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Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What can I e-mail?
  2. I can’t see the button?
  3. Why is highlighted misspelt on your site?
  4. Why do I have to install the button?
  5. If I install the button, isn’t that a download?
  6. Free, what’s the catch?
  7. I am a FireFox user…
  8. It messes up the layout on some pages…
  9. Why does it not work with my e-mail, or other logged-in accounts such as Hotmail?
Social Networkers & Bloggers: (Check-This-Out widget)
  1. Whats in the widget?
  2. Why do I want to use the widget?
  3. Where can I put the widget?
Site Button:
  1. What’s the Site button for?
  2. Umm.. so what’s the benefit to me?
Generic Web Button:    especially compelling because it can be used anywhere and the user never leaves the page he is on.
  1. And what’s this?

 Please consider the environment: highlight what is Relevant; and print just the highlights.