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Wow, Direct Fit and I ordered on Thursday from Arizona and on my door step Friday. Thanks, looks like I am goign out tonight!!!

Amy A Phoneix, AZ

Really helpful to have someone understand me on phone. Saved me $22 from one of those eBAy, who-knows-what-your-really-getting auctions. USA O2 sensor reall came through - will post them on all the boards.

Ellen M Manahwkin, NJ

Great sensors, prices, and service. SNG fit like a glove and my 1999 Audi A4 is running great since I installed it 6 months ago. I live in Canada and sensors are 2 to 3 times the cost up here. I encourage anyone shopping for sensors to buy from these folks!

Thanks, Matt H. Ontario, Canada

Really helpful to have someone understand me on phone. Saved me $22 from one of those eBay, who-knows-what-your-really-getting auctions. Discount O2 Sensor really came through - will post them on all the boards.
Phone representatives are prepared to receive your calls Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST and Saturdays 10:00AM to 12:00PM. We can get extremely busy from time to time so please leave a voice mail if you don't get through and we will call you back. Please email us at for fastest response. Thank you.


  Step #1 - Select Make :
We carry a full line of quality oxygen sensors featuring SNG as our perfered line. please call or email us for quotes on bosch, denso, or ntk sensors if you favor these brands. Also, call us for great prices on our complete line of automobile parts for virtually all makes and models of cars, trucks, or suv's

What is the Difference between a Direct Fit, a Universal, and an Air Fuel Ratio Sensor?

A Direct Fit O2 Sensor is a "Plug N' Play Unit or an O2 Sensor that replaces the existing one that is your car right now . You simply unplug yours at the connector, unscrew it at the input hole, plug the new one in, and thread it into the sensor input hole.

A Universal o2 sensor also replaces your existing unit. You will need to however, cut the plug off of the existing unit on your car and splice the new one in with the provided quick connects. Then screw the unit in and plug the newly spliced unit in. This is why these units are generally so much cheaper.

Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Mostly found on Toyota and Honda vehicles. An AFRS looks and functions similarly to an Oxygen sensor, but the internal components are different. The Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor, is normally installed in the exhaust manifold and detects the degree of the exhaust gas (air/fuel) ratio. Based on signals from the air/fuel ratio sensor, the engine ECU controls the air/fuel ratio in the combustion chamber (air/fuel ratio feedback control). If your sensor on your vehicle starts with a 89467 it is an AFRS, if it starts with a 89465 - it is an O2 sensor.

Where are your oxygen sensors located and how many do you have?
» Normally your oxygen sensors are threaded into a port in your exhaust manifold and/or pipes before and after your catalytic converter. You may have 1 - 4 o2 sensors on your vehicle, so find out if you need to replace all or just one.

Why should you change your oxygen sensor(s)?
» Replace a faulty or broken sensor or connector
» Improve your gas mileage
» Get that check engine light turned off
» If you have over 100,000 miles on your vehicle - now might be a great time to improve your cars performance and fuel economy
» Makes your car run cleaner; which means a greener planet for us all

What is an Oxygen or O2 sensor and how does it work with my Vehicle?
If you own a car that was built after 1980, you will have one or more o2 or oxygen sensors on your vehicle. Most cars burn gasoline mixed with oxygen during their operation. The hydrogen and carbon ratio residue depends on which type of gasoline you put in your tank. The o2 sensor simply measures if the car is running too rich (fuel left over after burning) or too lean (too much air which produces more nitrogen-oxide and is worse for the environment, your engine and converters), and tells your cars computer either an OBDI - On Board Diagnostic One (normally pre 1996) or OBDII On Board Diagnostic Two (post 1996 computer) to make adjustments for your car to run richer or leaner. Finding the right ratio for clean and efficient operation of your vehicle are the results of the computers function. When your sensor fails, the car no longer runs optimally and basically your computers "assumes" or "guesses" the best fuel to oxygen ratio which will cause premature failure of the catalytic converter, poor gas mileage, and polluting of the environment.

When you purchase from, you can feel confident that whether you need an o2 sensor or an Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, we will provide you with a quality sensor at a fair price. You have come to the place where consumers, repair shops, auto parts stores, and new car dealerships come to purchase their of sensors. We carry a full line of SNG Sensors and SNG is the only brand we sell. SNG makes a quality sensor with the lowest "out of the box" failure rate of any sensor manufacturer.

All of our Oxygen Sensors come with a full 12 month warranty which we have made world famous! This exceptional warranty gives all of our customers peace of mind and assures them that we stand behind what we sell. We can also help guide you to the correct brand for the correct fit the first time you buy!

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