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The English attempt to restrict free trade


        Mackinac Births, 1689-1765

     Ethnicity      Number        Percent
Métis                  136             38.75
Euro-American       78              22.22
Indian                   115              32.76
African-American     4                1.14
Uncertain                18                5.13

Michel Allery (Allerie-Allary), Metis Sr. b-1765 N.W.T.joined HBC (1820-1823) Athabasca and Edmonton (1821-1822), likely NWC much earlier in 1790's married 1793 Francoise Cree.
    Michel Allery Metis Jr. HBC (1818-1822) Peace River & Athabasca
    Louison Allery Metis b-1800 married Marie Margurite Destarlais Metis b-1805

(I)-John Askin (Erskine) (1739-1815) arrived at British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan), and established a store, establishing relations with Arent DePeyster, (II)-Isaac Todd Metis d-1791, James McGill and Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824).

Franceway alias Saswee also Francois Le Blonc (Blanc) of Fort La Prairie is on the Saskatchewan River.

Franco Boucher b-1765 married Jossette Indian b-1765 likely North West.

Thomas Bunn b-1765 England married Phoebe Sinclair Metis b-1792 likely North West.

Jonathan Carvier is on the Mississippi by way of Lake Michigan.

(I)-Matthew Cocking (Cochin) (1743-1799) joined HBC (1765-1782) abandoned wives and children; but did leave money. 
1st married Le-lo-es-com
    (II)-Betsy Cocking Metis aka Ke-che-cow-e-coot (alias Wee-misti-goos) Married 1st (I)-Thomas Stayer (1770-1827), 2nd (I)-John Pocock Holmes (1783-1858)
2nd marriage Ke-che-cho-wick
    (II)-Mary (Agathas) Budd Cocking Metis aka Wash-e-soo-E'Squew (1780-1828) married Budd a Muskego Cree
3rd marriage A-pis-ta-Squa-sish
    (II)-Mary (Agathas) Cocking Metis aka Mith-coo-coo-man-E'Squew (1782-1853) married (I)-William Hemmings Cook

Mackinac?, marriage (V)-Gabriel Cote born June 12, 1742 Kamouraska, Quebec, son (IV)-Nicolas Cote and (IV)-Marie Claude Levasseur born 1721; married to Agathe Roy Desjardins.

(I)-Jenkins (Jenkin) Daniel (1740-1825) employed HBC (1765-1825) at Albany, married an Indian Woman
    (II)-John Daniel Metis b-1776 married Jane Metis b-1778
    (II)-Griffiths Danial Metis (1783/90-1869) married 1809, 1st Indian woman, married 1833, 2nd Margaret, married 1840 Madeleine McKay
    (II)-Jacob Daniel Metis (1792-1870+) married Margaret Goodwin (1795-1881) 

John Sen (Johnson) Daniel, Metis, born North West, census 1835 Red River.  Possible son (I)-Jenkins Daniel and native woman at Albany.

Benjamin Frobisher (1742-1787) and Joseph Frobisher (1740-1810) sent an expedition that departed Fort Michilimackinac for the interior but were stopped at Rainy Lake where the Indians plundered their trade goods and turned them back. 

(I)-Andrew Graham (1733-1815) ia again working York Factory (1765-1766) & (1771-1772)

Alexis Laverdure, b-1765, Pembina, Red River, died April 16, 1850, Pembina, Red River married about 1814 Angelique Montour, Metis, b-1800. 

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Pierre Baron Lupien to Marie Anne Reaume born 1745 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) daughter Hyacinthe Reaume (1704-1774) and Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778).

Richard McCarty arrived Cahokia (St. Louis, Illinois) shortly after the British possession and obtained a 400 acre plot of land.  He built a grist mill and cabins for his laborers.  This would suggest settlers were already in the area.  He named a small outpost St. Ursele (east St. Louis, Illinois) after his Canadian wife.

Josephine Makateikwe (Black Woman) born 1765 likely Lake Superior died January 4, 1843 La Pointe, Wisconsin.

(I)-Rene Mervillon b-1717 married May 13, 1765 Montreal, Marguerite Panis, a slave of Gamelin.

Joseph Ouellette Sr, b-1765, married about 1789, Red River des Metis, Angelelique an Assiniboine, b-1773 

(I)-William Pink joined HBC this year at York Factory and journeyed inland four times, returning to England in 1770.

Peter Pond (1740-1802/07), son Peter Pond and Mary Hubbard of Connecticut are at a peace council at British Fort Detroit (Michigan) with 11 Dakota chiefs.

Marriage Jean Marie Raimbault to Marie Louise Testard (1721-1799) daughter Jacques Testard sieur de Montigny (1662-1737) and Marie Anne Laporte de Louvigny (1696-1763).

Juan Maria Rivera, Spanish expedition on his 3rd venture leads a Spanish expedition into San Juan, Colorado and the Sangre Decristo Mountains in search of gold and silver.  They pressed on to northern Utah and Idaho.  His trail from Santa Fe to Utah became known as the 'Old Spanish Trail'.  Some believe he is the first to cross the Rocky Mountains from east to west.

Vincentius (Vincent) Roi born 1765 died September 12, 1845 La Pointe, Wisconsin.

Blanc Tesar b-1765 Canada, living 1850 census Sault Ste. Marie, Wisconsin, listed as camping.

(I)-Thomas Thomas b-1765 England married Sarah Indian b-1786 North West Territories.

Fredericus Kitchi-Weshki (Great First One) or Chief Great Buffalo of LaPointe, principle Chief of the Ojibwa (Chippewas) of Lake Superior born 1765 died September 7, 1855 LaPointe, Wisconsin.

Henry Woodward, an Englishman, is on the Ocmulgee and Chattahoochee Rivers and encountered the Creeks People.

The following voyagers are recorded at Mackinac this year in the birth, death and marriage records:  Jean Baptiste Charles Chaboyer, and Etienne Champion (Campion)

Marie Louise Beaupre b-1744 is kidnapped at St. Sulpice about 1760 by the Ojibwa of Sault Ste Marie.   She would marry a young Ojibwa Indian and have two children.  One of these Metis children would become the grandmother of the famous Father Albert Lacombe (1827-1916).  One of her uncles, a trader, in 1765 near Sault Ste Marie recognized his niece and returned her to St. Sulpice.   In 1767 she married Pierre Duhamel, who raised the two Metis children as their own.

