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Crime In Wrigleyville + Boystown

Sunday, December 29, 2013

PUMMELED: Man Attacked In Grocery Store Parking Lot

A man is being treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center after he sustained serious injuries in an attack outside of the Treasure Island grocery store, 3460 N. Broadway, at 3:05 this afternoon.

The offender, described as male, black, 23-24 years old, 5'9" tall, and very thin, was last seen running westbound on Cornelia toward Halsted Street. He was wearing a reddish-orange sweatshirt and tan pants. He may have had a brown box of candy.

Initial reports indicated that the man had been robbed in the grocery store parking lot, however the incident is currently classified as an aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon in CPD case #HW588007.

MEAN GIRLS: Lady Bandits Strike Again; "Lots" Of Purses, Wallets Seen In Get-Away Car

Two women who robbed a couple of ladies on Melrose Avenue in Boystown on Monday appear to have struck again in Lincoln Park.

Around 3:30 Saturday morning, a silver car with two female occupants pulled up to a man at Clark and Wrightwood. Both women were black, in their 20's, about 5'7" tall. One of the women, who weighs a whopping 200 pounds, got out of the car and stole the man's wallet.

The thieves then drove southbound on Clark Street. The man's description of the offenders closely matches that given by the two Boystown robbery victims.

Interestingly, the victim in this incident reported seeing lots of purses and wallets in the get-away car.

Recorded as a theft in CPD case HW586343.

LADIES WITH AN ATTITUDE: 2 Women Rob 2 Other Women In Boystown Overnight

SATURDAY BLOTTER: "Mob" Shoplifts At Boystown Convenience Store

10:20PM Saturday, December 28
Officers have rounded up a large group of shoplifters who stormed out of the Circle K convenience store at Halsted and Addison with gobs of merchandise.

The store clerk reported that 10 to 15 black men and black women, most wearing fatigue-style pants, fled on foot.

At least five of the offenders were located and taken into custody at Halsted and Roscoe minutes later. The thieves have been positively identified.

4:20AM Saturday, December 28
Residents report a large crowd outside of Circuit nightclub, 3641 N. Halsted. Officers on their way to another call confirm that "about 100 people" are on the streets and sidewalk at that location. A series of fights reportedly broke out before police dispersed the crowd.

Cop Out
The district ran out of officers again Saturday morning. This is the 31st time since late June that our area entered "Radio Assignments Pending" status. Today's shortage ran from 2:33AM until 4:22AM.

And Finally…Ewwww.
A concerned citizen reported a bad smell emanating from an apartment in the 600 block of
Wellington near Broadway around 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. The caller said that he could see a colony of very large flies buzzing in the unit's window and he was concerned that something "unfavorable" had occurred.

Police arrived, saw "lots of large flies on the inside of the window" and immediately investigated.

Their findings? "Turns out it’s a bunch of 20-something girls that have cleanliness issues."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

WOMAN ROBBED, CAB STOLEN, OFFENDER ARRESTED: Cops Look For Links To Recent Wave Of Attacks On Women

A robbery offender who targeted a woman in Lakeview Friday evening and then escaped in a stolen taxi cab is in custody.

Area North detectives are working to determine if the robber is part of a crew that has been targeting women in southern areas of Lakeview and nearby Lincoln Park.

The latest developments began to unfold at 7:20 Friday night when a woman was robbed in the 3100 block of N. Lakewood. According to an eyewitness, the victim chased her assailant eastbound on Barry, but the offender managed to slip away with the woman's pink purse.

Ten minutes later, the driver of a Flash Cab called 911 to report that his taxi had just been stolen from Barry and Clark by a man who matched the robbery offender's description: male, black, about 20 years old, and wearing a gray jacket.

Officers were able to track the taxi cab via GPS as the robber drove south toward Wrightwood Park, at Ashland and Wrightwood, in Lincoln Park.

There, officers set up a perimeter and began a meticulous search for their man, whom they soon found hiding in the garage of a $1.5 million mansion on Bosworth Avenue.

Officers found the woman's pink purse inside the taxi cab and both victims have positively identified the suspect.

Seventeen robberies have been recorded in southeast Lakeview, northern Lincoln Park, and the Southport corridor this month. Many have targeted women during day and evening hours.

The location of Friday's robbery (top left), taxi theft (top right), and
the offender's arrest (bottom left).
Friday's strong arm robbery on Lakewood is recorded in CPD case HW585995 and a case number for the motor vehicle theft is TBD.

NEARBY: Series Of Street Crimes In Lincoln Park

WINTER PLUNDERLAND: 2 Women Robbed In Separate Attacks As Sun Rises Thursday; Same Crew Suspected

AGAIN: Another Woman Robbed In Lakeview During Morning Commute

AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN: Yet ANOTHER Woman Robbed In Familiar Fashion; Second Mugging At Halsted/Oakdale Since Thursday

PLOTTED: Robbery And Purse Snatching Outbreak Mapped

ALERT: Cops Warn Of Robbers Targeting Women (Ya Don't Say!)

Friday, December 27, 2013

WTF?: Man Whacks Woman With A Hammer, She Gets HIS Cell Phone!

Now here's a twist.

A Lakeview woman called police at 10:15 this morning after a stranger walked up and smacked her in the head with a hammer.

When it was all said and done, the victim wound up with the attacker's cell phone!

There has been no arrest and the incident does not appear to be a robbery attempt.

This morning's incident took place about a half-mile from the scene of a similar hammer attack on October 16.

According to police, today's attack took place near the intersection of Mildred and George, just northwest of Halsted and Diversey. The unknown offender—described as male, black, slim, tall, wearing a dark colored jacket and blue jeans—struck the victim in the head with the hammer, dropped his cell phone, then fled northbound on Mildred Avenue toward Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

The locations the hammer attacks in October (1) and this morning (2).
One of the victim's neighbors chased after the man, but lost track of him.

The victim declined ambulance services and turned her attacker's cell phone over to police.

Logged as an aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon in CPD case #HW585246.

On October 16, an unknown offender struck a woman in the head with a hammer as she walked near the DePaul campus. That victim was not robbed either and the offender was never caught.

HAMMERED: Woman Hit In The Head Near DePaul

ALERT: Cops Warn Of Robbers Targeting Women (Ya Don't Say!)

Area North Detectives have issued an alert to warn the community about a robbery crew that has targeted women in the neighborhood.

The official alert, dated December 21, cites three related robberies.

The crew is almost certainly involved in many more incidents as CWB has been reporting over the past 10 days.

CWB's Related Stories

NEARBY: Series Of Street Crimes In Lincoln Park

WINTER PLUNDERLAND: 2 Women Robbed In Separate Attacks As Sun Rises Thursday; Same Crew Suspected

AGAIN: Another Woman Robbed In Lakeview During Morning Commute

AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN: Yet ANOTHER Woman Robbed In Familiar Fashion; Second Mugging At Halsted/Oakdale Since Thursday

PLOTTED: Robbery And Purse Snatching Outbreak Mapped

The text of the alert reads:

Community Alert 
Strongarm Robbery 

About This Crime 
Strong Arm Robberies are occurring in Area North, 019th Police District in which a male and a female offender approach female victims on the sidewalk or in the alley from behind, take them by surprise and shove them forcefully to the ground, and rob them of their purses. Most of these incidents are occurring in the early morning hours.

• 800 block of West Oakdale - December 19th, 2013, 5:30 AM

• 500 Block of West Briar – December 19th, 2013, 7:08 AM

• 3500 Block of North Southport – December 20th, 2013, 7:25 AM

Offender’s Description 
• Male black offender, described as 20-25 years of age

• Female black offender, described as 20-25 years of age

• Possible vehicle: Small white Ford 4-door partial plate #X12 or X21 ()

What you can do 
• Report any suspicious people, vehicles, or activity in the area.

• Be aware of this situation and alert neighbors in the area about this crime.

• Pay special attention to any subjects loitering in the area and any vehicle matching the above

If you have any information about this incident, call the Area North Detectives at (312) 744-8263 
RD's# HW576317, HW576299, HW577697 
Pattern #P13-N-199 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

MANPOWER SHORTAGE?: What Manpower Shortage?

There are currently 8 police officers protecting the southwest corner of Water Tower Place. That's about half of the manpower on the streets of our entire district Sunday morning. 

PLOTTED: Robbery And Purse Snatching Outbreak Mapped

As CWB has reported recently, there has been an outbreak of robberies in the area generally south of Belmont, east of Sheffield, and south in to nearby Lincoln Park.

It appears that the bulk of these incidents appear to be the work of two crews, one of which has most recently targeted women during the morning and evening hours.

The map below plots robberies and one connected purse snatching in the area from Belmont to Webster and Sheffield to the Lake since December 1. Icons may be clicked for date, time, and additional data.

The two green icons are based on CWB reports that have not yet been "officially" verified by the city.

This map does *not* include incidents that took place outside of the Belmont-Webster-Southport-Lake Michigan area.

You can jump to the map HERE if the version embeded below doesn't work on your device.

View South Lakeview - North Lincoln Park Robbery Outbre in a full screen map

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Center On Halsted Establishes "No Loitering Zone"

The Center On Halsted gave the neighborhood a little stocking stuffer this week.

According to several readers, three  signs declaring the Waveland Avenue side of the community center to be a "NO-LOITERING and a NO-SMOKING zone" went up in the past few days.

The signs indicate that the new policy is "an effort to promote wellness and create a more welcoming environment."

One reader emailed,
This is the area where people have had many problems walking through the loitering crowds hanging outside COH…It is a change of policy by COH but will likely still have to be enforced by security. No problems yet though. I saw one guy hanging out tonight but he was alone.
It will be interesting to see how long those easily-removed signs will remain in the possession of COH, how effectively the Center enforces their own policy, and, of course, if their clients will be more inclined to loiter when the temperature is significantly higher than 13°.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

YEAR IN REVIEW: Our Most-Read Stories Of 2013

#10 - TUNNEY TO CONCERNED CITIZEN: "You're just one person."
When some residents expressed their concerns about the aftermath of this year's 2013 Chicago Gay Pride Parade (and "aftermath" is being mild), Alderman Tom Tunney sniped at one resident, "I got maybe four calls after the parade all about're just one person." Ewww. Wrong answer.

#9 - AGAIN: Another Woman Robbed In Lakeview During Morning Commute
A series of early morning and evening muggings that have largely targeted women in Lakeview and Lincoln Park this month has drawn much-needed attention. Yet another woman was attacked Monday in an incident that is likely related to this crew.

#8 - GANGSTERS' PARADISE?: Police Reports Detail Gang Members' Crimes At Center On Halsted
The Center On Halsted spokesperson's televised claim that, "I can confidently say the individuals that are committing crimes in the area are not coming here for our services," seems, uh, questionable when Chicago Police Department reports documenting gang member crimes committed inside the COH are reviewed.

#7 - POLICE REPORTS: Youth Center Shields "Violent Offender"; Won't Help Cops
The Broadway Youth Center is seeking a special permit to operate a medical services and drop-in center on a residential street. This CWB report revealed two 2012 Chicago Police Department reports in which police officers state that BYC staff members refused to co-operate and served as an "obstruction of justice" during investigations involving physical attacks inside and outside of their former location.

#6 - WRIGLEYVILLE STUNNER: 3 Off-Duty Officers Targeted In Wrigleyville Attacks, Dispatch Says
Within a half hour one September morning, 19th district dispatchers reported that off-duty police officers were victimized in two separate incidents on the streets of Wrigleyville. The Chicago Police Department claimed that CWB's reports were false at the time. Since then, under pressure from the Illinois State Attorney General's Office, the department released copies of two reports that show these incidents did occur.

#5 - DOUBLE DIPPED: Man Brushing Snow Off Car Robbed At Gunpoint; Thugs Rob His Passenger, Too
A restaurant worker was robbed while brushing snow off of his car. Then, the passenger sitting inside of his car was robbed, too.

#4 - WANTED: Cops ID Man Wanted In Fatal Crash, Crime Spree; Offender Struck At Least Twice Here On Friday
Milwaukee police have captured Rockie Douglas, wanted for killing an 11-year-old boy during a police pursuit involving a minivan that was carjacked at Broadway and Irving Park Road. Douglas is also suspected of being involved in other Wrigleyville street crimes before his arrest.

