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Forced Intentions by Jinx

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Forced Intentions by Jinx
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Author's Notes:
Disclaimers: Not mine, won't ever be and I'll be jealous for a long, long time. Characters belong to J.K.Rowling, I'm just borrowing.

Chapter 1

Harry sat in Dumbledore’s office waiting for the Headmaster to appear; he was assuming it had something to do with the Order of the Phoenix as the last of the Death Eaters had recently been captured, so he hadn’t really objected. Since leaving Hogwarts and traveling it was lucky he’d been available. Voldemort hadn’t been an issue for the past two years since Harry’s 6th year when the Dark Lord had attempted yet again to take over the school and destroy Harry, but with very different results. Luck had stood Harry well and he’d been able to send out the killing spell that would end the Dark Lord’s rein of terror.

Fawkes preened himself on his perch and it seemed they both waited for Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. Moments later the elderly Professor entered with a smile before sitting behind his desk.

“Harry, good, so good you could come to see me, and at such short notice,” Albus wasn’t a fool, and he knew what he had to impart to this ex-student would be deemed less than acceptable. But after many arguments with the Ministry he’d discovered his hands tied. It wasn’t a position he usually found himself in, and in this instance was totally unexpected and less than welcomed, “I hope you’ve been well?”

Smiling warmly, green eyes glittering with happiness and relaxed pose as the young man in question answered, “Couldn’t be better Sir, I’ve just returned from another trip from America.”

“Where are my manners? Tea, Harry?” Brushing the topic of the trip away with common courtesies, while all the time detesting at having to be the one to cruelly yank this man’s happiness away.

“No thank you, Sir.”

Albus despised having to obliterate that open contentment, glancing down for a few moments to collect his thoughts, he looked up, his eyes a bit drawn and tired, “Harry, the reason I’ve asked you here is because I have been made aware of some information–something you need to know.”

Not understanding and in a slight panic Harry quickly made a mental pass into his mind, it couldn’t be Ron or Hermione, he’d just received an owl from them the other day to announce their engagement–and not Remus because Harry had gone to dinner with the man last eve, barely noticing when the Headmaster began to speak, but forcing his attention to the elder Wizard.

“…and as you know Professor Snape was a spy for the light for over 20 years, but what most people aren’t aware of is that the Ministry and I persuaded him to join,” the normal twinkling eyes were sad and very grave.

“Harry, we, the Order of the light, was losing, and you weren’t born as yet–so when his father, Burton Snape, offered his only child into the Dark Lord’s service, Severus was determined to refuse. He had already been alerted of his father’s desire and at 18, Severus was not only going to refuse, but be absent before anyone would notice.” Albus took a deep breath, the rest of the telling would be difficult, but the end result would be devastating to Harry.

Personally Harry wasn’t sure what this conversation had to do with him, and even less why the Headmaster felt Harry would be interested in anything to do with Snape. Frowning as years of his mistreatment skipped along his mind, the shame and often times’ humiliation when Snape would favor his own house to make an example of Harry. Shuddering as he quietly listened further, or at least politely.

“While it might have been seen that Severus worked for the Order by his own choice–that was far from the truth. Even as a youth Severus was most cunning, sly and manipulative, therefore making him an excellent spy, but there were terms and conditions before he would comply,” Holding up one hand as the young man appeared to want to speak.

“Harry, have you ever heard of a Wizards’ boon?”

“Just some sort of favor–“

“Yes, but this sort of favor is backed up with certain promises and obligations, which the Ministry finally had to accept. This sort of favor carries a heavy penalty if not honored to the letter of the contract. We knew that without an inside informant we were doomed; so the terms were signed and validated by the Ministry and myself. Merlin forgive me, but for every five years of service, since we had no idea when the war would end, Severus would be entitled to one boon–and there were no boundary of the requests except it had to be something we could offer that didn’t require any dark spells or death, also he couldn’t become the next Dark Lord.”

Harry was mystified, but turning wide eyes to the Headmaster he whispered, “So Professor Snape has four boons due to him?”

“Yes, Harry, and the first two have already been satisfied, these you already know. Following the defeat of Voldemort, Severus was brought to pubic attention as having served the light for all those years and celebrated as a hero, as well as receiving immunity from all the crimes that he had committed in order to keep his place in Voltamort’s inner circle. The second was having returned of his families properties and monies–“ Deep blue eyes fixed on green as Albus softly added, “He’s made his 3rd choice Harry, and in this–it concerns you.”

Harry’s heart pounded, his breath hitched as he licked over suddenly dry lips, “Wh–what?”

“He’s demanding you in a Wizards’ bond with him, Harry. It would be irreversible, and for life,” watching the young Wizard’s face turn stunned.