Reports say that some Ojibwa are pillaging canoes on their way to Lake Winnipeg during the 1765-1766 season.  Despite this obstacle, the French had re-established most of their old trading posts.   Captain Mekiss and his Ojibwa clan killed several Montreal pedlars, telling Humphrey Marten at Fort Albany:  They will not suffer their Country to be stole from them.

No person is to go into the countries lying North West of British Fort Detroit (Michigan), unless furnished with a license from a military commander.  The exclusive rights are given to British Fort Michilimackimac and Alexander Henry (1739-1824) the elder.  Traders are required to take their furs to the post where they received their license.  Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) of New Jersey is appointed Captain of western trade with headquarters at Mackinac.  He had enter into partnership with (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803), gaining a three year right to Lake Superior trade.  They established a trading post called Fort St Joseph on the south banks of the Sault Ste Marie River, opposite the southern end of St. Joseph Island.  

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte (1723-1803) assembled a large party of traders at Sault Ste Marie.  Included are Metis, Coureurs des Bois, trappers and a few Iroquois.  He intends to conduct an expedition to Fond du Lac.  Included among the traders Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) are Reyaulm's men, Pickette, Roberts, Bell and their men.  The expedition numbered some sixty men.  Younger brother (IV)-Michel Cadotte (1764-1837) also conducted a party for his own account.  They noted meeting two traders, one called (John Dougal ?) Cameron at Prairie Portage, Red River.  The women and children of the party wintered at Fond du Lac so as not to encumber the expedition.  The party had built a fort to protect their families, leaving Rasle the Coureurs des Bois at the Fort.  Bowitigowinin of Sault Ste Marie with the Cadotte expedition settled at Red Lake to raise his family.  Some contend this is the beginning of the distinction between the Red Lake Ojibwa Clan and the Pillager clan.

The British troops built Fort St. Joseph opposite the southern end of St. Joseph Island at the outlet of Sault Ste Marie.

Alexander Henry the elder.(1739-1824) as a partner of (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte the elder (1723-1803) is appointed Captain of the western trading posts, with headquarters at Michilimackinac.  Alexander Henry the elder.(1739-1824) is recorded to have built a house on the mainland at La Pointe or La Grand Pointe, Wisconsin.  He recorded that the French Fort on the Island is called Pointe du St. Esprit.  Alexander Henry the elder.(1739-1824) totally ignored the presence of (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) in his diary, but noted that at Chagouemig (Grand Pointe) there are 50 lodges of Ojibwa, and that 50 families had accompanied him from Sault Ste Marie.  He noted the Ojibwa went on their hunt for 100 leagues.  He sent his unnamed clerk to Fond du Lac (Superior, Wisconsin).  He noted the true name of Chagouemig is O'Chibbuoy.  He noted that on the Island (Madelaine Island) was a former French trading post, which was much frequented, and a large Ojibwa village.

Louis Primo (Primeau), a French Canadian, having wintered since 1759 in the prairies, visited York Factory and described the hardships encountered.  The Canadian Louis Primeau took (II)-Isaac Batt Metis d-1791, employed by HBC (1754-1775), into the interior from York.  Both men would later desert the Hudson Bay Company.

Some known Metis agricultural settlements at this time include:  Fort Vincennes, Knox, Indiana, Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, St. Genevieve, Missouri, Fort de Chartres, Missouri and Prairie de Chein, Wisconsin, among others.

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte a Metis (1723-1803) and his partner Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) wintered among the Indians of Lake Superior, likely at La Pointe.  

Two Frenchmen, a Louis Primo and Jean Baptiste Larlee went to Fort York for employment being tired of living among the savages.  About the same time Mr Osbester and John Patterson departed Hudson Bay Company for service among the savages.  Other suggest Larlee joined HBC June 1759, maybe this is the year of Osbester and Patterson defection?

The first reported group of Canadian exiled Acadians arrived Louisiana, New Spain.

The British occupied Cahokia on the Mississippi River

A summary of the Illinois Country's population lists white men able to bear arms at 700, white women 500, white children 850, negroes of both sexes 900 and Indians able to bear arms 650.  It is very unlikely those listed are white, more likely Metis.

The Hudson Bay Company from 1765 to 1772 from Marble Island conducted a whaling venture.  It was abandoned for nearly a century.

January 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Charles Dominique Janson dit Lapalme born October 29, 1733 Quebec son (II)-Charles Janson dit Lapaime b-1702 and (II)-Marie Genevieve Filiau b-1702; 1st marriage (III)-Marie Anne Bineau b-1747; 2nd marriage Jeanne Gendron. 

January 7:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Ouellet born November 3, 1737 son (III)-Jean Ouellet and (IV)-Marie Genevieve Tardif;  married (II)-Jeanne Patel. 

January 7:  Fort Detroit, marriage Jean Baptiste Ouellet to (II)-Jeanne Putelle daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Putelle (1717-1752) and (III)-Madeleine Bouron b-1722, veuve January 8, 1755 Fort Detroit Francois Tailbandier.

January 8:   Kaskaskias, Illinois, marriage Paul Trottier Bellecour born May 15, 1736 Batiscan, son Francois Marie Trottier Bellecour and Marie Francoise Mercereau; married Marie St Gemme Beauvais daughter Jean Baptiste St Gemme Beauvais and Marie Louise Lacroix. 

January 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jacques Fauvel died June 29, 1766 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Joseph Amable Fauvel dit Bigras and (II)-Marie Charlotte Dufour born 1739

February 2:  Fort Detroit, death Marguerite Viau of Longueuil daughter who was married February 14, 1724 Longueuil to (II)-Jacques Pilet born June 13, 1703 son  Jean Baptiste Pilet b-1709

February 2:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Augustin Chaboille born 1739 son (II)-Charles Chaboille; married (II)-Marie Joseph Chadoton daughter (I)-Jean Chadoton.

February 3: Kaskakia (Illinois) death Marie Charles LaLande Metis daughter Jacques Lelande; married to Pierre Aubuchon

February 9:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth,  (IV)-Marie Catherine Meloche, daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Meloche b-1741 and (V)-Marie Louise Robert; married February 26, 1783 Fort Detroit Louis Alexis Chapoton.

February 11:  Fort Detroit, marriage (IV)-Jean Baptiste Pare son (III)-Ignace Pare b-1702 and (III)-Agnes Racine b-1701; married (VI)-Marie Francoise Pelletier b-1749, died October 16, 1793 Detroit.

February 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Louis Greffard ne a St. Francois du Sud son (III)-Louis Greffard (1713-1756) and (III)-Catherine Garand d-1748; married (III)-Marguerite Casse daughter (II)-Pierre Casse (1709-1794) and (II)-Marguerite Fourneau (1711-1791.

February 18:   Lachine, Quebec marriage (III)-Jacques Lacelle et Laselle maitre-menuisier; en 1775 il etait negociant aux Miamis (registres du British Fort Detroit (Michigan), March 1, 1775) il etait, the April 6, 1775 British Fort Detroit (Michigan); b-1755 died August 14, 1791 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (II)-Jacques Lacelle b-1701 and (II)-Marie Anne Lalande b-1701; married (III)-Therese Berthelet dit Savoyard daughter (II)-Francois Berthelet. 

February 22:    British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Angelique Douaire de Bondy died July 8, 1765 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter  (IV)-Joseph Douaire de Bondy, and (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin born 1741.

March 4:  Detroit, birth (III)-Robert Navarre son (II)-Robert Navarre, Metis, b-1739 and (III)-Marie Louise DeMarsac, b-1744; 

March 27:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Noel Elienne Chauvin died March 29, 1765 son (II)-Noel Chauvin born 1732 and (III)-Jeanne Meloche born 1742.

April 6:   Makinac, brrth (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois son (III)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (died before 1777), voyager and (II)-Angelique Sejourne dit Sanschagrin.

April 15:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Joseph Maillou (Mailloux) born January 28, 1725 Beauport, Quebec died December 10, 1778 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Pierre Maillou Desruisseaux born 1693 and (III)-Louise Vachon (1696-1749); married (IV)-Therese Leduc born 1736 daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Leduc born 1684 and Marie Catherine Descary (Cary), (1696-1761).

April 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Therese Godet died May 26, 1765 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (IV)-Francois Godet b-1720 and (III)-Jeanne Parant b-1739. 

April 18:  Detroit, birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Lauzon son (IV)-Jacques Lauzon b-1737 and (II)-Marie Anne Casse.

April 27:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Charles Bouron alias Huron son (II)-Joseph Bouron born 1722 and (IV)-Marguerite Reaume born 1725, see marriage January 7, 1756 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

April 30:  Some of the first Acadians, called Cajuns by the English, to settle in Louisiana are as follows:


Joseph Arceneau
Pierre Arceneau
Charles Babineau
Augustin Bergeron
Jean Baptiste Bergeron
Jean Boudro
Joseph Bourgeous
Alexandre Brossard
Anselme Brossard
Jean Baptiste Brossard
Jean Baptiste Carrier
Victor Cormiers
Michel Doucet
Joseph Guilbeau
Joseph Guidry
Simon LeBlanc
Jean Lemere
Ambroise Martin
Claude Martin
Gregoire Pellerin
Michel Poirier
Abraham Roy
Pierre Suret
Louis Thibodeau
Oliver Thibodeau
Paul Thibodeau

May:   Captain Howard of Mackinac sent (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) to Sault Ste. Marie with a wampum belt to show all the Indians that they should come to St. Mary's and to acquaint them with the news of the peace which William Johnson had recently negotiated with the Shawnees and Delaware.  

May 1:  Fort Detroit, death (III)-Marie Joseph Marcheteau born September 7, 1735 Laprairie, daughter (II)-Laurent Marcheteau (1704-1737) and (III)-Catherine Roy b-1707; epouse February 8, 1740, Montreal,  Hubert Robin. 

May 9:   Detroit, birth  (IV)-Jean Baptiste Tremblay son  (III)-Ambroise Trembley and  (IV)-Marguerite Simard b-1726, epouse November 23, 1767 Detroit Charles Moran.

May 22:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth (V)-Cecile Lauzon daughter (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon (1727-1770) and (III)-Angelique Chevalier b-1733: married March 3, 1783 Detroit Jacques Belle Perche.

May 30:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Gabriel Mesny, died July 30, 1765 Fort Detroit son (II)-Antoine Mesny (1712-1794) and (II)-Jeanne Seguin Laderoute b-1724.

June:   (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) is back at Mackinac with eighty canoes of Ojibwa from Lake Superior.  Captain Howard wrote Johnson on June 24, acknowledging that all those Indians are guided by Mr. Caddot.  Permission is given by Captain Howard to (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803), to trade to La Pointe.  Cadotte would remain in the English employ until at least 1769.

June 2:  Detroit, birth (V)-Jean Baptiste Leduc son (IV)-Philippe Leduc b-1735 Detroit and Marie Joseph Pelletier b-1745.

June 3: (IV)-Theophile Lemay who arrived November 24, 1764 Detroit married this date Desanges Pelletier.

April 15:  Fort Detroit, marriage (IV)-Joseph Maillou born January 28, 1725 Beauport, Quebec, died December 10, 1778 Fort Detroit, son (III)-Pierre Maillou b-1693 and (III)-Louise Vachon (1696-1749) (Appelle Desruisseaux 1732) married (IV)-Therese Leduc b-1736 daughter (III)-Jean Leduc.

April 20:   Mackinac, baptism of Jean Baptiste Georges Cauchois son Jean Baptiste Cauchois and Angelique Sejourne..

April 23:   Lac des deux Montagnes birth (III)-Marie Charlotte Hery Metis death July 28, 1765 daughter (II)-Louis Hery (Duplanty-Kil8abe) born July 16, 1711 son (I)-Jacques Hery (1664-1746) and (II)-Jeanne Vanier b-1685; married Marie Anastasie Missalim8k8e of the Sauteux Nation.

May 9:  Fort Detroit, birth, (II)-Veronique Legrand daughter (II)-Gabriel Christophe Legrand de Sintre and (V)-Veronique Reaume b-1748.