#3 - FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS: 60+ Batteries Reported in Pride Parade Area
Tom Tunney probably should have read this before claiming that "just one person" was concerned about what unfolded after 2013's Gay Pride Parade. CWB recorded more than sixty beatings and fights during and after the parade, resulting in at least 28 arrests.

Also of great concern for 2014 should be the parade's poor performance in providing medical care to spectators who fall ill, as we reported HERE. Medical units were in short supply this year. Those who were on duty had difficulty getting around the area quickly due to the large crowds and inability to cross the parade route.

#2 - FIGHT CLUB: You Want Bullshit? We Got Yer Bullshit.
The neighborhood got a taste of what Pride Sunday would be like when Pridefest 2013 was held on the weekend before this year's parade. Fights were reported throughout the neighborhood. The 19th district police commander personally declared our neighborhood to be "a madhouse." But he's just one person.

#1 - PHOTOS: Blackhawks Aftermath in Lincoln Park
We woke up June 25th relishing in the news and happy stories about the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup championship and the "peaceful" celebrations in Wrigleyville. But, then, one CWB editor made his way to work on the Clark Street bus and noticed something strange as he passed Diversey.

Storefront after storefront had broken glass. Board-up teams working side-by-side. He hopped off the #22 and asked a worker what had happened. Answer: The "peaceful" celebration turned into a bit of a riot after a small band of "fans" outflanked the police and unleashed hammers in Lincoln Park.

The CWB editor snapped and posted this series of pix—some of the only pix of that morning's damage—which quickly spread via news sites far and wide.  Driven by those links, the Blackhawks "riot" post became our most-viewed story of 2013.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SUCCESS: Carjacking, Crime Spree Suspect Captured In Milwaukee

The rolling crime spree named Rockie Douglas was arrested at a McDonald's drive-thru in Milwaukee this morning, according to media reports.

Douglas became the subject of a federal manhunt after he allegedly collided with another vehicle during a police pursuit, killing an 11-year-old boy on Chicago's South Side on Saturday.

The vehicle Douglas crashed in the fatal collision was stolen Friday morning from a BP gas station at Irving Park Road and Broadway.

CWB has learned that Douglas is also suspected of being involved in multiple in the neighborhood before his capture.

INCONVENIENCE STORE: Midday Carjacking at Irving Park Gas Station

BREAKING: Carjacked Minivan In Fatal Crash Was Stolen Here Friday

WANTED: Cops ID Man Wanted In Fatal Crash, Crime Spree; Offender Struck At Least Twice Here On Friday

AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN: Yet ANOTHER Woman Robbed In Familiar Fashion; Second Mugging At Halsted/Oakdale Since Thursday

Forget that junk about cold weather being a deterrent against crime. At least three robberies have been reported in the neighborhood since yesterday afternoon.

Disturbingly, yet another woman was jumped and robbed by two offenders who fled the scene in a light-colored vehicle yesterday evening. The details of the attack closely resemble a series of recent robberies that CWB began reporting on last week.

At 8:50PM yesterday, a witness reported hearing a woman screaming near Halsted and Oakdale, just south of Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Within seconds, the witness saw two men jump into a silver or gray 4-door car and flee westbound in the alley toward Sheffield.

The victim personally called for help about a minute later.

The offenders are described as black men. One of them had short dreads and was very skinny.

This rash of incidents has played out in the area between Fullerton and Belmont, Broadway and Sheffield.

Last night's mugging is the second at Halsted and Oakdale in days. At 5:50 last Thursday morning, a woman was pushed to the ground and robbed near that intersection as she made her way to yoga class. CWB reported then that, "the offenders grabbed the woman, forced her to the ground, then took her brown Coach purse and iPhone 5. The offenders fled on foot and are believed to have met up with a get-away vehicle."

Monday's CPD case number is TBD.

NEARBY: Series Of Street Crimes In Lincoln Park
WINTER PLUNDERLAND: 2 Women Robbed In Separate Attacks As Sun Rises Thursday
AGAIN: Another Woman Robbed In Lakeview During Morning Commute

• • • 

Yet ANOTHER robbery went down at 12:30 this morning near Briar Street and Orchard, one block east of Halsted.

A man who lives in the area was robbed by two men who threatened him with a black handgun.

