come into His Kingdom.

Presently there are tens of thousands of people and companies who have .WS websites.  Imagine believers all over the world  sharing their personal stories on their own .WS websites about how much Jesus means to them.  The impact of personal testimony coming from literally  thousands of people via the web 24/7 will make a mark in this world that will not be erased.

We have made this plan so simple.  Churches, non profit ministries, home based ministries, Bible study groups, college students, musicians, business owners, stay at home moms and dads, senior citizens, people with ministry to the homeless and just about anybody who has a passion for winning souls are our connecting points.  If you are a Christian ministry leader or worker who is serious about winning souls, we want to help you do it.  See the qualifications below and request more information or get started today by registering for a 7 day free trial.

Click here to see testimonies of a few people who have .WS websites.


Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor

You qualify for the Winning Souls Campaign if:

1. You Believe in Jesus

2. You Testify about His goodness

3. You are willing to Disciple others to do the same


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Winning Souls Campaign Update

Winning Souls Campaign Update

For those of you who believe in Jesus, have a testimony to share and are willing to help somebody else who believes in Jesus share their testimony, you’ll want to watch this video.

Stay blessed,

Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor