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New Plugins!

Howdy Boys and Girls, Men and Woman,

I’ve gotten in another round of plugin additions to the site. It seems to happen whenever I visit the Wordpress Plugin page. Just looking through the plugins people come up with you see all sorts of things that can make managing a website massively easier.

The plugins I have activated today are: Keyword Statistics, Instant Highlighter, Extended Admin Post Filter, Editorial Calendar, Admin Management Xtended, and the two Category Page plugins I talked about in my last post.

Keyword Statistics: This plugin is yet another SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin. However, what I like about this one is that it actually generates the SEO content for you. Not that some of the others don’t, but if they do, they don’t show you they do. I use Meta SEO as well, and it claims that it fills in the definition and keywords for you, but you don’t ever see them so who knows if they actually do or not. Keyword Statistics also shows you the keyword breakdown of your content, which is very nice to see. As it stands I will likely be de-activating META SEO in light of Keyword Statistics.

Instant Highlighter: This is probably the plugin I’m most excited about, beside the Category Page plugins. This plugin allows the user to turn their mouse into a highlighter icon via a button at the bottom of any content bubble. The highlighter can then be used to highlight text within the content bubble. After the text has been highlighted the user is then prompted as to where they want the highlighted text sent: e-mail, another blog, another website, their facebook page, their twitter feed, etc, etc. Also it allows the user to combine different highlighted portions of text and do a few other little things with the highlighter. Finally, and what I really like about it, is that the text sent out to other sites or over e-mail has an inbedded link which links back to my site. Oooooooh the connectivity of it all. I’m hoping it works well. Due to the nature of my current computer usage, I can’t access the social networking sites, but hopefully later today that will change.

Extended Admin Post Filter: Adds a number of new filter options when looking at posts: Author, Tags, Category, etc. It’s nice to have when you have a lot of posts and a lot of users.

Editorial Calendar: This plugin adds a Calendar to the Posts drop down admin menu. The Calendar looks like an ordinary calendar and it contains all the posts made and what time they were made on the day they were made. You can also edit future or draft post submission qualties directly from the calendar. Very good for people who plan ahead… unlike myself.

Admin Management Xtended: The plugin adds a number of features that let you edit posts and pages directly from the admin menu. You can change the title, author, visibility, submission date, etc without having to open the page or post. This is extraordinarily sweet when you need to make a slight admin change and you don’t want to wait for a bazzillion different pages to load up.

So, that’s a good rappup of the changed I made today. Lots of new little things on the site. I’m slowly trying to figure out if I want to initiate Mingle, which basically transforms your site into a social networking tool. Not sure yet.

Highlight any portion you want: Use a Highlighter on this page

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