The offenders are described as two young black men. One has facial hair, the other does not. After robbing the victim, the offenders jumped into a 1990s light brown or tan Toyota Corolla and sped northbound on Orchard toward Belmont.

Logged as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HW582435.

TRIPLE PLAY: Liquor-Loving Thug Robs Walgreens At Knifepoint. Again.

A knife-wielding offender took bottles of liquor from the Walgreens at Halsted and Barry at 3:55PM yesterday. This is at least the third time that the same scenario has played out at that store since September.

The description of Monday's robber is very similar to the two earlier incidents: Male, black, 5'6" tall, 140 pounds, 35-40 years old, wearing all black clothing, a 3/4-length coat, carrying a black backpack and a shopping bag.

He was last seen heading eastbound on Briar Street from Halsted.

Recorded as an armed robbery with a knife in CPD case #HW581965.

NO-PAY CUERVO: Shoplifter Pulls Knife On Walgreens Employee
ENCORE: Knife-Wielding Liquor Thief Returns To Walgreens

Monday, December 23, 2013

UPDATE: Further Details On Violent Friday Attack

Some further information has emerged regarding a 3-on-1 robbery that CWB reported to you on Friday morning.
My husband was attacked Friday morning at the corner of Bosworth and Cornelia walking home. He was hit in the head from behind and then three men proceeded to keep beating him with telescoping police batons.

LADIES WITH AN ATTITUDE: 2 Women Rob 2 Other Women In Boystown Overnight

Two women were strong arm robbed by two offenders at 1 o'clock this morning at 450 W. Melrose, near Melrose and Lake Shore Drive. The offenders fled westbound toward Melrose restaurant with the victims' valuables.

The robbers are described as black females in their 20's. Both were about 5'6" tall. One was heavyset and one wore pink and gray knee-high socks. CPD case #TBD.

WANTED: Cops ID Man Wanted In Fatal Crash, Crime Spree; Offender Struck At Least Twice Here On Friday

Rockie Douglas was taken into custody this morning at a McDonald's drive-thru in Milwaukee, WI. Tribune story HERE.

Authorities have identified the man that they say is responsible for a series of crimes, including the death of an 11-year-old boy during a police pursuit on the South Side Saturday.

A joint agency statement (PDF) identifies the still at-large suspect as Rockie Douglas, most recently of Beach Park, Illinois.

Saturday's collision occurred shortly after police attempted to pull over a green minivan that was carjacked from Broadway and Irving Park Friday morning.

CWB has also been informed that Douglas is strongly suspected of being involved in at least one street crime in Wrigleyville after Friday's carjacking.

CWB's original report on Friday's carjacking at Irving Park and Broadway.
Images: Chicago Police Department, Facebook

BAD TO WORSE: Only 8 Police Cars Patrolled 19th District Sunday AM

What's worse than not having cars assigned to 8 of our district's 15 police beats?

How about not having cars assigned to NINE of our beats?
And having no rapid-response units AND a grand total of two tactical cars on duty.

That's exactly the level of police service we were given in the 19th district on Sunday from sunrise to early afternoon.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

BREAKING: Carjacked Minivan In Fatal Crash Was Stolen Here Friday

CWB can now confirm that a green minivan that crashed during a police pursuit on  the South Side Saturday afternoon, killing an 11-year-old boy who was ejected from a vehicle, was stolen Friday morning at the BP service station on Irving Park at Broadway.

CWB reported on the carjacking immediately after it went down Friday. (Story HERE)

We withheld the vehicle's license plate number, as is our general practice, but are able to confirm that the plate shown on the green van in news footage matches that of the vehicle stolen Friday.

Contrary to some news reports, there was no indication during yesterday's carjacking that a weapon was implied or displayed. The offender did possess or claim to possess a gun during a second carjacking as he fled the scene of the fatal crash on Saturday, reports say.

ABC7 report on today's events HERE.


WGN report.

NBC report.

Fox report.

LIGHTER SIDE: Vivid Imagery

OFFICER TO DISPATCH: "Can I get an ambulance for this guy? I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with him. He's got pickles coming out of his nose."