June 13:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Antoine La Fortune, Metis, born January 23, 1765 on the Mississippi River above the mouth Ouisconsis, son Antoine la Fontune and Charles Outoukis his wife. 

June 27:   (I)-Matthew Cocking aka Cochin, Cockan, Cockings, Coggins and Goggins, employed HBC (1765-1782), departed York Factory up the Saskatchewan River and reported seeing old Franceway's House (built 1761) and old Finley House (established 1760).  

June 29:   Mackinac baptism a Marie Charlotte de la Pointe Claire born June 2, 1765, daughter Pierre Claire and Catherine a slave of Alexis (Alexander)  Sejourne alias Sans Chagrin, voyager.  Catherine declared the father as being Pierre de la Pointe Claire.

June 30:  Michilimackinac, baptism, (V)-Antoine LeTellier, Metis, born January 23, 1765 Mississippi, son (IV)- Antoine LeTellier et Tellier dit La Fortune, Metis b-1733 and Charlotte Mi-Gauanon-Jean Auetaukis (Migsanonjean) (8et8kis) sauvagesse.  

July 1:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Jean Baptiste Kinonchame, born February 1763, son Hyppolite Kinonchame and widow of Kinonchame.

July 3:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Francois La Fontune, Metis, born January 1, 1767 on La Grande River, son Rene La Fortune and Savage called Maccatemicoueone daughter Missoussicone.

July 3:  Michillimackinac, baptism (V)-Francois Letellier, Metis, born January 1, 1764 son (IV)-Rene Francois Letellier, Metis and Macatemic8c8e, sauvagesse.

July 26:   (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (Cadotte) (1723-1803) went to La Pointe (Wisconsin) with his French Metis voyageurs.  He reported that the Indians had not been visited by traders for so long, they had to resort to aborigine conditions.  It is noteworthy that the Ojibwa had less reliance on European trade goods and likely traded these goods for niceties from other tribes.  Therefore, this is not a good indicator of trading activity.  Their pay is 100 pound's of beaver skin per year per man, plus 'Found'.  Found is one bushel of corn and two pounds of fat per month.  Fifty lodges existed at La Pointe (Madeleine Island, Wisconsin).  Cadot obtained 150,000 pounds (150 packs) of beaver skin, 25 packs of marten, and other skins from La Pointe Wisconsin.  The English established Middle Fort near Fort La Pointe (Madeleine Island, Wisconsin) with a detachment of 50 soldiers, with an objective to destroy the Cadot La Pointe trading center.

August 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Genevieve Comparet daughter (II)-Francois Comparet and (IV)-Marie Judith Tremblay (1738-1768); married December 13, 1784 British Fort Detroit (Michigan) Francois Auclair.

August 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Pierre Parent, a voyager, son Pierre Parant; married (III)-Jeanne Suzanne Casse died August 24, 1771 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Noel Casse and (II)-Suzanne Esteve; epouse April 15, 1771 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Amable Latour of Fort Detroit.

August 16:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Pierre Meloche, died August 17, 1765 Fort Detroit son  (III)-Pierre Meloche b-1733 and (II)-Marie Catherine Guignard dit St. Etienne.

August 22:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Cecile daughter (IV)-Jean Baptiste Campeau born 1737 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) and Catherine Boyer; married September 30, 1782 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Joseph Cadot.

September 4:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Francois Dubreuil born 1764 son (III)-Jean Baptiste Dubreuil and (III)-Catherine Drouillard.

September 4/17:  Fort Detroit, birth/death, (II)-Joseph Vallee dit Versailles, son (I)-Jean Vallee dit Versailles, and (III)-Marie Elisabeth Drouillard b-1740, epouse 1767 Pierre Desnoyers, daughter (II)-Jean Drouillard.

September 11:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Pierre Hay son (I)-Pierre Hay and Marie Julie Reaume b1749, died March 23, 1795 British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

September 22:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Jacques Philippe DesComps died August 23, 1765 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (II)- Antoine Louis DesComps dit Labadie-Bodichon (1767) and (IV)-Angelique Campeau ( 1742 -1767).

September 30:  Fort Detroit, birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Pouget son (III)-Joseph Gabriel Pouget b-1728 and (III)-Francoise Belleperche.

October 2:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Bienvenu son (II)-Alexis Bienvenu and (IV)-Marie Anne Campeau born 1745, see parent marriage 1763.

October 4:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Dupuis son  (IV)- Charles Dupuis dit Moise (1728-1767) and (III)-Catherine Casse.

October 10:  The Illinois Country was surrendered to the English.

October 22:   Au Bout de I'IIe, Montreal, birth Joseph Lalonde Metis son Jean Baptiste Lalonde and Cecile Hery en sauvage (Kil8abe).

October 27:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Louise Boyer daughter (III)-Ignace Boyer (1721-1784) and (IV)-Angelique Pepin dit Descardonnets.

November 17:   Kaskaskias, Illinois, birth Jean Baptiste Desruisseaux son  Paul Trottier Bellecour b-1736 Batiscan, and Marie St Gemme Beauvais. 

December 14:  Fort Detroit, birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Pare, died September 27, 1783 Fort Detroit son (IV)-Jean Baptiste Pare and (VI)-Marie Francoise Pelletier (1749-1793).

December 15/17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Jean Louise Desnoyers son (II)-Pierre Desnoyer born 1721 and (IV)-Marie Louise Leduc (1734-1766).




The exploration of the Mississippi Valley this year included Peter Pond, Benjamin Frobisher,  Jean Baptiste Cadotte (Metis scout), his partner, Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824),  James S. Goddard, William Bruce, Jonathan Carver an Englishman, Charles Boyer (scout) Franceways (LeBlanc) (scout) and Captain James Tute.  Source "First Exploration of the Mississippi Valley in 1766", as provided by Dan LeBlanc.  It is not clear if this is one coordinated exploration or if it was just those known to be exploring the Mississippi this year.  Jonathan Carver wintered on the Wisconsin River with the Sauks.  Jonathan Carver visited the Fox village and called it 'Dog Plain' but it was later named Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin).  The People considered this neutral ground even in times of war.

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte, Metis, Sr. (1723-1803) and his partner Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) had to this point in time brought down from Fond Du Lac 1,500 lbs furs.

