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Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl

dirty sex questions to ask a girl
dirty sex questions to ask a girl

Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl

Hitting on a girl for the first time can be a daunting task. It becomes easy when you know what to say. Having some dirty questions to ask a girl is the best opener that gets her interested. A good thing about dirty questions is that they put the conversation on a flirty vibe. When you communicate that aloof sexy vibe to a girl, you increase your chances of getting her number on a first meet or getting her to go with you after the date. Enjoy reading Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl.

 Can you kiss on a bus?

dirty questions to ask a girl while texting

This question puts her on the defense. It forces her to acknowledge her slut behavior.

Are you always staring at boys?

It gets her to look at you keenly and get horny.

How far is your place, wanna go to mine right now?

It makes her start thinking about sex.

Have you been touched between your thighs this morning?

Rather than explore her experience, you pique her imagination

Can you lift your skirt/dress?

dirty sex questions to ask a girl

If she is wearing a dress or skirt, this question puts her in an awkward moment and increases sexual tension

 Are you missing my dick?

This one works wonders for casual relationships as well as long-term relationships

Which part of me do you want?

Similar to the earlier question, this one is a great sex talk opener

I saw you yesterday; did you have any panties on?

questions to ask a girl dirty

Even if you did not see her, the panties question takes her mind straight to sexiness.

Are you wet?

This killer question gets her flooding wet as long as you deliver it with confidence in a calm way.

What is your preference, slow or pumping sex?

The question does nothing other than let you calibrate her sexual experience.

[insert name] does my dick feel hot?

You are inviting her to touch you down there and as soon as she does, she’ll get horny.

Does sex feel spiritual, when it gets you to cloud nine?

Sex is a great comforter for women and this question gets her to see your role in comforting her.

Wow! Do you work out your butt?

dirty truth questions to ask a girl

Acknowledges her sexy butt and boost her self-esteem.

 Can you please get my boxer?

If she is in your place, this one gets her to invest in you.

Hey, wanna snatch the chocolate from my mouth?

It lets her kiss you without feeling guilty.

 I envy animals, they get to fuck anywhere?

If you are in a zoo, this opener helps to get her thinking of you in a sexy way.

Could you rub by tummy and go all the way down?

This is another good dirty question for escalating when you are alone.

Do you swing?

This is a provocative question about having more than one partner at a time.

 Do you do sex when high?

Most people do not mind sex when they are high, and this question makes the girl think of sex and being high at the same time.

Which part do you want to kiss now?

Assuming she already showed intentions for taking things further, the question presents you are cocky.

 Do you have fantasies when you sleep?

dirty questions to ask a girl you like

A good question for setting the mood.

 Nice curves. Are your always this sexy?

It makes her feel special and want to hug you.

Damn! Do you always make people this horny?

A way to tell her she is sexy.

 If I crash at your place, will let me have all the blankets?

This is a cheeky way of telling her you want her, yet she can still pretend it just happened.

 Are you kidding me, you have never touched a dick?

This is a good response to when she says she is a virgin or pretends to be one.

How many shots do you want?

A subtle way of introducing sex to ordinary conversation

Why pick a low number, did you know I could go whole night?

This is a great follow up to the previous question; it tells her you are a good lover.

When was the last time you walked without a bra outside?

really dirty questions to ask a girl

Brings up her imagination and it also forces her to feel tingles on her tits

 Are you always loving sexy panties?

If she asks, how do you know, you answer, I can tell by the glow on your face.

Remember to stay confident when asking the questions. Any response is good response because you want her imagination and feelings to change. Good luck in your next encounter with a beautiful girl.

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