Small Business Network

The Small Business Network is designed to make small businesses, entrepreneurs, churches, nonprofit organization well-known for their products, services and causes. SBN's main goal is to make advertising online and promoting one's business affordable to everyone who wishes to become more competitive in their market, and have more influence in their community. Advertising is essential to getting more support for needed charities, and boosting sales. Therefore our mission is to provide the infrastructure and the best technology to help clients promote and sale their own business and causes, by connecting with consumers and audiences through partnerships. The Small Business Network is not like your ordinary business directory. SBN is built on a philosophy rooted in the American Dream, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our main focus is to encourage economic growth through community involvement, and launching campaigns to support small businesses and organizations. This is accomplished by creating a win win environment for advertisers and consumers. SBN pledge to give 30% of all sales to consumers and advertisers to boost economic growth, and keep the dream alive! Consumers will have ample chances to make money through networking, and participating in special events. Consumers can also find deals otherwise unknown, and jobs posted in their area. Advertisers can also make money by demonstrating exceptional qualities, having the most impact on consumers, and reading consumer's reviews. The Small Business Network is committed to the success of organizations, and will not put profits before the welfare of consumers. SBN is committed to providing that extra resource you need to grow your business and promote your cause. Whether it is giving out gas vouchers to consumers or giving money to struggling small businesses or non-profits that have great impact in their communities. Connect with us on Facebook for more details on how you can raise money for your favorite small business or organization. SBN will make each client feel like royalty, reward loyalty, and demonstrate integrity and transparency.