The Indians of Henley House complained that the the Peddlers (Pedlers) are forcibly seizing their furs.  This would appear as an excuse as another report says that, one by one, the Indians transferred their loyalty to those damned Pedlers (Metis).

David Bostwick, Ojibwa Metis, b-1766 Lake Superior, listed March 28, 1836 treaty.

Paul Boucher born 1766 North West, census 1835 Red River. Possible error- see 1779.

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) put up a supply of maple sugar at La Pointe and fifty canoes of fur.  Marie Anastasie Nipissing died this winter and her husband (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) married Marie Mouet shortly thereafter.

William Hemmings Cook b-1766 England married 1st Kahnawpawama Indian b-1769, 2nd marriage Mary Metis b-1790, 3rd marriage (III)-Mary Cocking, Metis, (1782-1853) daughter (I)-Matthew Cocking (1743-1799) and A-pis-ta-Squa-sish, Indian,  4th marriage Mary Cocking b-1780 of European nature.

Benjamin Frobisher (1742-1787) and Joseph Frobisher (1740-1810) sent a second expedition that departed Fort Michilimackinac for the interior but were again stopped at Rainy Lake where the Indians again plundered their trade goods and turned them back.   Others suggest this happened in 1769.

Samuel Hearne (1745-1792) joined the Hudson Bay Company as mate on the little sloop Churchill and engaged in the northern whaling trade.  He is later assigned to search for the western passage, by river or sea.  His first two attempts ended in failure as he was bullied, robbed and deserted by his native guides- or so he claims.  

Thomas Hutchin's b-1790 a surgeon, worked York (1766-1773)

 (I)-John Kipling Sr., a bigamist b-1724 England, died November 23, 1794 Fort Albany, Joined HBC (1766-1794) Albany, He married 1st. Hannah Healey 1762 England, she died 1804, a sister (I)-Mathew Truthwaite (1753-1793); his 2nd wife 1773 a country women Marguerite Oknese, a Native woman and his 3rd wife 1787, Nancy a Native Baywife (1778-1840/43)
               (II)-George Kipling, Metis, b-1780, son Marguerite Oknese, a Native woman; 
               (II)-John (James) Kipling, Jr. aka aka (John Ram or Ram John)  Metis, (1774/81-1825 or after 1849) born Albany son Oknese, joined HBC (1798-1821)  married Nancy Saulteuse (1778-1840/43)
               (II)-Margaret Kipling, Metis, (1790-1870) married December 18, 1827, Red River, John Lyons, (1780-1875) son Benjamin? Lyons..
                (II)-Thomas dit Pishk Kipling, Metis, b-1792, died 1829/1831, son Nancy a Native; married 1809 most likely Red River des Metis, Marguerite dit Plouffe Villebrune, Metis b-1805, died after 1850,  daughter Louis Villebrun and Marie Anne Collet. 
                (II)-Thomas Kipling, Metis, (1792-1836). son Oknese; Thomas married Nancy Indian b-1800 USA.  This Thomas is a half brother to (II)-Thomas dit Pishk Kipling, Metis, (1792-1829/31).  Source Michel Keplin.

Francois Lalonde b-1766 Canada married Josephte Marlot b-1770 most likely North West.

William Pink employed HBC (1765-1770) made four trips into the country between 1766 and 1770, his accounts being notable for leaving the first good account of the workings of a bison pound. In his trip of 1768–9 he appears to have wintered somewhere between modern Vegreville and the Beaver Hills

Peter Pond (1740-1802/07) is trading 1766 to 1773 near the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Charles Racette b-1766 North West Territories married about 1802, Josephte (Francoise) Sauteuse a Chippewa Native b-1780, North West Territories.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Joseph Reaume (1739-1796) son Hyacinthe Reaume (1704-1774) and Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778): married 1766 Marie Charlotte Levasseur Carmel:  Their children, all born in British Fort Detroit (Michigan), are:  Agathe, Charlotte, Joseph, Jeanne, Nicolas, Pascal, Antoine, Louise, Therese, Ann and Julie.

Marques de Robl and Nicolas de Lafora of Spain are in Northern Mexico and Texas (1766 to 1768).

Vincent Roi born 1766 likely Lake Superior married August 4, 1839 La Pointe, Wisconsin Josepha Ogiwens born 1768 likely La Pointe, Wisconsin.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), baptism, Jean Roy son Jean Baptiste Roy and Jeanne Prudhomme.

Jean Baptiste St. Cyr b-1766 Canada married Julie Mercredi Metis b-1790 most likely North West.

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) learns of a battle between 400 Ojibwa and 600 Dakota, and the Ojibwa reported losing 35 warriors.  This appears to be a continuation of the war instigated by Joseph Leverendrye: the French Commander at Lapointe.

The Metis trader (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) from Sault Ste Marie, who was the only one who held his fort during the Pontiac war, Alexander Henry (1739-1824) the elder, (I)-James Finlay and Peter Pond (1740-1807) went into the Saskatchewan and Athabasca country to establish contact with the Chipewyan, Red Knives, Dog Rib, Caribous and Stone people.  They participated in opening up a trading territory to Athabasca country which covered a territory equivalent to Western Europe and is the most lucrative fur farm in America.  From a European perspective it was a no mans land, waiting for the taking.  

There are five trading forts at Red River (Manitoba): a nine-man party headed by an Englishman and a seventeen-man party headed by a Frenchman, and on the Assiniboine there were three French parties.  These trading parties were probably free traders.  One group was headed by Franceway alias Saswee also Francois Le Blonc (Blanc), whom Walter Cocking described as an ignorant Frenchman born about 1712, and who has been free trading from 1742 to 1772 in the North West.  He was very active on the Saskatchewan River during the period 1768 to 1776 and was most likely on the Saskatchewan earlier, his post on the Saskatchewan River was considered old by (I)-Matthew Cocking (1743-1788) in 1765 when he observed it..

