Cesar Millan Trains Goldendoodle

Posted on Nov 10, 2009
Behavioral Modification, Dog Humor, Dog Psychology, Dog Training

Lola, a beautiful Goldendoodle belonging to a friend of mine living in Arizona, has been trained by Cesar Millan!  While I would like to receive a little credit for her obedient behavior, I have to admit the credit goes to Cesar, the Dog Whisperer (as if I needed to add his title).

The amazing aspect of her training is that she never met Cesar!  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.  The photos below tell the story and show that she is smarter than your average Goldendoodle!  Here is she is being “personally” trained by Cesar Millan.

I like to carry my leash but this dog looks like he is trying to play tug-of-war with Cesar.  Even I know that’s not a good idea!

Forget that loser dog, Cesar - look at me!  I’m Lola!  I luff you!

You say it, Cesar, and I’ll do it!  I’m a good girl!

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