BEATEN AND ROBBED, BEATEN AND ROBBED: The Neighborhood's Summertime Mantra Returns For A Very Special Holiday Appearance

At least two people were strong arm robbed in the neighborhood overnight and a woman had her purse snatched just west of Wrigleyville Friday evening. The details:

Beaten In A Boystown Robbery
Three robbery offenders fled down this alley behind Roscoe's Tavern, police say.
Callers who reported "people fighting" at Halsted and Roscoe around 2:15 this morning were actually seeing a person being strong arm robbed by a group of offenders.

The struggle took place on Roscoe Street, across from Roscoe's Tavern. There, one victim struggled against three attackers.

The victim managed to get their property back and the attackers fled southbound in the alley between Roscoe's and Space Park.

The offenders are described as:
1-Male, black, in his 30's, 6'2" tall, 250 pounds, wearing a black tank top and white pants. Clean shaven, shaved head. 
2-Male, black, 25 years old, 5'11" tall, 150 pounds, missing a front tooth on the left side, dark complexion, crew cut, wearing a red jacket and white jeans. 
3-Female, black, 25 to 30 years old, 5'8" tall, wearing a fur hat, black jacket, and black leggings.
CPD case number is HW578934.

Another Woman Targeted
A woman was robbed at Broadway and Oakdale this morning, police report. It's the second robbery on a short stretch of Broadway that has seen a lot of action this week (Related reports HERE and HERE.)

Officers on patrol were flagged down by the victim at 4:39AM outside of Nancy's Pizza, 2930 N. Broadway.

The victim reported that two attackers took her purse and fled westbound on Oakdale from Broadway.

The offenders are described as:
1) Male, black, wearing red pajama bottoms that may have a dotted pattern
2) Male, white.
Recorded as a purse snatching in CPD case HW579018.

Purse Snatch
A Lakeview woman's purse was snatched off of her shoulder just west of Wrigleyville at Addison and Lakewood last night around 6:40PM.

The offender, described as male, black, heavyset, wearing a dark hoodie with a jacket on top, jumped into a waiting green minivan that then fled westbound in the alley.

The woman's husband tells CWB that she was not injured in the incident and that she even chased after the thief. The offender "seemed very nervous…like it was his first time. Open season to amateurs."

Recorded as a purse snatching in CPD case HW578488.


2:06AM: Officers cross paths with a big fight in progress outside of El Jardin on Clark Street.

2:11AM: The Clark Street entertainment detail sergeant asks for a unit to go to the Irish Oak bar in Wrigleyville. A victim wants to file a report for the phone that was stolen from her purse.

2:12AM: The Clark Street entertainment detail sergeant calls for more cars at the Irish Oak bar. Three battery offenders are running away from the scene.  Described as black males in all dark clothing, the three were quickly rounded up at Sheffield and Addison. It is not clear if the battery is related to the phone theft. Battery case #HW578937

4:08AM: Multiple calls of several men and women engaged in a fight at Belmont and Sheffield. An additional caller reports that 10 "maniacs" jumped on her friend.

4:15AM: An outside police unit calls for 19th district officers to handled a "disturbance" that they encountered at Belmont and Kenmore.

Also overnight
Domino's pizza at Clark and Barry called police after a man who beat up an employee and others in the neighborhood Thursday night returned to the restaurant at 2:04 this morning. The offender was taken into custody.

Friday, December 20, 2013

INCONVENIENCE STORE: Midday Carjacking at Irving Park Gas Station

UPDATE: This vehicle was involved in a fatal crash on the afternoon of December 21. An 11-year-old boy was killed after being ejected from another vehicle that the stolen minivan collided with during a police pursuit.

CWB withheld the vehicle's license plate in the following report, as our practice. We can confirm, however, that the plate seen in media reports of today's crash matches the plate number of the stolen vehicle.

 CWB links to external stories about the crash are HERE. Our original report follows.


The stolen minivan is seen in ABC7 footage after it became involved
in a fatal collision during a police pursuit on Saturday, December 21.
A Dunning resident's quick stop at the gas station ended much differently than anyone would hope this morning.

Witnesses reported that a carjacker pulled a driver out of a minivan at the Irving Park & Broadway BP station, then drove off with the victim's vehicle around 11:15AM.

The stolen vehicle is a green 1998 Dodge Caravan with three fish on the back window. It was last seen going westbound on Irving Park from Broadway.

