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How To Tease Your Boyfriend

how do you tease your boyfriend
how do you tease your boyfriend

How To Tease Your Boyfriend

When you are in a relationship with a guy, it’s important to tease him to keep him wanting more. If you lay all your cards out on the table, he will know exactly what he’s getting and will not want you as badly. Understanding how to tease your boyfriend can help spice things up in relationship and make it better than what you ever could have imagined. The following tips are absolutely fool-proof and by the time you are finished with him, he will never want to let you go. So, please, enjoy reading article “How to tease your boyfriend”

1. Don’t be TOO available all the time

Being joined at the hip with your man isn’t good for either of you and could result in him becoming bored of you or vice versa. To keep him wanting you and really going for the chase, play hard to get – only slightly of course. Maybe see him only a few times a week, don’t text him first all the time and just generally don’t make him the sole focus of your life. This tactic will actually be really attractive to him because there’s nothing more unattractive than a woman who is clingy.

2. Put more effort into your kisses

how do you tease your boyfriend
Unless you are still a teenager, the odds are that you don’t enjoy a good makeout as often session nowadays. Kissing can be even more sensual than sex because you are not giving him everything that he wants but you are still giving him a taste of what is yet to come. Surprise him with random kisses, just grab him behind his neck and slowly bring him into you when he is least expecting it. Guys love women who can take charge and what better than giving him a random and amazing kiss. When you kiss him, be sure to do it slowly and with passion – you will leave him weak at the knees.

3. Always have on sexy lingerie

Even if you are not making love with your man, catching a glimpse of your sexy lingerie even as you change clothes will turn him on and will make him want you out of it. A girl can’t have enough matching sets of underwear in her closet and in addition to looking good, you will feel so much more confident and will be able to tease him more effectively. Maybe you aren’t together but you feel like sending him a cheeky snap of what you look like under your clothes? It’s sexy without going too far, which he is guaranteed to love.

4. Mention your exes

This can result in disaster so only do this if you know your boyfriend has quite a laid back personality and will not take it too personally. Subtly mentioning things that you did with your ex (without being too explicit) will fire up a small amount of jealousy with your boyfriend. Jealousy in small amounts can be good and can leave him wanting you even more because he’s going to want to compete for your love and your body.

5. Give him a massage

how to be a tease to your boyfriend
At the end of a long day, offer your man a no strings attached massage. Tell him to take his top off and lie down, while you plant yourself on his bottom and get to work. Slowly massage his back and shoulders, helping to relieve the stress of his long day while the sneaky purpose is to turn him on. This massage doesn’t have to lead anywhere, it’s just to tease him and leave him wanting more. Throw in some essential oils and light some candles to make this massage an even more sensual experience for him.

6. Talk dirty to him

We’re not talking out full on explicit “what you want to do to him” kind of talk, you can be dirty without giving too much away. You could just rub his chest while telling him sexily, “You know I love that shirt on you.” or texting him “I really fancy spending all weekend in bed with you.” These subtle sentences are sexy and to the point without sounding like you’ve just escaped from a budget porno. Many people overdo it with dirty talk but sometimes less is more. What you say and the way you say it can do wonders. You will definitely find that he is more keen than ever when you tell him how much you fancy/want him.

7. Try role play

Role play doesn’t have to be kept only to the bedroom (or it doesn’t have to start in the bedroom.) One particular roleplay that will tease him and make you both want each other even more is the “Two strangers in a bar.” You simply go to the bar on your own and accidently run into him there – make sure you look sizzling hot of course. You both have new names, new personalities and don’t know each other. Get talking in the bar and you will be amazed how you will ACTUALLY feel like you’ve never met before. This role play should end in only one thing and I’m sure you can imagine how naughty and explosive that encounter will end up.

8. Be sexy in public

how to tease your boyfriend sexually
When you are in a restaurant, perhaps run your foot up his leg. When you are on a bus, gently nuzzle into his neck or when you are sat at bar, squeeze his thigh suggestively. Sending him naughty texts while you are sat opposite him and giving him “come to bed eyes” is another good idea. Obviously you can not do anything REALLY sexual in these locations, which is why this experience will tease him. Use your imagination and see what other naughty stunts you can pull in public. When he does eventually get you home, you’re guaranteed to be in for a good time.


Now that you know the 8 tips for keeping him into you and only you, it’s time to put these awesome steps into practice. If you have ever wondered how to tease your boyfriend in all the right ways, well now you know! Picking the right time and place to do some of these things is really important to get the maximum effect from them, so keep this is mind too.

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