PC Feminism: A Traditional Movement in Disguise?

Thursday, December 10, 2009
By masculist

Despite PC “feminism” parading itself as avant garde, progressive, hip, trendy, and enlightened it is interesting to note just how “traditional” of a movement it has become:

1. Crying privileges:

Traditionally, females have more “crying privileges” than males, since males are traditionally (and inhumanely) trained to roll with the punches and “suffer in silence”. Ironically, PC feminism in many ways is a movement that is essentially based on bringing female grievances to the fore. And just like in a little girl’s fairy tales, many males are not hesitant to dawn the “male feminist” coat of arms with trite macho posturing. After all, it gives these insecure men an excuse to “feel” like a hero and save the “damsels in distress”….just like in the traditional days of yore. As a proponent of true equality, this not only sounds dreadfully hypocritical, but the male-hero/female-victim archetypes are hardly as “progressive” as PC feminists want us to believe. Since females have more crying privileges than males, it is small wonder that us males who are socialized to “take it like a man” or that “big boys don’t cry” are hesitant starting a movement of our own (and even more hesitant to call ourselves masculists). After all, there is far less stigma for a female to advertise being a victim, since so many guys are expected to dawn the proverbial “man pants”.

2. Chivalry

Chivalry, in its general sense, simply means “ladies first”. As such, it is small wonder that “masculism” is not even in the dictionary (and is flagged by my computer’s spell-checker at this very moment). Perhaps even more telling, it is interesting that a gender neutral term like “androgynism” couldn’t have been used instead of either masculism or feminism to represent the elimination of a common enemy….restrictive gender roles that can harm us all. It is interesting that some of the most resistance I have encountered in the masculist movement has been from my fellow man. These are the guys that seem to really want to get laid, and they seem to love the phony feeling of being a “hero” or “healer” of women’s problems. Again, white knights are the stuff of fairy tales and highly traditional role expectations…….which is certainly not the stuff of true equality (or even true “progress” for that matter).

3. Patriarchy

The concept of “patriarchy” is also highly traditional when you unmask the meaning behind the word. PC feminists use terms like “patriarchy” or the “duluth model” to sound hip, progressive, and sophisticated, but they are essentially cashing in on traditional gender roles to retain the fruits of chivalry, female victim-hood, and male providing/protecting/giving. Last time I checked, male disposability in love, work, and war is a highly traditional and Victorian mindset.

4. Female sex power

Traditionally speaking, an attractive female has assets that many males can only dream of. As a male, I am not alone in thinking that it is dreadfully unfair that a pretty female can attract love based on appearance alone when us guys are still expected to “buy our love” through unfair dating expectations (buying rings and flowers), war, and work which can lead to stress, disposability, heartbreak, and suicide. Despite feminists claim that housework is so menial, there are precious few females who are willing to marry down….let alone marry a househusband. Small wonder so many more males are homeless. George Orwell was right when he suggested that homeless men not only lose their homes….but also their love (perhaps when they needed love the most). I guess it is hard for some women to love “hard as steel” ATM machines when the slots stop popping out money. It is ironic that ATM is also an acronym for “A True Man” or “All Terrain Male” (I am sure readers of this essay can come up with even more).

5. Maternal gate-keeping

PC feminists also like to retain the idea that mothers are more important than fathers. I have witnessed precious little protest from feminists and females in relation to eliminating alimony/child support….let alone being in favor of allowing males access to these very same privileges. Again, how traditional can you get? This is certainly not the stuff of true equality. If women can be presidents, then men can be parents.

I don’t think males have ever had it so great. And the manipulative proponents of PC feminism seem to want to keep it that way. I also believe that in too many ways feminism reflects highly traditional (and negative) stereotypes of females as materialistic, histrionic, weak, victim-obsessed, and me-centric “gold-diggers”. This message is not healthy for males and females alike. It hurts men, and makes women look bad. I think it is time for true equality. As such, I think females and feminists should complain less, and males and masculists should complain more. If females were the vast majority of the prison population, homeless, suicides, work fatalities, war casualties, false rape allegations, glass CELLAR, spending gap, objects of unfair dating expectations, victims of the longevity gap, prison rape, victims of the pay gap myth, prison sentencing bias, and objects of chivalry bias…………then perhaps PC feminists (and females in general) would wake up to the fact that men are (and perhaps always been) unfairly treated as disposable beasts of burden without feelings. There is privilege in being pampered, protected, and cared for. It is time for a “new chivalry” where we care and protect males, females, and children….after all, we are all only human.

Liberated man: I just love fuzzy navals, tea, and fine chocolates.

Macho man: What a girly wuss. I drink my whiskey straight and my coffee black. And hot-chocolate is worthy only of women and children.

Liberated man: Why? Can’t I drink/eat something that actually tastes sweet, chocolaty, or delicious?
Macho man: You sound like the kind of pansy that owns an umbrella.

Liberated man: If you want to stand in the rain be my guest. I am also waiting for a female to love me for who I am and not what I can do for her.

Macho man: Good luck getting laid pal.

Liberated man: If getting laid means killing myself through the stress of love, work, and war….then maybe I can do without sex. True love (and true equality for that matter) means an equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I expect my true love and I to love/respect each other equally.

A good start would be to either replace the term “feminism” with androgynism or add the term “masculism”. Either way, we would have checks and balances in gender politics by making the “rules of debate” objective and equal.

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