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It’s finally here. The updated version of the SciPhone i68 and it’s absolutely fabulous. You can check out all of the information I’ve gathered here for the specifics, but the new i9 is really fully loaded with Java 2.0 (MSN, PowerPoint, Excel) third party software, dual sim active on most, (this is a pretty notable feature – as both sims can be online at one time without having to switch) the capacity to support up to 8GB (although you more commonly see 2-4GB) of memory and shake and tilt control (as well as menu flo touch, which is pretty great, too.) This is also the thinnest, sleekest, lightest, and fastest iPhone clone to date, with the ability to grow with you.


The following applies to both the i68 and i68+:

  • It is normally unlocked. Or to be more accurate it was never locked to begin with.
  • It is quadband so it supports all four GSM frequencies: 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz; and is therefore a world phone because it can be used anywhere on the planet.)
  • The display is a relatively large 3.2 inch touch screen offering 240 by 320 pixels. It appears to support 16 bits per color.
  • It comes with a small stylus that slides up into the phone for storage but you can get a better one from DealExtreme.
  • It accepts up to two SIM cards and they are both usable whenever you like. When you make a call there are two dial-out buttons on the screen to let you select which SIM you will use. This is helpful if you have one SIM for work and another for personal use.
  • It accepts a MicroSD flash memory card supposedly up to 8 GB capacity. It comes with a 1 GB card preinstalled.
  • It has the slide-to-unlock feature.
  • It has a built-in motion and orientation sensor and some of the phone software responds to sudden motion (shaking) and/or to whether you are holding it in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • The only buttons are the round frontal button and two up/down buttons on the left side near the top.
  • It has only one port into which goes the USB cable; or the firmware upgrade cable; or the optional headphone adapter; or the cable for the earbuds-plus-microphone.
  • It has a camera that is either 320×240 or 640×480 re style="background-color: rgb(0, 255, 0);" class="rooh_highlite">uns Java “MIDP” programs (also known as midlets) such as games and organizer programs.
  • Its battery can charge by 3 mechanisms: via USB; via separate battery charger; or by car charger.
  • It comes with 2 lithium ion batteries.
  • On the front there are of course a speaker and microphone for talking on the phone.
  • There may be a speaker on the back or top for playing music in tandem with the frontal ear speaker to provide stereo music playback.
  • The phone has some useful but clunky built-in programs such as calculator and calendar.
  • There is a built-in FM radio.

WatcChina h CECT I9 Iphone Clone on YouTube

iPhone Clone Specification:

1. Network: Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900WHz

2. Java2.0 supported, compatible with the third party software: MSN, Office, PDF and multi-games;

3. 3.2 inch ultra-definition flat touch screen;

4. Shake control capacity: swing to change music, pictures, interface menu. Menu flow in and out on the screen;

5. Slide to unlock;

6. MP3/MP4 player, bulti-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker, Support MP3 MP4 3GP;

7. FM radio;

8. Bluetooth 2.0;

9. Dual sim active: Dual sim Can Be Online At The Same Time;

10. Multi-language supported: English ,French ,Spanish ,Portuguese ,Turkic ,Pycck ,Chinese ,Arabic…….

11. 2 Megapixels auto-focus camera, DV, radio recorder;

12. Supports MMS/GPRS/WAP2.0;

13. Automatically adjust the status of pictures or videos when you play them;

14. E-book,64 phonix ring tone;

15. Free 2GB T-Flash card;

16. Dimension( Length x Width x Thickness):110mmx60mmx11.5mm

17. Weight: 95g; Very Light And Small

18. Duration of Standby Time: Up to 200-420hr (depend on the local network status)

19. Duration of Call Time: Up to 200-380mins(depend on the local network status)

20. USB 2.0 High Speed Transfer;

21. Calendar ,To Do List ,Alarm ,World Clock ,Calculator ,Unit Converter ,Currency Converter ,Health


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