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Funny Jokes To Tell A Girl (DATING / Relationship)
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Funny Jokes To Tell A Girl

Funny Jokes To Tell A Girl

Funny Jokes To Tell A Girl

One of the main thing that women look for in a man, is a good sense of humor – they even say that you can laugh a woman into bed. Therefore you should tell jokes to your girlfriend to make her happy and ensure that she stays into you. The following funny jokes to tell a girl are really effective and will definitely do the trick. Some are silly, some are cute and some are even flirty. Have a look through these funny jokes to tell a girl and you will always have one ready to pull out of the bag when the right situation arises.

1. You, while holding out arm: Hey, feel my shirt
Her, confused: Uhh…ok? *touches your shirt*
You: It sure feels like boyfriend material huh?

This joke is really cheeky but is sure to get a laugh especially if she appreciates the flirty nature that was intended. This is perfect if you have just met her or have only been on a few dates, it could even helping in pushing things in the right direction.

2. Why do women get marrried?
So that they can finally stop holding in their tummies

funny jokes to tell girls

This joke definitely is not for everyone, some women could take it personally so only tell it to her if she is lighthearted and won’t take it too personally. It’s a funny joke however and definitely accurate with a lot of women, which earns its place on this list of funny jokes to tell a girl.

3. What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they got married?

This joke is obviously a pretty terrible one but it’s cute and will likely receive a giggle, especially if you deliver it in a funny way.

4. When we get married, I think we will such have an emotional wedding – even the cake will be in tiers.

funny joke to tell a girl

This short joke will have her smiling not only at the humor intended but the idea that some day you will be married. This is a great joke to tell if you need to get back in her good books for one reason or another.

5. I feel like I’ve been hunting for treasure because I’m really digging your chest

This is like a joke and a chat-up line all in one, it’s perfect to be used if the girl you are talking to has big breasts. It’s quite funny and isn’t very common meaning that she has likely never heard it before. Jokes that she have heard a million times before likely won’t even raise a smile.

6. You: Do you reckon that Google is a girl or boy?
Her: I don’t know, it’s not neither?
You: It has to be female, it won’t even let you finish your sentence without butting in

funny jokes to tell a girl you like

This is really funny and is something cheeky that is guaranteed to get a laugh out of her. The fact that it starts with a question gives her a chance to interact with you and hopefully the chemistry should become apparent between you.

7. A man asks his wife what will happen to her if he dies first and she replies “I will go to live with my sister. What will happen to you if I die first”. He thinks for a moment before replying, “I’ll live with your sister too.”

This joke really tests the waters but it is absolutely hilarious and cheeky, which most women will love. It’s probably best to stay away from this joke if she has a particularly hot sister though, as this could have a less than warm reply.

8. Damn girl you are like a rubix cube, the more you play with me – the harder I get.

funny jokes to tell a girl to make her laugh

This is such a naughty little joke that will likely get a giggle from that girl in your life. It’s best to tell this to somebody who you are already in a sexual relationship however, otherwise it could be followed by an awkward silence or perhaps even a slap.

9. My mother always used to call me a son-of-a-bitch, I really with she hadn’t talked about herself like way.

This is a unique joke that is clever, it could also be the start of a good conversation where you discuss stories from your childhood.etc. Jokes that can lead somewhere are really cool especially if this girl isn’t your girlfriend yet but you want her to be.

10. You: Honey quick, come here – there’s something wrong with my bed.
*She comes in the room* What?
You: You’re not in it

funny jokes to tell girls you like

This one will have her rolling her eyes but also giggling her head off and if you’re lucky she like oblige and hop right in bed with you! This can work with the bath too so you can adapt it to change you.

11. You: Have you ever seen a chicken stand on its head:
Her: No
You: Me neither, we have so much in common – let’s hook up!

This is a cheesy joke/chat-up line that she will enjoy if she has a good sense of humor. Women love guys who can get straight to the point and this joke will definitely break the ice between you.

12. A man comes home to discover his wife in bed with another man, and asks, “What the hell are you doing?!?” The wife turns to her lover and says, “See, I told you he was stupid!”

jokes that are actually funny

This joke is just down right funny and jokes about couples are real good ones to tell, to that special girl in your life.

13. Why did the chewing gum cross the road? It was stuck to the chickens foot

Everyone knows that corny chicken joke and this is a fun spin on this one. This version isn’t very common but it is good enough to get on this list of funny jokes to tell a girl.


These funny jokes to tell a girl are guaranteed to soften the mood, whatever the occasion. Perhaps you’ve had a minor disagreement or you know she is not in the best of moods, tell her one of these jokes and she will cheer up in no time. Perhaps she is not quite your girlfriend yet but when she hears one of these, it won’t be long before she is. And if she doesn’t laugh at your jokes? Maybe she isn’t quite right for you!

P.S We hope this article “Funny Jokes To Tell A Girl” will be useful for you.

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