(I)-Andrew Graham (1733-1815) (H.B.C. service 1749-1775) a sloop master's servant of the Hudson Bay Company at Fort York, is uneasily aware of the expanding Montreal competition, especially Francois whom the natives called Saswee.  Hudson Bay Company trade fell nearly fifty percent this year, and the placid English slowly began to wake up to this changing reality.  Four men were sent out to winter with and encourage the Indians to trade with the Hudson Bay Company.  Edward Lutit wintered with the Assiniboine; James Allen wintered near the Saskatchewan forks; (I)-William Pink hunted bison (buffalo) west of the south branch of the Saskatchewan; and (II)-Isaac Batt Metis d-1791 wintered near Fort Pasuia.  (I)-William Pink said he saw no Frenchmen but heard that (II)-Isaac Batt Metis d-1791, Edward Lutit, James Allen and James Dearing are living among the Indians.

Nancy Hallet, b-1766, died February 1, 1831 daughter Henry Hallet and Catherine Cree; married (II)-Thomas Jonathan Fidler Sr., Metis, born June 20, 1795 York Factory, died March 1, 1875 son (I)-Peter Fidler Sr. b-1769 England, died December 17, 1822 Fort Dauphin, Swan River District (Manitoba) and married 1794 York Factory N.W.T. Mary Swampy Cree.

(I)-William Pink of York Factory traveled the Saskatchewan, reporting that (II)-Isaac Batt Metis (d-1791), Edward Lutit, James Allen and James Dearing are living among the Indians.  (I)-William Pink encountered 16 tents of Pw Sym a Wock, a.k.a. Syn Na Poits People, with a great many horses.  They said they couldn't paddle a canoe.

The Hudson Bay Company, from 1754 to 1775, employs (II)-Isaac Batt born Ruperts Island, Metis (d-1791).  He married a Cree Woman this year or earlier in N.W.T and later deserted the H.B.C.
    (III)-unnamed child died at birth
    (III)-Nistichio (Nestichio) Batt, Metis b-1768 N.W.T, died 1829; married 1780, James Bay to (I)-James Andrew Spense, b-1754
    (III)-Isaaac Batt Metis (1742-1819)

Samuel Hearne (1745-1792) reported that (II)-Isaac Batt's Metis (d-1791) Cree Indian wife, having lost an infant, is forced to suckle a young bear.  

Forrest Oakes of Mackinac, guided by the Canadians, went to Rainy Lake, trading with the Indians of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.  Forrest Oakes would continue to trade this area until 1768.

Gustavus Vassa from the Igbo Region of Nigeria, a slave who worked the Barbados, Virginia and England, bought his freedom this year.

York Factory has an inventory of 2,474 gallons of brandy.

Fort Stanwix, New York is built this year.

Jonathan Carver noted:  It is not uncommon to see a Frenchman with Indian shoes and stockings, without breeches, wearing a strip of woolen cloth to cover what decency requires him to conceal.  Yet at the same time he wears a fine ruffled shirt, a laced waistcoat with a fine handkerchief on his head.  The Metis faction at Fort Detroit, Michigan was still distinctive by 1820 with blue pantaloons, capot and fiddle, leggings, red finger-woven sash, moccasins, hair feathers and taboos.

It is estimated that the Viceroyalty of New Spain, Louisiana Territory, contains some 7.500 people excluding Natives.  The Majority are Cajuns followed by Metis.

Fort La Reine is occupied this year.

January 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Claude Thomas Reaume, born August 7, 1743 son (III)-Pierre Reaume (1709-1766) and (III)-Suzanne Hubert b-1709; married to (III)-Genevieve Pierre Janis, born February 10, 1751 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) daughter (II)-Nicolas Francois Janis b-1720 and (II)-Therese Meloche b-1732.

January 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Francois Drouillard son (II)-Jean Baptiste Drouillard born 1707 and (III)-Elisabeth Rapin born 1712; married (II)-Marie Anne Vilers daughter (I)-Louis Vilers. 

January 30:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Claude LeBlond born June 12, 1739 Quebec son (II)-Francois LeBlond (1707-1752) and (IV)-Catherine Baugis b-1714; married (IV)-Cecile Campeau born December 17, 1747 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) daughter (III)-Nicolas Campeau (1710-1756) and (II)-Agathe Casse (1716-1808).

February 3:  Fort Detroit, marriage (V)-Amable Judith Prudhomme born July 28, 1749 Lachine son (IV)-Francois Xavier Prudhomme b-1711 and (IV)-Judith Cuillerier b-1724 living Fort Detroit; married Etienne Laviolette.

February 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jacques Campeau son (IV)-Jacques Campeau born 1735 and (II)-Catherine Menard born 1739.

February 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Duprat living le Coulee des Renards near British Fort Detroit (Michigan), born May 23, 1735 Beauport, Quebec son (III)-Jean Baptiste Marie Duprat (1709-1762) and (II)-Genevieve Delage born 1711; married (III)-Agnes Tremblay born 1749 daughter (II)-Pierre Tremblay.  

January 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Anonyme Greffard child (IV)-Louis Greffard and (III)-Marguerite Casse.

January 30:  Detroit, marriage (III)-Claude Leblond, born June 12, 1739, Quebec son (II)-Francois Lablond (1707-1752) and Catherine Baugis, b-1714; married Cecile Campeau.

February 3:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage (IV)-Etienne La Violette, born February 20, 1736, Levis son (III)-Jacques La Violette (1689-1763) and (II)-Marie Anne Soreux dit Deslauriers (1696-1758); married (V)-Judith Prudhomme, b-1749

February 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Cecile Aide-Crequy born this year daughter (III)Jean Baptiste and Marie Madeleine Gatignon Duchesne see 1763, she later married George Cotterell.

February 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Henri Marten Chapoton died March 5, 1766 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (II)-Jean Baptiste Chapoton born 1721 and (III)-Felicite Cesire born 1737.

March 3:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Genevieve Gonzague dit Pigeon daughter (II)-Hyacinthe de Gonzague  and (III)-Marie Anne Pilet born 1748 daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Pilet. 

March 6:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Therese Boyer (posthume) daughter (III)-Pierre Boyer (1707-1765) and Marie Anne Louise Pepin.

March 6:    British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Veronique Douaire de Bondy daughter (IV)-Joseph Douaire de Bondy, and (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin born 1741; married Bernard Campeau.

March 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Louise Courtois daughter (IV)-Charles Denis Courtois dit Marin born 1744 and (III)-Catherine St Cosme born 1749.