Witnesses describe the offender as male, Hispanic, about 30 years old, 6' to 6'3" tall, wearing a black coat that has white areas under the arms and on the sides.

Recorded as a vehicular hijacking under CPD case #HW577920.

AGAIN: Another Woman Robbed In Lakeview During Morning Commute

Another woman has reported being struck and robbed in nearby Lakeview.  The incident has some parallels with two robberies that we told you about yesterday as well as attacks earlier this week in Lincoln Park.

In this morning's attack, a woman who is visiting Chicago was reportedly robbed of her purse and cell phone near Southport and School around 7 o'clock.

One offender is described as male, black, wearing a camouflage hooded jacket. He was with a black female who wore a denim jacket, cap, and camouflage pajama pants.

The victim reported that her attackers fled the area eastbound on foot.

A witness who called police separately said that the offenders escaped in a white Pontiac. The witness stated that the robbers were both men.

This is recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case #HW577697.

NUTS: Wild Night Posts Robberies And Batteries Galore

We haven't had a night like this in a while. The warm weather seems to have brought the wrong element out of hibernation.

This morning's developments on CWB include:

• 2 Robberies in the immediate area, including one at gunpoint on Pine Grove and one with a baton just west of Wrigleyville. The story is HERE.

• A 4-hour-long battery spree in which a single madman attacked at least 5 people in the neighborhood, sending 2 to the hospital. Details HERE.

• A bike-riding bandit who pedaled through Lincoln Park, trying to rob people at knifepoint. A full report and the poor decision that led to his capture HERE.
Image: Boston International

THUG THAW: 2 Robberies Reported Overnight; Gunman On Pine Grove

A woman was robbed at gunpoint in the 3700 block of Pine Grove at 3:30 this morning. The victim reports that the offender displayed a handgun and took her gray leather purse, which contained a tablet, credit cards, and money.

The gunman is described as male, black, 5'8" tall, and thin. He has dreads and wore a sweater with a vest over it and gray sweat pants. He was last seen running southbound on Pine Grove toward Waveland.

Recorded as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HW577599.

At 3:11AM, a Lakeview man was robbed by three men, one of whom was armed with a baton. The robbery went down just west of Wrigleyville near Addison and Bosworth.

The victim described one offender as male, white, 6-feet tall,  175 pounds, wearing a green hoodie. The victim believes the offender was accompanied by two accomplices, who are only described as male and black.

Taken in the hold-up was the victim's wallet and iPhone5.

Officers drove around the area with the victim, but did not locate the offenders.

CPD case #HW577591.

SEASON'S BEATINGS: Crazed Attacker Strikes At Least 5 Thursday Night

It was only 35-degrees overnight, but some animals were acting as if it were the height of summer. A number of batteries were reported in the area. One man went on a serial attack and victimized innocent people from Broadway and Barry to Clark and Roscoe over the course of several hours. Here are the details:

Multiple callers dialed 911 to report a "gang" of people fighting on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. Officers respond, but no arrests are made.

A patron calls 911 from inside Scarlet bar, 3320 N. Halsted, to report that a man had beaten him and that the offender was refusing to leave the premises. Officers arrived only to learn that the offender—who made the dubious claim of being an off-duty cop—had fled the scene southbound on Halsted in cab #414.

The alleged attacker is described as male, black, 5'7" tall, heavyset, wearing a blue and white sweater, blue jeans, and eyeglasses. A police report has been filed.

Serial Attack
The greatest damage of the night was dispensed by a crazed man who apparently began his attacks on Broadway around 5:30PM, then struck several more times throughout the neighborhood before being detained by a brave citizen nearly 5 hours later.

At least two of the man's victims were treated in an area hospital.

The first sign of trouble came at 5:43PM when a 31-year-old man was reported to be down, breathing, but non-responsive at Flub A Dub Chub's hot dog stand at 3021 N. Broadway. The man was gone when police arrived.

He was found about 30 minutes later when passers-by reported a man bleeding from the head outside of Chipotle at Broadway and Belmont. The man was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center by ambulance for treatment. CPD record HW577234.

At 8:11PM, a witness reported seeing a man attack a delivery driver at Broadway and Barry. Police could not locate a victim upon their arrival, but the caller described the offender as male, white, about 35-years-old, wearing a black hoodie.

