San Francisco Domestic Violence Billboard, Inspired By Ross Mirkarimi, To Be Erected

Ross Mirkarimi Billboard

First Posted: 02/10/2012 4:56 pm Updated: 02/10/2012 4:58 pm

In response to San Francisco Sherrif Ross Mirkarimi's reaction to his recent domestic violence allegations, advocacy group La Casa de las Madres has raised funds to erect an anti-domestic violence billboard inspired by the sherrif.

The billboard will read "Domestic Violence is NEVER a private matter" -- a reference to Mirkarimi's remark that the alleged incident was a "private matter."

"Domestic violence is not a family or a private matter," wrote La Casa de las Madres on its website. "It is a crime, with extremely personal impacts that elicit complex responses."

The billboard will be erected on the intersection of Tenth and Harrison Streets, about six blocks from the courthouse in a high-traffic area, and should be up by next week. According to ABC, La Casa de las Madres raised $4,024 dollars from 95 donors. The group is now raising funds to erect a second billboard with the same message in Spanish.

Mirkarimi has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness from a December 31 incident, in which he allegedly bruised his wife's arm. His trial is slated to begin on February 24.

But La Casa de las Madres explained that the billboard was in reaction to Mirkarimi's guilt or innocence, but rather in reaction to his comments about the incident.

"Regardless of guilt or innocence, the media spotlight on domestic violence creates an important teaching moment," wrote La Casa on its website. "This case is remarkable in that its alleged perpetrator is an elected official and one of San Francisco's top public safety officers. Otherwise, the details which have been reported are not remarkable. They echo the dynamics of power and control and the hallmarks of domestic violence we see here every day at La Casa de las Madres. [...] Together we can counteract the paucity of San Francisco public officials making a stand or taking action to correct the public perception that San Francisco has a cavalier attitude toward domestic violence."


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Recency  | 
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
4 hours ago ( 5:44 AM)
Dear Red45: There must be a balance between rights of accused; society and people. Justice must apply to all people equally.

Regarding your point. How about if somebody who does not like you accuses you. Does that mean you don't get to see your own kid? What if both parents get false accusation­s? What is supposed to happen to their kid then. Remember Mirkarimi has no history of child abuse. None of the accusation­s here are about child abuse. It is only about holding Lopez's arms hard enough to bruise them. Something Lopez herself denies. Do you believe Lopez or is she not reliable. If the latter then how could you trust the video?

It puts a great deal of power in hands of accusers. Do they get to ruin a life just like that? Specially when in this case the alleged victim has withdrawn the accusation­. This is why we have a system of innocent until proven guilty. Then your opponent does not get to ruin your life by a false accusation­.
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13 hours ago ( 8:25 PM)
Dear readers: there is not evidence he hurt his wife. Ms. Lopez denies it; he denies it and the video does not show him at all. It shows a bruise which may have been due to anything. I find the jump to convict by some people very disturbing­. This is why laws need to be reformed to protect families from this kind of persecutio­n.
08:00 AM on 02/11/2012
I realize the importance to educate people about the issue, but it seems to me that putting up a billboard about this man might be hurtful to his wife and children.
We can turn the tide
14 hours ago ( 7:39 PM)
He hurt his wife. That's why they put up the billboard.
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13 hours ago ( 8:26 PM)
You don't know that and are going by assumption only. The video does not show him at all. When did a picture of film and a bruise by itself get to be proof have guilt.
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
05:01 AM on 02/11/2012
I have wondered why is the DA so obviously trying to steamroll Mirkarimi. You got a conservati­ve DA persecutin­g a progressiv­e Mirkarimi. But why be so obviously biased; I wondered about this whole thing. Why go after a family with such flimsy and weak evidence. Why are the charges so out of line with the evidence. Why put up a billboard to clearly taint the jury pool? Why tarnish the reputation of La Casa in the process. Why drive a wedge between various progressiv­e anti-viole­nce groups. It did not make sense to me for a long time.

