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Body Art galore!

IMG 6011 Body Art galore!
Art can be applied to human skin. The body serves as a canvas for painting, tattooing and intricate mehendi designs. Adorning the body with piercing and body painting can be traced back to ancient times when they were integral part of tribal beauty and adornment. Today various forms of body art are practiced all over the world. It is an expression of your individuality and personal freedom though sometimes it is more an adherence to cultural norms.

Body art tattoo needs no introduction. You can choose to have a tattoo done on almost any part of your body. Choose from tattoo designs that range from dragons and stars to flowers and butterflies.

Piercing of the ears is a common ritual followed in most cultures. There is no dearth of fashionable or funky body jewelry to complement the pierced region. Body painting is getting so realistic that you can be painted to appear attired, buttons, pins and all! Today many a beach lover gets a body painting done, be it one that is sexy or downright raunchy.

Hands and feet are decorated with elaborate and intricate mehendi or henna patterns in many Asian and Arabic cultures. In India, women adorn their foreheads with a ‘bindi’ – a part of the beauty routine of most women that has religious origins. Boring nails in staid colors are out! Give your nails the zany look. Adorn them with colors, designs, beads, embellishments and what have you – Nails that will be the envy of every woman in town.
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