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Rated: M - English - Drama - Harry P. & Severus S. - Reviews: 172 - Updated: 02-20-05 - Published: 01-09-05 - Complete - id:2212344

Disclaimer: All characters belong to JKR

"Harry, mate, you alright, there? Only you're looking a little green." Ron was watching his friend across the table with a look of concern.

Hermione turned sharply to look at Harry. "Did you have a nightmare last night?"

"No," he replied. "I think I must have a stomach virus because I don't feel too well." Harry had just barely gotten the words out before he lurched up from the table and proceeded to vomit on the floor of the Great Hall. Still holding his hands over his stomach, he looked up at Hermione in confusion before he fell to the floor in a dead faint.

Harry woke up to see Madam Pomfrey leaning over him. He was still on the floor of the Great Hall, but the students were now gone, leaving Harry alone with Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey, and Professor Snape. He got to his feet with a hand from Madam Pomfrey, trying to avoid looking at Snape.

"Come on, dear, let's get you up to the infirmary." Harry protested, "No, really, I'm fine, just my stomach is a bit off. Maybe I ate too much."

Snape's voice made him look up. "From what I could see, Mr. Potter, you haven't eaten anything recently." He was watching Harry with his usual glare.

Dumbledore patted Harry on the shoulder. "Come, Harry. Let Poppy check you over. I'm sure Professor Snape will excuse you from his class this morning."

Snape settled for saying, "I will expect two feet of parchment by class tomorrow on the properties of deadly verbena." With a swirl of his robe he turned and swept out of the hall.

Harry walked up to the infirmary with Madam Pomfrey, and was unusually quiet as she checked him over and poked him gently with her wand. "Stay here a moment, dear. I'll be back in just a minute."

Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey returned a few minutes later. Harry began to worry when he saw that the normally twinkling eyes were serious.

"What's wrong? I'm fine, really." Harry protested, sitting up in the bed.

The headmaster pulled a chair up next to the bed, and sat down, leaning forward to rest his hands on his knees. "Well, Harry, it seems we have a rather serious situation here. Have you realized that you are pregnant?"

Harry looked at Dumbledore in amazement. "There must be a mistake, Sir. Men can't get pregnant."

Dumbledore continued to look at Harry, saying nothing.

"Right, Sir?" He was beginning to worry as the headmaster remained quiet.

Finally, the headmaster spoke. "While it is true that muggle men cannot get pregnant, I'm afraid that it is entirely possible for a powerful wizard to become pregnant. I would even go so far to say that it usually takes two powerful wizards to accomplish this, but in your case this may not apply. Harry, Madam Pomfrey believes that you are eight to ten weeks along. Who is the child's father?"

Harry was already shaking his head in denial. "No, he doesn't want me, and I know he won't want this baby."

"He needs to be told, Harry."

"No, I won't tell him, not now. He can find out when the rest of the school finds out. I'm keeping this baby. If you want to expel me, then fine, I'll leave. But this baby is mine, my family, and I won't let anyone take him or her."

He was close to hyperventilating by the time he finished his tirade.

Dumbledore patted him on the knee, saying, "Harry, no-one would ask you to leave. You and the baby will be safer here at Hogwarts. You will need to have regular appointments with Poppy, and I will talk to Severus about making some potions for you that will reduce the morning sickness and help your body deal with the strain of being pregnant. I will not, of course, tell him who our patient is."

Harry relaxed at hearing this. He lay back down on the bed, and was soon asleep, while the headmaster continued to watch him, a speculative look on his face.

Harry found that with the new potions he was taking that he was able to get back into the routine of classes with no further mishaps. At five months, his stomach had a definite bulge, but his robes seemed to conceal his condition.

Harry had gotten into the habit of getting up early to shower, and had begun to go to bed earlier, ensuring him some privacy. Of course, it had to be a potions accident that finally revealed his condition to the school.

Harry was paired with Ron during a double potions class that the Gryffindors shared with the Slytherins. The class was significantly smaller now for seventh year potions, and Neville was no longer in their class. Harry was thinking about how he would break his news to his friends when the cauldron he and Ron were working with gave a large belch and a large glop of caustic potion landed on Harry's arm.

He screamed as the potion ate its way through the sleeve of his robe and shirt, and began to burn into his skin.

"Potter, take your robe off!" snarled Snape as he charged across the room. "Everyone back, this potion is highly corrosive."

Harry was trying to get the clasp of his robes undone when Snape reached him and ripped it open, throwing it aside. He waved his wand at Harry's shirt, saying, "Discedo Camisia". Shocked gasps could be heard as Harry was left standing in his trousers and shoes, his distended stomach on display for all to see.

