Creating Fills to Add New Instruments and Elements

Sep 21st in Arrangement, Logic Pro, Production by Mo Volans

This screencast looks at an ongoing project that is now near completion. This stage looks at how to create different kinds of fills to introduce new instruments. It also shows how a little programming can help introduce new sections of your track.

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How to Audition Reason Combinator Blends with Your Keyboard

Feb 16th in Arrangement, Reason by Eric Shafer

Finding a set of sounds that work well together can be difficult. In Reason, it can be a laborious effort to create a combination of instruments, record some MIDI on each and then play them back. In this tutorial, we’ll look at a trick you can use in Reason to allow you to hear playback from multiple Combinators in real-time from your MIDI controller.

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Layering Vocals With Logic Pro

Jan 26th in Arrangement, Logic Pro by West Latta

The world of sample libraries has grown tremendously in the past few years, giving composers wide-ranging options for creating sweeping scores that incorporate fantastic sounding vocal effects. Choral sample libraries, such as EWQL Symphonic Choirs will even ’sing’ lyrics that you write!

But there are some situations that call for a more unique approach to vocal treatment. When a choir or multiple singers are not available, composers turn to software to help them achieve their goals. This tutorial will focus on using Logic Pro and several of its plugins to create a multi-layered vocal treatment that might be appropriate for ambient, new age, or soundtrack work.

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How to Set Music to Film Using Markers & Timewarp in Cubase 4

Jan 15th in Arrangement, Cubase by Andy Slatter

If you fancy having a go at composing music to film, one of the first obstacles you will encounter is how to synchronize the music to the action in the film. Whether you are using real or virtual instruments, you are going to have to make the music follow the picture, and if you are working to a brief they may specify exactly where they want sections of music to start and finish.

In this tutorial I’m going to look at how we can import such a film into Cubase 4 and compose some music for it. I’ve put together a short nature sequence with butterflies and a spider (this is not going to win any Oscars, but it will suffice to practice with!) and I’ve written an imaginary brief from a producer specifying what should happen at certain timecode points in the film.

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How to Slice Audio into Tempo-Fitted Loops

Aug 4th in Arrangement, Logic Pro, Reason by Joel Falconer

Hypothetical: you record a drum beat. The next week, you record a totally unrelated bass riff. The week after that you decide the beat and the bass would make the start of a great song together.

Problem: they’re out of time with each other, having been recorded in different tempos, but you don’t have the cash to go back into the studio and record one or the other, or both, again.

Solution: slice, dice and ReCycle.

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Perfect Balance: Arrangement from the Engineer’s Perspective

Jul 16th in Arrangement by Joel Falconer

In this tutorial we’re going to look at a method of arranging the song from the engineer’s perspective, so that when you fire up your sequencer or go into the studio, you know what to do to make your song cohesive from the get-go.

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