Then, at 9:34PM, a white male wearing a black hoodie attacked victims at the CVS pharmacy on Clark at Barry as well as at the Domino's pizza next door. The CVS victim was taken to Illinois Masonic. Case numbers HW577424 and HW577398. Officers indicate that they've preliminarily connected these cases with the bloody man on Broadway.

The end of the line for the madman came at 10:25PM when a citizen saw the attacker "go crazy" on an "elderly person" near Clark and Roscoe. The witness stepped in and detained the lunatic in the 3300 block of Clark.

Police took the offender into custody at 10:40PM.

NEARBY: Bike Riding Bandit Threatens One Too Many

A bike-riding, knife-wielding punk who attempted several robberies in nearby Lincoln Park overnight, pushed his luck a little too far.

Just before midnight, an anonymous caller told 911 that a man on a bike was riding around the 1300 block of Altgeld, trying to rob people with a knife. Officers were unable to find anyone to talk to about the matter.

At 12:22AM, police were called to the intersection of Sheffield and Altgeld near DePaul University by a man who said a guy on a bike just tried to rob him at knifepoint. The offender, described as a male Hispanic with a white and black handkerchief covering his face, pedaled away on a dark bicycle. CPD case #HW577536.

Then, at 12:37AM, the biker's spree came to a very quick end near Diversey and Marshfield when he unwisely chose to stick up another victim at knifepoint and quickly found himself tackled by an off-duty police officer. CPD case #HW577555  The offender was taken into custody and he has been positively identified by the earlier robbery victim.

UPDATE 8:34AM: The Chicago Tribune has picked up part of the story HERE.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

WINTER PLUNDERLAND: 2 Women Robbed In Separate Attacks As Sun Rises Thursday; Same Crew Suspected

Two women were robbed in separate incidents as the neighborhood awoke this morning.

Many elements of the robberies sound similar to a series of incidents in nearby Lincoln Park and the south end of Lakeview that CWB described in THIS Tuesday report.

First Robbery
In this morning's first case, a woman on her way to yoga class was strong arm robbed around 5:50AM at Oakdale and Halsted. The offenders grabbed the woman, forced her to the ground, then took her brown Coach purse and iPhone 5. The offenders fled on foot and are believed to have met up with a get-away vehicle.

One offender is described as male, black, young, wearing a skull cap with a bow on top. The other was only described as a young black male in a green coat.

CPD case #HW576299.

Second Robbery
About an hour after the first robbery, another Lakeview woman was attacked and robbed as she walked one block from her home.

The robbery went down around 7AM at Broadway and Briar. Two offenders fled northbound in a small white 4-door Ford vehicle that was driven by a light-skinned or white female.

The attackers are described as two young black males about 5'6" tall and of slender builds. One wore a hat and ski jacket.

CPD case #HW576317.

Also Overnight
Very few details are available in a third robbery that a CTA police unit reported overnight at the Belmont Red Line station. According to the transit police, a man was "robbed at the club" near Belmont and Sheffield around 2:50AM. It is not clear if a 19th district unit made contact with the victim. Case number, if any, TBD.

BREAKING: 2 Robberies Since 5:50AM; Women Targeted On Streets

UPDATED: Full report now online HERE


1st near Illinois Masonic at 5:50am

2nd on Broadway and Briar.

Suspect descriptions similar to recent Lincoln Park attacks reported HERE.

Full details developing...

BLOTTER: Items Of Note

Someone stole a man's car keys at Roscoe and Sheffield Tuesday afternoon. They also stole the running car that the victim left the keys in. Last seen rolling out of sight westbound on Roscoe was a bronze 2002 Grand Prix with a broken right taillight. Auto theft case HW574171.

Wednesday, 10:50AM
Several units responded to the Center on Halsted after a 19 year-old man who seemed "high on something" was seen threatening people and climbing over a desk on the second floor. Officers transported the highly uncooperative man to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for evaluation. CPD record #HW575236

Wednesday, 10:37PM
Police responded to The Crib youth shelter, 835 W. Addison, after a caller reported that a female in her 20's said she had been beaten up. It is not clear where the alleged battery occurred.