Snape was already pouring something over Harry's arm, taking away the burning pain and neutralizing the caustic potion. He pointed his wand at the cauldron and the robe, causing both to disappear, even as he kept his eyes on Harry. "Class dismissed. Mr. Weasley, get Madam Pomfrey. Now!"

"It's okay, sir, she already knows," said Harry softly, as he crossed his arms protectively over his stomach.

"The potion I put on your arm has merely anesthetized your skin and counteracted the corrosive element from the pitiful concoction you were making. Madam Pomfrey will need to use a skin regenerating potion to heal the burn on your arm."

He looked at Harry with disdain. "Did it ever occur to you, Mr. Potter,that you should have told me about your condition? This is a laboratory. We work with ingredients that are poisonous, toxic, corrosive, and some that could be dangerous for you to breathe near. Even if you are stupid enough to be willing to risk your own life, I would expect that you would have more consideration for the child you are carrying."

Harry looked at him in amazement. "Is that all you have to say? Don't you even care?"

Snape frowned at him darkly. "Is there some reason I should care? It comes as no surprise that the only pregnant student at the moment is a reckless Gryffindor. Slytherins at least are smart enough to understand the basics of preventing conception."

Harry glared at him, unable to stop the words that fell out his mouth. "Amazing, then, that you're the head of your house, considering that this is all your fault!" he shouted.

"What on earth are you prattling on about, Potter? Are you implying that I am somehow to blame for your condition? I can assure you that I have never been intimate with any student, let alone you, Mr. Potter."

Neither noticed that Poppy and Dumbledore had stopped in the doorway to the classroom, and were privy to their now loud argument.

"Well, that is funny, Snape, because I clearly remember you being balls deep inside my arse and you screaming as you came!"

Snape was thunderstruck, and could only gape at Harry, who was breathing heavily, chin jutting forward, righteous indignation oozing from him. Snape was alarmed at the images Harry had just brought to life in his mind. They were much too close to his recent dreams, and a shiver of alarm passed through him.

Just then Dumbledore stepped in between them, his trademark twinkle noticeably absent. "Harry, Severus, my office. Now." Poppy wrapped a blanket around Harry and led him out of the room.

"Albus, you must know, I would never behave inappropriately toward a student. I truly think the boy has begun to lose his mind."

Dumbledore merely looked at Severus, saying, "This is a serious charge he is making. We will sort this out in my office."

Harry was settled in a chair with a cup of tea is his shaking hands. 'Fuck, why did I have to say that? I knew he wouldn't want this baby. Why did I even confront him?' Tears were gathering in his eyes, but he fought them back, trying to calm himself.

Snape followed the headmaster into the room and took a chair as far from Harry as possible. Harry laughed bitterly. It wasn't as though he was contagious.

"Now, Harry, is Professor Snape the father of your child?"

"Yes, he is."

Snape was on his feet in an instant. "Potter, enough of your lies. I am NOT the father of that child."

Harry glared at him, saying nothing.

"Well," said the headmaster, "Harry can do one of two things to help us clear up this matter. I can use Legilimency and look into this memory, or Harry can put the memory of the conception into a pensieve and the three of us can look into it together. Harry, we will only watch as far as we must to ascertain what happened. I have no wish to invade your privacy any more than is needed."

"I would prefer the pensieve, Sir. He can hardly deny it if we all see it."

Dumbledore nodded, and went over to a cabinet to retrieve a small pensieve. He told Harry the spell for placing the memories into the shallow container, and soon a silver thread was being drawn from Harry's temple and flowing into the bowl. He shuddered slightly as the thread let go of his temple.

"Now, each of you take one of my arms, and we will see what we will see."

Harry felt himself falling, and then he was standing next to Dumbledore and Snape as they watched him knock on the door of the potion's classroom. The door opened and Snape appeared.

He was dressed more casually than Harry had ever seen him before, in dark trousers that looked to be made of a soft wool and a white shirt with the top open and the sleeves rolled up. Instead of the death glare he usually gave to Harry, he gave a small smile, and said, "How lovely, I have company. Would you care to come in for a drink?"

The trio watching looked on as the now confused Harry entered the room, saying, "Professor, I, um well, you see, I, um."

"Albus, I don't remember this, and I would never invite Potter in for a drink!"

Albus shushed him, and the trio followed Harry and Snape of the memory through the classroom and out through a door into the private quarters of Professor Snape.

They watched as the genial Snape gave Harry a snifter of brandy, both standing near the cheery fire.

