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cytotec vs. foley catheter

In the United States, a Cytotec induction has become part of mainstream obstetric practice.

Cytotec -misoprostol- was never approved by the FDA for labor induction. As a matter of fact it was never
approved for
pregnant women at all…this is because all doctors know that there is a huge loophole in the drug approval system. (more)

Midwives Honored During

National Midwifery Week

Midwives across the country (USA) will be recognized for their contributions to women, families, and their communities during the annual National Midwifery Week, October 5-11, 2008.

During the week, midwives, nurses, physicians, and the families they care for will celebrate the contributions certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives make to the health and wellbeing of women and their families. ACNM members will also hold community events to educate the public about midwifery and to thank their communities for their support. (more)

amazing progress!

doula’s possibly covered by insurance!

DONA International is pleased to announce that a new code for doulas in the United States has been approved and defined by the National Uniform Claim Committee. This code will come into effect on October 1, 2009 for services rendered after that date. (more)

what is

A Doula?

Your birthing experience will be the most physically and emotionally charged event of your life.  A doula is a supportive presence that is at work solely for your psychological encouragement and physical assistance.  A doula brings comfort and calm.


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congratulates a friend. she is 8.5 month pregnant and did an amazing job with her first doula birth yesterday! give it up for jm!!

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