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Energetic/Creative Young Programmer

Date: 2012-01-25, 11:03AM PST
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My name is Stella Clemens and I am a recent college graduate looking to make a splash with a company seeking an aggressive, dedicated and self-motivated programmer. I bring two years of professional software development experience out of a small startup, and seek an agile, dedicated team to devote myself to. I have experience with a verity of technologies, techniques and languages (see resume below for details), and have experience learning and deploying new concepts quickly and cheaply. I have professional experience in multi-programmer development environments. I have highly competitive rates as a contractor, and am flexible with work hours, work location and work conditions. I have first class verbal and written communication skills, and I am good at talking directly with customers.

If you are looking to hire a self-starting, detail-oriented programmer with a fresh perspective, please look over the attached resume and consider hiring me. I am twice the programmer for half the cost.

- Stella Clemens

==== Resume ====
Stella-Terra Clemens
(831) 706-2407
676 Fruitvale Ave.
Oakland, CA 94601

== Goal ==
To build and expand relationships with clients by bringing about creative solutions to challenging software engineering problems.

== Skills ==
Systems Administration:
* Built distribution system for deploying and updating web applications.
* Serviced workstations and servers with trouble-shooting, system installation, and maintenance.

Professional Application Development:
* Built a project management system in Java Server Pages including bug tracking, forums, wiki-documentation and translation management systems.
* Updated and expanded a SQL development environment using a Swing UI.

Database Proficiency:
* Designed MySQL schemas for web applications and implemented a Java-based web application client.
* Maintained low-level database abstraction layer for multiple applications.

Web Design:
* Fully proficient with HTML, CSS and JSP.
* Some experience with Javascript and PHP.

Linux Expert:
* Maintained Linux based PCs and servers in Debian, Gentoo, Solaris, Fedora, Slackware and Ubuntu.
* Gave a presentation to the North Bay Linux Users Group in May 2006 on the state of gaming in the GNU/Linux environment.
* Proficient with open source concepts and most popular GNU/BSD software including Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat.

== History ==
* AquaFold Inc. -- Sunnyvale, CA
Software Engineer
* Ashe Management -- Santa Rosa, CA
Assistant Systems Administrator (2005-2006)

== Education ==
Bachelor of Art in Film and Digital Media - University of California Santa Cruz (December 2011) including coursework in:
* Assembly, Java, PHP, C and C++ programming languages
* Unix, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering
* technical writing, digital media production and the culture of technology.
* Senior thesis on gender, the avatar and computer gaming.

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