March 9:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Catherine Couture (Goneau et Gouneau dit Lacouture) died March 24, 1794 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (IV)-Jean Baptiste Couture (Goneau et Gouneau dit Lacouture) born 1735 and (IV)-Marie Campeau born 1742; married January 8, 1781 British Fort Detroit (Michigan) Gabriel Godfroy..

March 22:   Fort Detroit, Canada (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jacques Morand, died March 25, 1766 Fort Detroit, son (III)-Claude Charles Morand (1722-1775) and (III)-Marie Anne Belleperche (1734-1794).

March 25:  Detroit, death (I)-Schmit b-1726 from Maryland de la Lorraine Allemande. 

April 6:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (V)-Anonyme Campeau child (IV)-Alexis Campeay (1737-1782) and (V)-Madeline Dumays (1745-1795).

April 8:  Detroit, marriage Joseph Hunaut to (V)-Marie Joseph Robert, daughter (IV)-Antoine Robert et Boucher (1765) b-1713 and (II)-Marie Louise Becquemont b-1727.

April 12:  Lac Des Deux Montagnas, birth, (II)-Marie Clotilde Raizenne, Metis, (nun) soeur grise, daughter (I)-Ignace Raizenne and (II)-Elisabeth Stern, en sauvage Touatogowach (see Faillon), daughter (I)-Jean Stern.

April 15:   Kaskaskia, Illinois, baptism Marie Josephe Beauvais, slave, born here in February, 1766 daughter  De Joseph Beauvais and de Therese Esclaves, negres slave of  sieur Raphail Beauvais.  Par. Antoine de Quindre; married  Marie Louise Despines Lemoine.  L. Meurin Beauvais Ondoyee (baptised privately) at birth.  Parents : Antoine de Quindre, and Marie Therese Lemoine Despins.  L. Meurin, cure.

April 15:   Kaskaskia, Illinois, baptism Theresa Beauvais slave, born here in January 1766 daughter Francois Beauvis and Marie, esclave (slave) sieur Raphael Beauvais.

April 20:  Fort Detroit, birth (V)-Jean Baptiste Reaume, son (IV)-Jean Baptiste Reaume b-1741 and (III)-Agathe Barrois b-1735.

May 13:  Detroit, birth (IV)-Therese Tremblay, born May 13, 1766 Detroit, daughter (III)-Augustus Tremblay (1710-1795) and (IV)-Marie Judith Laforest b-1723; married September 17, 1781 Detroit Gregoire Loyer Desnoyers.

May 28:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), baptism, (II)-Therese Brillant dit Lapierre, Metis, born May 3, 1766 on the Saginaw River, where her parents were wintering, daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Brillant dit Lapierre (dit Beaulieu) and Francoise Itagisse Chretienne Sauteuse (Ojibwa).  Source Tanguay.

June:   (I)-Andrew Graham (1733-1815), a clerk with no formal education, is acting factor at York.  He noted that the Indians are not trading marten or coat beaver, as these had been traded to the English peddlers inland on the Saskatchewan. He sent out six men for the interior on separate expeditions to assess the situation.

June 6:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Suzanne Landry daughter (IV)-Firmin Landry dit Charlot b-1735 and Marguerite Siouse d-1773 (see parents marriage 1771).

June 6:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Louis Joseph Brunet dit Letang (dit Belhumeur) born February 15, 1738 son (III)-Louis Brunet dit Letang (1711-1789) and (III)-Louise Parant (1708-1769);  Married Louise a Panis (slave girl), sauvagesse,  The slave girl belonging to Sieur Douville de Quindre.

June 26:  Detroit, Marriage, Louis Brunet b-1738 son Louis Brunet and Louise Parent married, Louise Pawnee Indian slave belonging to Louis Cesaire Dagneau Douville Dequindre b-1735.  Louise had three children (sons) between 1757 to 1764 likely from her owner and the first two remained in bondage while Antoine Cesaire b-May 11, 1757 was freed.

June 26:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Louis Brunet born 1738 a resident of Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) since 1757, major, son Louis Brunet, master carpenter of Ste Charles de Lachenaie and Louise Parent; married Louise Cesaire Dagneau, a Pawnee Indian, former slave of Louis Cesaire Dagneau (1704-1767)  Some suggest this was Louis Cesaire Dagneau Douville Dequindre b-1735.  Prior to being set free, Louise had three children- sons- from 1757 to 1764.  The first two children remained in bondage, while the mother obtained freedom for Antoine Cesaire, panis Indian, born May 11, 1757, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).  

July:  The English sued for peace and on July 23, 1766, the Great Indian Congress between Pontiac, forty native Chiefs and the English representative William Johnson at Fort Ontario in Oswego, settled on peace terms.  The English confirmed the right of all North American Indian tribes to claim title to the lands they occupy.  Pontiac represented the Ojibwa, Ottawa, Potawatomi and Wendat allies.  Most Natives referred to the English as Snake people who were not honorable men.  With peace established, a new tide of French and Assinipoval Metis traders built cabins and claimed land at, or near, most French Forts in the Indian Territories (Great Lakes) and the Metis Territories (Red River).  (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) assembled 1,500 beaver and 250 otter and martin, then returned to Sault Ste Marie from La Pointe (Wisconsin).  Another group of 50 canoes with 1,000 beaver follows the Cadot party.

July 8:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Joseph Toussaint Chauvin  son (II)-Charles Chauvin (1702-1772)  and (II)-Marie Anne Casse born 1710; .married February 3, 1794 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Catherine Mesny. 

July 10: Fort Detroit, birth (IV)-Pierre Seguin son (III)-Joseph Seguin dit Laderoute (1717-1795) and (IV)-Marie Therese Tremblay;

July 14:   Lac des deux Montagnes birth (III)-Marie Amable Hery Metis daughter (II)-Louis Hery (Duplanty-Kil8abe) born July 16, 1711 son (I)-Jacques Hery (1664-1746) and (II)-Jeanne Vanier b-1685; married Marie Anastasie Missalim8k8e of the Sauteux Nation.

