CoreAVC 2.0 (for Windows)

CoreAVC 2.0 Supports Windows 7, MKV and More!


CoreCodec CoreAVC® 2.0 for Windows is a complete solution for playing high quality HD H.264 videos on your Windows based computer. CoreAVC comes (in part) from the creators of the Matroska MKV Container (.mkv), So you know it's gotta be good!

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CoreAVC 2.0 fully supports GPU hardware acceleration with NVIDIA CUDA Technology, and works with other  compatible NVIDIA Platforms like ION running on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.



Technology Bulletpoints

  • Supports Windows 7
  • 32/64 bit Support
  • NVIDIA CUDA GPU support
  • Supports up to 16 CPU Cores
  • QuadHD Resolution Support
  • Uses Directshow for MKV
  • Includes the Haali Media Splitter
  • Full Interlaced support
Features and Limitations subject to change.


Development SDK

The CoreAVC SDK is one of the most advanced yet simple SDK's for developers to easily add H.264 support within their products. The SDK features:

  • Directshow/GStreamer support
  • Supports all modern OS's
  • ARM/MIPS/PPC/32/64bit CPU's
  • NVIDIA CUDA GPU support
  • ARM Cortex NEON A8 support
  • RMI MAE GPU Support
  • Library/Source code options
Please visit our OEM section for further licensing details.

Matroska MKV Enabled

Get Matroska MKV and MKA support from the people here at CoreCodec that helped create Matroska in the first place!



Who said small Netbooks would never be capable of High Definition H.264 Video has never seen the power of CoreAVC 2.0 with Netbooks supporting NVIDIA CUDA Technology and ION based Netbooks like the HP 311 or the dual core hotness, that is the ASUS 1201N.

CoreAVC 2.0 is bringing Sexy back!