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Cute Questions To Ask A Guy (TIPS & DESCRIPTION)
For Women

Cute Questions To Ask A Guy

questions to ask a cute guy
questions to ask a cute guy

Cute Questions To Ask A Guy

It is important for any girl between the age of 18-27 years to get to know the guy who she is attracted to at the beginning of a relationship so that she can know what she is getting herself into ( Cute Questions To Ask A Guy ). For this reason, it is essential for you to have cute and interesting questions to ask him to help you understand him better as a person.

Below are some of the questions that you can ask a guy when trying to get to know him. You can use these questions to show yourself as a smart person and also to create a theme for further communication between you and this guy.

What makes you smile?

By asking a guy this question, you will be able to understand the things that make him happy so that you can know how to make him smile in future. This question also lets him know that you are interested in knowing what makes him happy.

What movies/TV shows do you prefer?

cute questions to ask a guy

This question is important because it helps you both discover if you have a common interest in the type of movies you prefer. From his answer you will be able to know the type of guy he is and what you can expect when he asks you out for a movie.

Which places around the world do you desire to visit most?

This is also another question that will help you know if you and this guy share common interests when it comes to traveling. It is a smart question because from this you will get a clue of the kind of places he can take you in future.

What is your dream car?

Guys love talking about automobiles therefore asking a guy this question will definitely make him feel great and he will not hesitate to share his fantasies with you.

What is your most preferred sport?

cute questions to ask a guy you like

As you may already know, guys absolutely love speaking about sports and by asking him this question you will definitely get the conversation you are having with him flowing and he might even end up inviting you to watch a game with him.

Do you have any hobbies?

This is another smart question you can ask a guy when trying to get to know him better because it shows your genuine interest in getting to know what he enjoys doing during his free time.

 What is your favorite meal?

Just like the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you need to know the type of food which this guy likes so that you can know exactly what to make him when you decide to cook for him.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done in your life?

good questions to ask a cute guy

This question should not miss in the list of questions that you ask your guy because his answer will give you a sneak peak of his past and you will also be able to know how far he can go.

What is the most terrifying moment in your life?

By asking this question, you will be able to realize the things that this guy is afraid of and the reason behind it so that you know how to handle him in case you are caught up in a similar situation in future.

What about yourself do you pride in?

Most guys have pride as a trait and no matter what his answer will be, asking this question will keep your conversation going and you will also get to know what he finds satisfactory about himself.

What is your family like?

Any guy will love the fact that a girl is making a point in getting to know the people that he loves most therefore do not fail to ask him this question because it is both cute and smart.

Who is your biggest hero?

cute question to ask a guy

This is a good question to ask a guy who you are interested in because it will help you get to know the person that he admires the most and it is also a way to know more about him.

What is your favorite romantic activity?

Guys have different views on romantic activities therefore you ought to ask your guy this question so that you can get a clue of the type of romantic treats he will be offering you.

Are you religious?

This question will enable you both to have a mutual understanding about your different religious views and also make you know the type of man who you are about to get involved in.

What is your favorite type of music?

cute flirty questions to ask a guy

Everybody loves music but we all prefer different genres of music therefore this question will let you know if you are interested in the same genre of music with this guy.

What makes you nervous?

It is nice to know the things that make him comfortable and uncomfortable so that you can know what to avoid.

What qualities would you want your girlfriend to have?

This is a smart question to ask your guy because from this you get to gauge yourself and know if you have a future with the guy or if you will have to make some adjustments.

What things make you insecure?

You do not want to get involved with a man who easily gets insecure therefore go ahead and ask him this question so that you can be clear on this matter.

Would you like to hang out with me more often?

This question lets your guy know that you are interested in him and you would love to spend more time with him so go ahead and ask him.

What are your personal goals?

cute questions to ask guys

This questions will help you know the type of achievements this guy would like to accomplish and also know his plans for the future.

Girls are fond of using wired tactics when trying to understand a guy. However, getting into a man’s brain can be quiet difficult therefore it is easier for you to use above listed questions when trying to get to know a guy better because they are both smart and informative. Good luck as you strive to know the man you are interested in.

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