A white buzz of sound filled his head, he shook it slightly in an attempt to clear his hearing; he couldn’t have understood Dumbledore’s last words. This was a horrible dream, it had to be.

“I’m sorry, Professor, I must have–“

“No, Harry, you heard correctly, and I’m sorry to inform you that the Ministry has approved his request and you will be officially engaged to Severus Snape, once you’ve signed the contract. I was delayed earlier because they informed me that on your 18th birthday you will be joined.” Watching the Boy-that-lived closely, Albus wasn’t going to jeopardize Harry’s mental health, nor was he going to allow Harry to take his own life, Albus was fully conscious that the birthday in question was 10 days away.

The young Wizard stood up and rushed the door, missing the flinching sadness on the Professors face when it refused to open, the desperate face turning towards him filled with fear, anger and pain, “Open the door, Sir! Open the bloody damn DOOR!” Pounding furiously on the door when his wand hadn’t the ability to free him, “Harry, please sit down.”

“NO! I want out, NOW!” Shouting out in near hysterical tones, Harry finally settled his sore hands along his heaving sides after having pounded on the door for many moments without success, his fists white as he breathed rapidly with a bowed head. Black hair spilling over his forehead and eyes he panted raggedly.

Albus empathized with the young Wizard, wanted nothing more than to free him, but that wouldn’t change anything–in a soft voice he offered Harry the only choice available, one that Severus Snape had scripted for this very situation, “Harry, I will open the door and allow you to leave, but first you must hear me out.”

Shoulders tense and stiff, with a shudder Harry turned around and returned to his seat, those green eyes now dark with the pain of betrayal. “So there is a way to release me from this? What is it?” Harry’s voice a low snarl, but a tinge of hope lingered in those green eyes, but also had Harry wondering why Dumbledore hadn’t told him so in the beginning.

“Professor Snape will accept your refusal,” the rush of relief soared inside Harry’s body as he took in a deep breath; ‘there was a way out.’ Dragging in another breath with a shivering shudder he sat back to listen to the terms of his freedom.

“In the event of your refusal–he will take the alternate choice,” Harry didn’t care as long as it wasn’t him, or so he thought, and that was until he heard the alternate choice, “Professor Snape will insist on bonding with Mr. Ronald Weasley.”

Closing his eyes tightly, he could feel tears sting his eyes, knowing without a word that he was trapped, if he didn’t accept he would technically ruin his best friend’s life…no, he would ruin two lives, Ron and Hermoine’s.

Bitter words crawled up his throat, so many that they felt wedged inside, Harry knew if they became unblock he would scream and they might never stop. Choking them back he suddenly stood and walked to the window facing the Quidditch field, crossing his arms, almost grateful that the Headmaster kept his own counsel. Harry knew if Dumbledore tried to offer him any sympathy that the control he had on a tight leash would snap.

Croaking out in a tight voice, “I will accept.”

Albus nodded to himself before speaking, “I’ll have Severus summoned to my office where you will hear his offer before myself and Professor McGonagall and than you will accept before us as witnesses.”

Tensing up, hating that he would have to see his tormenter and having to humble himself to accept his own enslavement. With clammy hands, his scalp tingling with fear, Harry could only nod, walking back to sit down, feeling his legs growing weak. Wondering how Snape would execute him because that was the only motive he could believe behind this horrible demand. Hearing Dumbledore walk towards the large fireplace in order to use the floo system he cringed at the sound of Snape’s low voice acknowledging the request. Harry shook, hating the weakness of his fear, but there was not one damn thing he could do about it.

What might have been ten minutes, but which Harry felt was entirely too quick, Snape arrived, a swift look in Harry’s averted direction he met Dumbledore’s eyes, seeing his nod Snape’s lips twitched in satisfaction.

Professor McGonagall entered moments later, her silence and tight pressed lips speaking louder than words of her displeasure.

Dumbledore stood in front of his desk and waved Severus in front of him before speaking softly to Mr. Potter, breaking into his thoughts, “Harry, please stand next to Severus, we’ll start the proceedings now.”

The young Wizard flinched before jerking to his feet, all without meeting Snape’s eyes or even acknowledging him, Harry knew this might not be the best start of this bonding, but he couldn’t help himself, this helpless feeling was choking him inside. Moving, tense and stiff he stood at the Snape’s side, keeping his eyes fixed on Dumbledore.

“Severus?” The elderly Professor prompted.

Harry felt his hand taken by a strong lean hand, wanting to yank it back he forced himself to remain compliant, feeling his stiff body turned to face Snape’s he swallowed hard and met those jet black eyes. Harry was surprised to see Snape not sneeringly smug, but his impassive face for some reason was more frightening. Hating to hear that all engulfing buzzing sound rippling though his ears, Harry knew it was the shock, but soon the honey tones of the his Ex Potion Professor swept into his mind, drawing his attention back,

“Mr. Potter, I formally request your agreement of a Wizards’ bond between us, considered more of a mated bond, it will be between you and I to stand the test of time and into death itself,” the words firm in that low baritone voice that seemed to sooth along Harry’s skin. Dark eyes fixed on Harry’s face with a mesmerized look.

