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NECA Convention and Trade Show 2007 Leads Electrical Contracting Industry in "Green" Energy Building and Safety

Demand for "green" energy and building systems is dramatically on the rise, and this year's National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Convention and Trade Show is focused on helping the electrical industry increase its proficiency in this arena.  One section of the trade show and an entire day of convention activities will be related to "green" energy and construction at the convention to be held October 5-8 in San Francisco.

Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency reached a record $100 billion in 2006, a 43 percent increase over the previous year, according to a recently released UNEP report.  "An increasing number of our contractors, especially in California and on the West Coast, are involved in the "green" trend," said Beth Ellis, Executive Director of Conventions and Expositions for NECA.  "NECA 2007 San Francisco is a great opportunity for us to focus on this very important movement shaping the future of the electrical contracting industry."

"Think Green Day," on October 7, kicks off with a management seminar on Emerging Green Markets: The Role of the Electrical Contractor on Green Building Projects.  NECA-member contractors attending the seminar will be the first to learn about research on this subject funded by ELECTRI International - The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc.  The program covers the key market drivers, important standards, areas of opportunity, and how to succeed in this rapidly expanding market.

Featured Workshops on "Think Green Day" include:

  • Emerging Green Markets: The Role of the Electrical Contractor on Green Building Projects - Results of this Electri International research project covers: Definition and history of green buildings, key market drivers, standards, and areas of opportunity for electrical contractors, together with suggested strategies to expand business around Green Building Projects.
  • Residential Green Products & Energy Efficiency - Covers the latest efficiency technologies from compact fluorescent lighting and high efficiency heating and air conditioning, to electronic home automation controls. A sampling of Energy Star and utility programs across the country will show cost savings and upfront funds available to build green.
  • Bright Future in Solar Energy - The fundamentals of photovoltaic systems, descriptions of residential through large scale installations, BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics), and a brief overview of governmental and state programs.
  • Energy Efficiency/Green Products & Fire Stops - Systems including LEED measure impact on the environment while maintaining safety; this session reviews basic firestop techniques and energy efficiency practices using green products.

Two pre-convention workshops offered on October 5 will help industry participants take root in the green market:

  • It's Not Easy Being Green, But It's Profitable
  • National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee on Photovoltaics & Distributed Generation

"We are embracing the 'green' construction market as a way to diversify into new, emerging fields.  Smart contractors should check out what NECA has to offer to jump-start their move into this market," said Stan Lazarian, NECA contractor and president of Electric Service & Supply Co. in Pasadena.

NECA 2007 San Francisco will be held at the Moscone Center. For more information, visit www.necaconvention.org.

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