July 19:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Louise Marguerite Genevieve Baudry dit Desbuttes daughter  (III)-Jean Baptiste Desbuttes, Baudry Desbuttes dit St. Martin (1684-1755) of La Cote south West of British Fort Detroit (Michigan), and (III)-Marie Louise Doyan (1703-1778); 1st marriage Jacques Godet, 2nd marriage Joseph Dussault.

August:  Robert Rogers (1731-1795) is assigned to command Fort Michilimackinac.  He sent James Tute, a former Ranger, to find an inland northwest passage or the Great River Ouragon (Oregon).  He was to go by way of the Saskatchewan River to the Ouragon.  This expedition stopped at Grand Portage as Rogers could not provide the funds to continue.  Jonathan Carver's expedition was to explore Wiscon and Minnesota and meet Tute at Grand Portage. 

August 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Francois Chauvin  son (II)-Noel Chauvin born 1732 and (III)-Jeanne Meloche born 1742.

August 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Elisabeth Chesne son (III)-Charles Chesne born 1732 and (II)-Marie Joseph Descomps dit Labadie born 1737.  

August:   Jonathan Carver (1710-1780) of Connecticut arrived at Mackinaw to explore the Northwest and went as far as St Paul to visit among the Dakota.  He would rely on the Metis, Coureurs des Bois and Havernant Voyagers to do all his exploration activities.  A trading party of French traders left Mackinaw to trade Kamanistigoya, thirty miles east of Grande Portage.  Thomas Curry ventured to the valley of Saskatchewan.  He entered into partnership with a (I)-James Finlay, d-1797 who persuaded him to build a trading post.

September:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), baptism, (V)-Joseph Godet son (IV)-Francois Godet alias Marantay (b-1720 and (III)-Jeanne Parent (b-1739). September baptism British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Aron Godit daughter Joseph Godit and Marie Petitte.  Marriage Fort Detroit, Joseph Godet and Jeanette Touingori.

September:   Montreal:  A petition, with 57 names of merchants, that was sent to Guy Carleton said:  We think that the trade with the Indians should be free and open, to all subjects, without exception.

September 17:   Robert Rogers, who commanded Michilimackinac, ordered the discovery of the North West Passage.  James Tute born 1738 Mass, died 1782/82,  James Stanley Goddard, Jonathan Carver (d-1780),  Andrew Stewart and William Bruce died 1781/82.   Joseph Reaume of Green Bay, Charles Gauthier de Verville b-1738, Augustin Ange, Gabriel Loring and Lorange and their Ojibwa guide, Acopewine, departed Green Bay on the quest.  They went to the Mississippi and north to the St. Anthony, and they wintered some distance up the Minnesota River.  They returned to Mackinac via Lake Superior.

September 19: Fort Detroit birth (V)-Marie Angelique Lemay daughter (IV)-Theophile Lamay and Desanges Pelletier.

September 22:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Anonyme Desnoyers child (II)-Pierre Desnoyer born 1721 and (IV)-Marie Louise Leduc (1734-1766).

September 22:  Fort Detroit, birth, (II)-Jean Marie Legrand son  (II)-Gabriel Christophe Legrand de Sintre and (V)-Veronique Reaume b-1748.

September 28:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Michel Cosme et St. Cosme, Metis, died October 17, 1766 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son  (II)-Pierre Laurent Cosme et St. Cosme born 1721 and (III)-Catherine Barrois, Metis, (1727-1790).

October 5:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Duprat died October 10, 1766 British Fort Detroit (Michigan) son (IV)-Jean Baptiste Duprat born 1735 and (III)-Agnes Tremblay born 1749.

October 11:   Fox Wisconsin portage  Jonathan Carver (1710-1780) of Connecticut, met Pinchon who talked about a man of the Menomonie Nation (Claude Pierre Pecaudy, sieur de Contrecoeur (1706-1775))??, with whom he lost a wager.   He was on his way to the Yellow River for the traders rendezvous.  He traveled along the Mississippi to the Falls of Saint Anthony (north Minneapolis St. Paul).

October 20:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Felix Metay son (II)-Joseph Metay (1735-1791) and (II)-Catherine Duflour b-1740; married October 21, 1793 Fort Detroit Catherine Lemay.

November 2:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Archange Laforest, daughter  (IV)-Guillaume Laforest b-1725 and (IV)-Marie Marguerite Tremblay (1725-1768).

November 10:   Jonathan Carver (1710-1780) of Connecticut met a band of Dakota Sioux and traveled with them up the Minnesota River to their main camp where he wintered.

November 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (III)-Marie Charlotte Gloria  born April 3, 1721 Montreal, died November 14, 1766, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Antoine Gloria: wife of (I)-Pierre Dufour dit Bonvivant born 1714.

(I)-Pierre Joly dit Sanschagrin, b-1726, died November 19, 1766 Detroit married Levis, to (III)-Elisabeth Marchand, b-1725 veuve de Jean Cadoret and veuve January 11, 1767, Levis Joseph Rousseau.

November 24: Detroit marriage (IV)-Joseph Antoinne Gamelin b-1746 son (III)-Ignace Gamelin b-1698; married to (IV)-Marie Catherine Gamelin (1744-1768) daughter (III)-Laurent Eust Gamelin d-1774 Detroit

November 24:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Ambroise Riopel to (IV)-Therese Campeau born October 27, 1774 daughter (III)-Antoine Campeau (1702-1759 and (V)-Marie Anne Pelletier.

November 24:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Joseph Antoine Gamelin born June 12, 1746 Montreal son (III)-Ignace Gamelin and (II)-Marie Louise Dufrost (1705-1789); married  (IV)-Marie Catherine Gamelin born 1744 died June 30, 1768 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (III)-Laurent Eustache (Ustache) Gamelin born 1695, negociant, died March 11, 1774, British Fort Detroit (Michigan) and (III)-Marie Joseph Dudevoir et Bonvouloir dit Lachene daughter (II)-Claude Dudevoir. 

December 15:  Detroit, birth (III)-Jacques Navarre, Metis, son (II)-Robert Navarre, Metis, b-1739 and (III)-Marie Louise DeMarsac, b-1744; 

December 25:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Catherine Fauvel daughter (III)-Joseph Amable Fauvel dit Bigras and (II)-Marie Charlotte Dufour born 1739; married November 27, 1781 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Joseph Bergeron.


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