Next to him, Albus felt Snape stiffen, and say, "Oh, shit." He was looking over at the desk, which held four small vials filled with blue potions, and an empty vial lying on its side. "Shit, shit, shit. I was working on the Obliviate potion. It's on the desk, and one is empty."

Now the Snape in the memory was reaching out to stroke Harry's cheek. Harry leaned into him, his eyes looking up at Snape with confusion and longing. Elegant, pale fingers tangled in Harry's hair as Snape gently pulled Harry to his chest, pressing his lips to the younger man's.

Harry slid his hand over Snape's chest, opening his mouth to the kiss, moaning softly as their tongues caressed and explored. "Is this what you want?" they heard Snape whisper, and Harry softly replied, "Yes, I've wanted this for months. You really want me?"

In reply, Snape began to undress Harry, removing his shirt and stroking the young man's chest. Harry kicked off his shoes, and Snape unbuttoned his pants, leaving Harry in faded boxers, his prominent erection clearly visible. Harry helped Snape out of his clothes, and both sank to the rug in front of the fireplace, hands searching, mouths tasting, sliding gently against each other.

"Headmaster, I think we have seen enough." Snape tried to pull away from the memory, but Dumbledore held them all fast. The couple in front of the fire continued to kiss and stroke. Snape hadn't known he was capable of such gentleness, that he could touch someone with such tenderness.

Harry for his part was already hard, watching as Severus made love to him. Tears were slowly running down his cheeks. Severus had been so loving, and he couldn't regret it, wouldn't regret it, even if Snape insisted that it had never happened.

They watched as boxers were pushed down and away, as Snape kissed his way down Harry's stomach. Harry lay on his back, with Severus between his legs, arching his back, begging for more.

As Severus lowered his mouth toward Harry's wet cock, Dumbledore pulled them out, leaving Harry and Snape gasping as they found themselves back in the Headmaster's office. Harry was still crying silently, hugging himself. Snape ran his hand over his face, took a deep breath, and began to explain.

"Mr. Potter, I am so very sorry. I truly have no memories of that event. The blue vials on the desk were Obliviate potion that I was working on. It is a potion that has the temporary effect of the Obliviate charm, but essentially renders the drinker oblivious to who they are for several hours. I added components to decrease inhibitions and boost cheerfulness. The objective of the potion was to obtain information from someone without having them retain any knowledge of conversations which took place while under the influence of the potion. Hence, the need for reducing inhibitions and bolstering gregariousness. Obviously, I need to reduce the effects of several ingredients. My plan was to take notes, but while I was under the influence of the potion I didn't write anything, so all I know is that I took the potion and hours later I woke up on the rug, naked. I had warned my students that I was not to be disturbed. Albus, I cannot apologize enough. I will tender my resignation tonight."

Albus smiled, and said," Now, Severus, let us not be hasty. You were under the influence of a powerful potion. Harry, did you talk to Professor Snape after this?"

"Well, sir, he fell asleep on the rug, and I knew I would be missed if I was out all night, so I went back to my bed for the night. I returned to Professor Snape's office the next morning. He was back to his usual self, and asked me why I was bothering him. I told him I wanted to talk about last night, about us. And he told me that there was no us, there would never be an us, and to leave before he hexed me."

Harry covered his face with his hands, tears running off his chin. "I couldn't believe that he could be like that. He was like a completely different person than the one I had spent the evening with."

He looked up at Dumbledore, saying, "That's why I didn't want you to tell him about the baby. I knew he didn't want me anymore." He sniffed loudly, wiping his face on the blanket.

Snape got up from his chair, and awkwardly knelt in front of Harry. "Mr. Potter, I'm so sorry. I take full responsibility for this child's conception. I would like to have the chance to be a father to this child. Would that be amenable to you? Could we put aside our past differences?"

Harry looked at the man he had been in love with for most of the past year, wanting desperately to believe that they had some kind of future together. Harry took one of Snape's hands, and placed it on his stomach.

Snape was amazed when he felt a small movement. His eyes locked with Harry's.

"You can feel her move now. At first, it was tiny flutters, like butterfly wings inside me, but now I know it's really her."

"And what if it's a boy?" teased Snape. "What if he has my nose and your hair?"

"Mmmm, but what if she has your eyes? Your hands? Then it wouldn't be so bad if she had my hair."

Severus gathered Harry into his arms. "You realize that our lives are now connected? This child will forever join us."

"I always wanted to have a family to call my own. I never thought that it would happen with you."

Dumbledore smiled fondly at them, saying "Well, I think we have some plans to discuss."

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