Unable to hold Snape’s stare Harry’s green gaze lowered, hating that he could feel his hand tremble within the older Wizard’s hand, his voice a husky whisper, “I agree to the bonding.” If there was more to state, Harry didn’t know what or if he could even manage it, but it seemed enough.

“I, Albus Dumbledore with Professor Minerva McGonagall, as witnesses proclaim we have seen and heard the offer and acceptance of a Wizards’ bond between Professor Severus Snape and Mr. Harry Potter. What is witnessed this evening is done and cannot be now amended, you are promised; may your bonding bring both of you happiness.”

And with those words Dumbledore softly whispered a spell under his breath, his wand pointed at their joined hands. With a tingle of magic shimmering along their skin Harry gasped, his heart pounded before tugging his hand free.

Not sure what was next he vaguely heard Snape asking for a private moment, glancing up sharply, just wanting this night to end and to be alone. An instant later he found himself with Snape–no, his fianc�, the silence growing between them.

Harry felt his hand taken once again, a slight shiver racing up his spine, forcing green eyes up to his future mate he kept quiet. The-Boy-who-lived couldn’t have voiced a word if his life depended on it.

“Bonded Wizards’ wear bonding rings, this one is yours,” slipping an elegant ring of gold, hand crafted with exquisite detail of a serpent onto Harry’s ring finger proclaiming his bonded state, “I wish you to wear it always.” Snape’s voice sent shivers up Harry’s body, glancing at their hands, noticing the lean fingers, the warmth and wondering if he was going mad. The ring glittered and twinkled, the emerald snake eyes a deep green.

Snape continued, his black eyes all knowing of how this effected the young man before him, but for all his reasons he wouldn’t change a thing. Harry Potter was his, and would remain his until death, “I have a matching ring as well, but as I’m the elder in this relationship you will not place the ring on my finger until the ceremony.”

Pausing to receive an answer, Snape found only silence, “So the Gryffindor is such a coward that he can’t speak?” The sneer and contempt evident in the Professor’s tone, dark eyes spearing the younger wizard’s face for a response.

The passiveness died suddenly, emerald eyes lifting to confirm the anger that filled the young man as he hissed, “Why? Why me, you sodding bastard!? You could have had anything–,” yanking his hand back.

“Because I wished it, Mr. Potter, now deal with it, and I propose you get an improved attitude in future,” the sneering and curled lip lowering closer towards Harry’s face, “now there remains just one more small matter before Professor Dumbledore returns with the contract which we both will sign.”

Hate filled Harry’s eyes, grinding out hotly, “What ‘small matter’?”

“This–“Hauling the-boy-that-lived into his arms, Snape sealed Harry’s lips with his own; the strong, wiry arms pulled the struggling wizard closer. Snape was grateful that Potter had finally grown taller, just a few inches from his own 6’2” height. Shock, then horror filled Harry’s mind even as resistant fled, his body flushed against his ex Professor’s lean form, and strongly held. A whimper caught in his throat, those firm lips teasing at his mouth, the flick of a hot tongue swiping across his lips forcing a gasp, then feeling the plunge of that same tongue entering into the moist heat of his mouth as it explored without mercy.

Dazed with lustful confusion, Harry couldn’t remember a single moment in his past where a kiss felt as good and moaned softly between those experienced lips. Shuddering in Snape’s arms, the gentle roaming of those strong hands rubbing along his back as if to comfort him, but that was impossible. But just thinking was difficult, timidly his own tongue slid across Snape’s, but the younger Wizard swore in his mind it was in an attempt to stop the man, odd that it didn’t seem to be working.

Finding himself suddenly freed, Harry looked up with stunned eyes.

The snide chuckle broke his confusion making Harry meet onyx eyes, “That small matter, Potter.” Snape watched those swollen lips part in slight shock, the moist tip of a tongue sliding across rosy flesh, but he held his control from yanking the boy, no man, back into his arms. But that would come later, ‘Yes, he was confident that he could make Harry desire him, want him. His response was everything he could hope for, and Severus Snape wasn’t a Slytherin for nothing.’

The heated and wild blush converged across the youthful face in a blaze of glory. Harry was horrified and mortified. The unexpected realization of this bonding pinpointed straight as an arrow into his brain, Snape was going to be his mate, consort, husband, or whatever they called it, and he’d just slammed home that it was going to be real in every sense. Harry abruptly shook with a helpless feeling, ‘gods’ I feel ill.’
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