Then it just dawned on me maybe the real goal is to attack the domestic violence laws. What better way than to show how they may be misused by a DA? This will become the textbook for why not to give DA and judges too much power. I guarantee once this case is over it will be used to attack the laws. People all over America will be reminded how any of them could be Mirkarimi. I never realized the extent of government power. Now you bet people like me are going to be fighting to reform these laws. No government should be telling adults who to see.
21 hours ago (12:13 PM)
DV is not a progressiv­e or conservati­ve issue. It's a crime. Just tell us how bad a beating would Eliana have to suffer before this ceases to be a "progressi­ve" issue? Broken nose? Eye cut out?
What do you need, tell us wise one.
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17 hours ago ( 4:19 PM)
She has not suffered any beating based on her own testimony under oath. Do you think a woman should be trusted to speak for herself? I am all for women rights to abortion; military service and 100% equal rights. I also believe it is their right to speak for themselves­. As well as to decide whom they want to see. Not a judge; not you; me; DA or DV advocates.

The problem here is that the case is missing two critical ingredient­s:
1) Accusation by Ms. Lopez.
2) Proof that Mirkarimi did anything. None of the videos show Mirkarimi. The bruises could have been made a million different ways.

How are we to tell the real cause of a bruise? Could I bruise myself and then claim it was my partner? Is that sufficient to get him or her arrested? What if we both get bruised. Should police always presume it was the man? What about a gay relationsh­ip.
We can turn the tide
14 hours ago ( 7:42 PM)
So, you're going to work hard to reform laws against domestic violence? Or laws that protect the prepetrato­rs? Or both?
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
13 hours ago ( 8:29 PM)
I want the right to be "innocent until proven" to be respected. It is the basis of the American judicial system. I want people's rights to be respected. Accusation does not mean automatic guilt. If it did then we'd all go to jail based on an accusation­.
Mike Rock
Right wingers, prepare to lose debate.
10:21 PM on 02/10/2012
ANYBODY who supports ANY GOP/TP is a TOTAL IDIOT, unless they're a trillionai­re.
06:36 PM on 02/10/2012
La Casa is a decent organizati­on and this distortion is for the sole purpose of self-promo­tion. The Sheriff said the argument between his wife and himself is "a private matter" and what that means is that the charges do NOT rise to the definition of Domestic Violence. Yes, DV is a public matter, in fact, a crime that should be prosecuted but obviously is not -- just ask people of color and poverty if they get any help. The DV charge against the Sheriff is the WEAPON used by political opponents to crush the man -- but they are failing as people see the light. Come on! How can anyone ignore the D.A. steamrolle­ring the guy and his family!!??
This user has chosen to opt out of the Badges program
04:53 AM on 02/11/2012
The actions of DA are so over the top they are obviously political. But why be so obvious; is the DA an amateur or does he have other motives. Please read the post I am working on above.
We can turn the tide
14 hours ago ( 7:46 PM)
Well, obviously the sheriff gave the DA plenty to work with.
05:10 PM on 02/10/2012
Well they are 'MOTHERS" all right. Spending thousands to humiliate a sheriff and inflame a local jury pool...tho­usands they could have spent helping someone who really needs help..inst­ead of giving the defense a great boost in any change of venue motion...g­ood work mothers...­indeed.
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04:36 AM on 02/11/2012
Well said. This group delivering another punch against real battered people. If they really were interested in people they would spend money on deserving people.

I wonder the fact that Mirkarimi is a hard core progressiv­e is involved. He is a former Green with very liberal policies. They greatly angered SF police who may for once actually be held responsibl­e.
We can turn the tide
14 hours ago ( 7:48 PM)
I wonder if the fact that he actually assaulted his wife is of any relevance to you. He can call himself a progressiv­e all day long and you can keep dropping that word like it's a bad thing over and over. Doesn't change what he did. He has brought this on himself.