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Dionne, Bleanger, Gerard, Daigneault, Lariviere, Peter (Joseph) ... Isaac or Resfer) Daignault (Daigneault), Metis b-1807, Fort ... Alberta), son Richard Daigneault and Josephite Fortier
2. INDIAN TERRITORY (Alberta) 1860 - 1869
Alberta) 1860 - 1869 a. ... Edmonton and many stay as settlers. ... Edmonton but it is just a minor trading post at this time. ... Mountain house (1860-1861) as interpreter, then became
3. INDIAN TERRITORY (Alberta) 1850 -1859
Lake (Alberta). Louis Daigneault, Metis b-1850 N. ... 1886 Cuthbert Corbert Dagneau Daniels Daigneault b-1866 Swan River Margaret ... 1892 Fort Edmonton, Francois Daigneault d-1871 St Albert
4. METIS CULTURE 1850-1854
Corbert Dagneau Daniels Daigneault b-1866 Swan River Margaret Donald Metis ( ... 1870, Fort Pitt, married 1892 Fort Edmonton, Francois Daigneault d-1871 St Albert William James Donald Metis
5. METIS CULTURE 1803-1804
Lesperance, Indian, b-1770; married Joseph Daigneault, b-1794. May 25: The ... Caisse, Joseph Roy dit Charou, Richard Daigneault, Antoine Denault, Francois Desrosiers, Tomothee Dionne
6. METIS CULTURE 1824-1835
Cindy Leutz. Genevieve Daigneault, b-1828 N.W., daughter, Joseph Daigneault, b-1794 and Genevieve Cameron, born May 24, 1806, Lake Superior; married 1844, Joseph Caplette, b-1810
7. METIS CULTURE 1818-1820
Carlton, Saskatchewan, Isaac Daigneault, Metis b-1807 Fort Edmonton, son Richard Daigneault & Josephite Frontier, Metis; Richard 2nd married before 1817, Lisette Bernard. (I)-
8. B.C CULTURE 1800-1899
California to get cattle. ... District and various relationships after. ... Cora died in 1846. ... Beaulieu metisse (1805-1878)).. They had 13 kids. ... Dompier had one wife, seven
9. METIS CULTURE 1860-1862
Southern Americans. Vincent Daigneault (Daigneau or Dagnon) (1835-1910) from Montreal, joined HBC (1861-1866) English River. William Flett Metis b-1861 Norway House joined HBC (
10. METIS CULTURE 1805-1808
Lesperance, Indian b-1770; married Joseph Daigneault, the family settled in Red River. Mary Chandler, Ottawa Metis, b-1806 Mackinac, wife Joseph Dailey, listed March 28, 1836
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